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21: How to Move from Indecision to Action in Your Business

Getting started on a new idea in your business is awesome! You get the rush of excitement and energy and it feels like progress happens all the time … but, then you get to the middle and the shine wears off. Does this sound familiar? Being stuck in the middle can be lonely. The middle means you go into each day feeling like it’s a grind and you just can’t catch a break. It can get so bad you start to listen to your critics telling you your path is wrong. When those symptoms crop up, its...


20: Doctor or an Architect - Determining Business Needs

We all love doctors because they can cure us when we’re sick or broken. In the business world, however, being the doctor archetype means being in a reactive state. They focus on fixing problems caused by poor decisions that were already made. You can do well as a doctor, but there is a lot more value in being an architect. An architect is proactive and commands premium rates. They offer the health plan that works for the long term, not the Advil for the latest pain. What that means for...


19: Want Freedom in Your Business? Learn from a Rat

Do you feel trapped in your business like a rat in a cage? Chances are, the frustration of being trapped is leading you to unhealthy habits and behaviors. When we get stuck in the cage, it’s usually because we’ve grown used to a certain routine that was built when we stopped trying to achieve more out of fear or thinking small. Like in the monkeys and the hose experiment, if all we know are our learned behaviors, we won’t see new results and we’ll end up trapping ourselves. But, not to...


18: The Island of Misfit Toys

“Success is about standing out, not fitting in” – Don Draper, Mad Men Having the mind of a misfit means sticking to your vision and putting your desire to make an impact over your desire to be liked. When you think about Richard Branson, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? We’re betting on fun and coolness - what he calls “The Virgin Way”. He’s taken that and infused it into a brand that all his companies are in alignment with. We say, he’s a modern-day P.T. Barnum. The...


17: Turning Your Business Upside Down

Have you ever had an experience or used a product and thought, “There must be a better way to do this?” Just because something is “always done” a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way. Leaders in well-established, traditional industries aren’t thinking about turning their businesses upside down, but that’s where you’ll find your greatest advantage. It takes a different kind of vision to look at what has always been and think of ways to improve and do it differently. It’s too easy...


16: Confidence to Pursue Your Vision

What do Michael Jordan, Taylor Swift, Elon Musk, and the founders of Too Faced Cosmetics have in common? The answer to that question is the topic of this week’s podcast episode … confidence! In today’s world, it’s so easy to become comfortable in our safe bubbles. We’ve forgotten what it’s like to be adventurous. We’ve forgotten just how much we’re capable of. However, if we can find the confidence to push ourselves further and to pursue our vision, incredible things can happen. We...


15: The Willingness to Be Wrong

"Unless you’re willing to be wrong, you’ll never be right." - Carey Rome The quote above is one of our favorites and for good reason. One hundred percent of the time, something about your assumptions will be wrong. The sooner you're willing to accept being wrong, the sooner you can be right and break free from your caged vision. After all, the cage you’ve surrounded yourself with is made up of the fear of failure and being wrong. To help you become more willing to be wrong, we discuss...


14: Being Right for the Wrong Reasons

Have you ever come up with a brilliant product you were sure was going to dominate the market and practically sell itself due to the fact it perfectly solved a major problem in your niche ... only to experience crickets on launch day? This happens to entrepreneurs all the time and, unfortunately, it often leads to trashing the product and moving on with their tail between their legs. But ... what if it was the right product and it was just the wrong market or the wrong time? What if...


13: Turning Your Unicorn Into a Zebra

Unicorns create caged vision. We realize that statement likely doesn't make any sense to you but, don't worry, it will. Who hasn't dreamed of a million-dollar business idea? An idea so unique it's never been seen before. You know, kind of like ... a unicorn? In this week's episode of the Caged Vision podcast, we're explaining the difference between a unicorn idea and a zebra idea, giving you three tips to turn your unicorn into a zebra, and providing you with two examples of how you can...


12: When Routine Becomes Habit and Business Suffers

This week's topic is something that really resonates with us and we're confident it's going to resonate with you as well. So often in our lives and business, we do things out of habit. Something becomes a routine and, eventually, we may not even realize we're doing them anymore. Certain habits can be good, but often they're negative habits that prevent us from fully realizing our potential and actually keep us locked inside our cage ... a cage that, often times, we've built for...


