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The Don't Be a BS Marketer Podcast is all about living in a world free of bs marketing, and full of bold solutions. Tune in each week as Dave tells you how to cut the bs and invites a guest to discuss their Big Idea about messaging success. A fun, final segment of the podcast includes the Sights & Sounds of Marketing, reviewing the significant messages and music of a particular year.

The Don't Be a BS Marketer Podcast is all about living in a world free of bs marketing, and full of bold solutions. Tune in each week as Dave tells you how to cut the bs and invites a guest to discuss their Big Idea about messaging success. A fun, final segment of the podcast includes the Sights & Sounds of Marketing, reviewing the significant messages and music of a particular year.
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The Don't Be a BS Marketer Podcast is all about living in a world free of bs marketing, and full of bold solutions. Tune in each week as Dave tells you how to cut the bs and invites a guest to discuss their Big Idea about messaging success. A fun, final segment of the podcast includes the Sights & Sounds of Marketing, reviewing the significant messages and music of a particular year.




244: Rick Irwin P2

Imagine you take over multiple new properties. The existing employees are intimidated by your new systems and processes. What would you do? Rick Irwin, CEO of IntegraCare Corporation, says the best thing to do is be completely transparent and get the right management in place. Our longest standing client, Rick Irwin from IntegraCare, is back for Part 2! He's a progressive leader who believes in transparency and persistence. Listen to this episode to learn how you can build trust with new...


243: Rick Irwin P1

Unpopular Opinion: The Customer Isn't Always Right. Imagine that... The customer is sometimes wrong! Especially in health care. Rick Irwin, CEO of IntegraCare, joined the No BS Marketing Show to talk leadership and company culture. IntegraCare is a trusted leader in senior living with over ten communities that offer assisted living, independent living, Alzheimer's care, and dementia care. Rick and the rest of IntegraCare take a 3 dimensional focus that starts with valuing their team...


242: Pittsburgh Business Show Panel P2

What's better than one Pittsburgh Podcaster? FOUR Pittsburgh Podcasters. Listen to four of the greatest (in our humble opinions) PGH Podcasters share their stories on how and why they started podcasting. This episode covers everything from content to engagement to creating a podcast. Key Takeaways What Even is A Podcast? Audio on demand Advertising Perspective on Podcasts Listening on purpose Much more effective Longevity of podcasts ads "Advertorial" Advertisement + Editorial Merging...


241: Jan Elliott

Jan Elliott worked for businesses through a portion of her professional life when she realized she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Jan felt most fulfilled as she helped guide women through financial management and coach them towards empowerment by locating the root of their limiting beliefs. Jan wrote the book Faith Full Retirement and began the Pittsburgh chapter of eWomen Network, a community of women who help women through support, coaching and mentorship. She currently serves as the...


240: Coaches Who Are Dads vs Dad Coaches

"I'm just here for the kids!" said every Dad coach, ever. If you've played sports, chances are that at some point you had a coach who was a parent. But there's a big difference between coaches who are parents and parents who are coaches. In this episode of the No BS Marketing Show, you'll learn about the differences between coaches who are dads and dads who are coaches. From preparation to practice to unique communication and understanding who it's really about, coaches who are dads bring...


239: Chris Rodell

Chris Rodell, seasoned No BS Marketing Show Guest, lives in Youngstown, PA, just right outside of Latrobe on Arnold Palmer Drive. Chris was a freelance writer for publications like Esquire, Playboy and Men's Health, often writing pieces like traveling to the moon. However, once his town changed his street name from Main Street to Arnold Palmer Drive, Chris became the "Voice of Arnie's Army" and was known for the many pieces he wrote about The King, Arnold Palmer. Listen to this episode to...


238: Jonathan Potts P2

Coffee tribes, segmentation, engagement and results: that's what we're talking about on this episode of the No BS Marketing Show with Jonathan Potts, VP of Marketing and PR at Robert Morris University. In this episode, Jonathan tells us how Robert Morris University's eighth president, Dr. Chris Howard made an immediate impact at the university and in the Pittsburgh community through recognizing the university's big idea: "Big enough to matter, small enough to care." During Part Two, you'll...


237: Jonathan Potts P1

While Jonathan Potts liked his job as a reporter at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, he never felt that it was his "calling" like some of his colleagues felt. But one thing remained certain: he enjoyed writing. From a career in journalism to the VP of Marketing and PR at Robert Morris University, Jonathan Potts has made strategic moves to advance his career, goals, and interests. By leveraging his unique ability to write well and to write well under pressure, Jonathan has excelled through...


235: How Dave Found His Passion For Marketing

Like most college students and young professionals, Dave wasn't quite sure what he really wanted to do. That is until he went to his first Marketing class where he learned his textbook was literally written by the Father of Marketing, Philip Kotler. From that moment on, Dave decided to follow his passion for real marketing and apply what he learned from IUP. This special episode wraps up the No BS Marketing Show's IUP Business Honors mini-series. Listen to learn more about the MASSolutions...


234: IUP Honors Business Students P2

We're back with another special episode featuring more talented Business Honors students from Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. The conversation around news and content consumption and internships continues! Listen to this episode for more ways to reach a younger audience. Here's a little secret: print isn't dead! Key Takeaways Meet the Guests! How Do You Get Your News? Push notifications Social Media Twitter seems to be king! Old...


233: IUP Honors Business Students P1

We had a great time hosting students from IUP's Eberly College of Business and Information Technology Honors Program. Our day was filled with No BS Marketing sessions on Content and PR, Marketing Intel, and Podcasting! This week's episode is Part One of the student podcast with Dave. Listen to learn about how these students consume content and what types of companies they're hoping to intern for. If your business is looking to reach and engage a younger target audience, you won't want to...


Why Marketing Should Drive Sales

If your business goal is to continue to grow, innovate and beat your competition then your marketing should drive your sales. Actually, if we're really getting down to it, marketing should drive a good size of the activity within your organization. Why? Listen to this week's No BS Marketing to show to learn how growth-oriented companies achieve success by marketing driving sales, ultimately keeping the customer at the heart of everything. Key Takeaways Marketing, Sales. Sales, Marketing....


231: Annie Spewak

Image courtesy of Trivision Creative. This week's No BS Marketing Show guest is MASSolutions team member, Annie Spewak. Annie joined the team just over a month ago as a Content Marketing Specialist. Prior to joining us here, Annie worked at a multinational software company in social and digital marketing. At a young age, Annie discovered her love for content creation through wacky music videos and storytelling. While Annie loved to create content, her other passion has always been people...


You and We Instead of I and Me

Image courtesy of Morgan McKinley. Me me me me me me me. Ever talk to someone who makes the entire conversation about themselves? "I did that." "That was me." "My project produced this." It's their world and you're just living in it. Sometimes we slip into the practice of using "I" and "me." We don't necessarily mean to make things about ourselves, but we do. It's a bad habit, and it's one you need to break to improve your communication and your business. Listen to this week's No BS...


229: Athletes in the Workplace

Image courtesy of James King Performance. March Madness is about buzzer beaters and bracket busters. However, the triumph and heartbreak of the March Madness tournament aren't just limited to college basketball players. Ask any current or former college athlete. They can tell you about the moments they were the team celebrating a big upset or the time where they were the star player. On the flip side, they can tell you about the times they were humbled. Listen to this week's March Madness...


228: Matthew Helfrich P2

Imagine being a 27 year old professional in finance during the 2008-2009 recession, staring eye-to-eye with your panicked clients delivering them bad news. For Matthew Helfrich, that was a reality. Only five years into his career, Matt found himself sitting across the table from clients delivering bad news and hiding behind numbers. He learned quickly that numbers and data didn't mean nearly as much as empathy and understanding to his clients. Matt began to listen and provide a more...


227: Matthew Helfrich P1

You can have data without information, but you can't have information without data. Despite having infinite data at our finger tips, we as marketers rarely use it to our advantage. Our target audiences don't want statistics, they want stories. Real stories. Matt Helfrich is Partner and President at Waldron Private Wealth. Over his 16 years at Waldron Private Wealth, Matt has worn many hats including Chief Investment Strategist and Chief Investment Officer. Matt found his home at Waldron...


226: John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck P2

How do you learn and grow? By getting your hands dirty and making mistakes. That’s how John Chamberlin established the persona for the YaJagoff brand. When he teased a blog post on Sandusky, a number of readers reacted with frustration. They let him know that they followed YaJagoff to get away from the heavy news and laugh at bad parking and funny headlines. John was smart enough to listen to his audience and shift gears. He wrote a new blog post and reached out personally to each follower...


225: John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck

Marketing hasn’t changed, but the medium has. Social media affords us the opportunity to reach a much wider audience, but you HAVE to flex your relationship-building muscles to make it work. John Chamberlin built the YaJagoff brand by accident. After losing a job as VP of Marketing, he turned his attention to mastering social media. Inspired by a Port Authority bus driver who refused to pull over and let traffic by, John started the YaJagoff blog to ‘call out the Jagoffs that make the rest...


224: Jane Werner P2

What sets The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh apart from other institutions around the country? An investment in talent rather than stuff. Since its expansion in 2004, the museum has grown exponentially, jumping from 86K to 150K visitors in a single year. Today, the museum hosts 305K onsite visitors annually in addition to the 50K people it serves through outreach and the remarkable 1M people who attend its traveling exhibits at other museums, children’s hospitals and libraries. The...