11: Can Employees Have Caged Vision?

Recently, we've been speaking with businesses and corporations about the topic of having caged vision and, to our surprise, we've had quite a few employees reach out to us directly to let us know how much our message impacted them and explained exactly how they were feeling. So, that got us wondering ... can employees also suffer from having caged vision? We're diving into this exact question in today's episode and covering it from both the employee and the employer's perspective. How...


10: When the Cage Door Appears Open

Our inspiration for this episode came from a recent experience with one of our clients. They had been in business for over 100 years and had thought the cage door was open. They thought they were using utilizing the full potential of their business but, as it turns out with most businesses, they weren't. Through a two half-day sessions we were able to help them unpack new growth opportunities and finally unlock their cage door. In this episode, we're breaking down that process; including...


09: Reverse Engineering Success

As service providers originally, we realized we wanted to stop trading our time for money. So, we reverse engineered our success and found that we enjoyed the process so much it actually became the catalyst for our success. In this episode, we'll explain the exact method we use with our clients to help them unlock their caged vision by reverse engineering their own success. To learn more, check out the show notes on our website.


08: Unlocking and Executing Business Potential

In this episode, we're explaining the hilarious story behind our main podcast artwork. It wasn't staged and it's a completely accurate representation of our personalities and partnership. We're also using the experience of that photo shoot, to illustrate the three steps you need to take in order to execute your ideas. Anyone can come up with ideas. Implementing them, however, is an entirely different thing. So many people never move past the idea phase and we're going to show you how to...


07: I Started a Podcast and My Wife is Embarrassed

In this episode, we're taking a necessary detour from our usual episodes. When Carey excitedly shared with his wife that this podcast had finally launched, her immediate reaction was confusion. Turns out, Carey forgot to mention that to her but that's a whole story. She took a listen to the show later that morning and her new reaction was embarrassment. You'll find out why in today's episode. You'll also find out the steps to getting out of your cage so you can start doing something new...


06: What's Your Expertise Worth?

Today, we're addressing a common issue that most service-based entrepreneurs face. How do you stop trading your time for money? We're all experts at something. So, we should all be selling our expertise in a way that doesn't require us to be as hands on as we need to be when we charge an hourly rate. But, how do we do that? In this episode, Carey and Lisa talk about the steps you need to take in order to stop trading time for money and, instead, start trading your expertise. To learn...


05: From Immigrant to Success with John Mejia - Part 3

Today, we're bringing you the final part of our three-part series with John Mejia. John is a pilot, entrepreneur, and real estate investor who feels compelled to share his story in an effort to inspire people to create and control the outcome of their lives. In part one, John shared a heartbreaking story of growing up an immigrant in a tough part of New York. That story sets the foundation for what John will be talking about today so you'll want to make sure you've listened to it first....


04: From Immigrant to Success with John Mejia - Part 2

Today, we're bringing your part two of a three-part series with John Mejia. John is a pilot, entrepreneur, and real estate investor who feels compelled to share his story in an effort to inspire people to create and control the outcome of their lives. In part one, John shared a heartbreaking story of growing up an immigrant in a tough part of New York. That story sets the foundation for what John will be talking about today so you'll want to make sure you've listened to it first. If you...


03: From Immigrant to Success with John Mejia - Part 1

This special episode marks the beginning of a three-part series with John Mejia. John is a pilot, entrepreneur, and real estate investor who feels compelled to share is story in an effort to inspire people to create and control the outcome of their lives. John's story is one that saw us having to hold back our emotions in order to keep from crying. As a child immigrant, he thought all his American's dreams were going to come true but those dreams quickly turned into nightmares. In part...


02: Five Signs You’re Suffering from Caged Vision

In episode 01, Carey and Lisa explained what they mean when they use the term "caged vision." In this episode, they breakdown five signs that indicate you're suffering from caged vision. By themselves, these signs may not seem like anything you should be alarmed about. However, together, they're a good indicator that you're stuck a trap you've built for yourself. Caged leads to frustration, anger, resentment, family issues, and a loss of revenue ... all of which are direct results of the...