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Elevate: The Official Podcast of Elite Agent Magazine


The magazine, news and education source for real estate industry professionals

The magazine, news and education source for real estate industry professionals




The magazine, news and education source for real estate industry professionals






Content that is king: News Corp Australia’s Claire Bradley on creating engaging content, using it to best effect, and 15 great ideas you can implement now

Every agent and every real estate brand knows content helps them build a presence in the marketplace, but when it comes to creating great content, it can be challenging to know where to start or how to find the time.


Relevance through reinvention: Lyndall Allan on how to refresh your approach, re-establish your relevance, and what it takes to go out on your own

Over the course of a lengthy career, there will be times when an agent needs to refresh their image and reinvent their strategies.


Courageous Conversations: How Ellen Bathgate overcame a tenant assault, why it’s not a one-off and how the real estate industry should respond

No property manager should feel threatened or in danger simply doing their job, but anecdotal evidence suggests some do.


Securing successful tenancies: Paul Tommasini on the rental crisis, why tenant education is key, and how the real estate industry can be part of the solution

Right now, the rental market is perhaps the toughest it has ever been and that’s applying pressure to tenants and property managers in equal measure. Every property attracts multiple applications, and if an application is not up to par or a prospective tenant can’t showcase the right skills, their application isn’t even making the pile for consideration. For the property managers knocking back applicants, it’s a heart wrenching daily reality that for every tenant they say yes to there is a...


Match and connect: Simon Bray on the changing role of the real estate portal, how agents can build their profile, and why it’s all about helping homebuyers navigate an ‘uncertain journey’

It’s no secret that the role of a real estate agent has evolved in recent years, with insight into their persona and social proof of their expertise now as important, if not more so, than the brand they work with.


Courageous Conversations: How Leona Watson parked the perfectionism; decided what to ‘do, be and have’; and built a successful business

What do you need to ‘do, be and have’ to take the next step in life – whether that’s in your career, your business, or in your personal life?


Spotlight on commercial: The Australian’s Ben Wilmot on the real estate world of pubs, retail and corporates; the big trends emerging; and surprising investor shifts

Residential property might appear to steal the media limelight, but the commercial arena abounds with interesting tales.


Simplified offers: Daniel Bignold on creating transaction transparency, delivering better service, and how agents can streamline the purchasing process

Imagine purchasing a property was as simple as engaging with an agent, then ticking a box or pressing a button.


Courageous Conversations: How Louise Barton created a successful real estate career in Sydney with mindset, self-belief, and a commitment to customer service

Imagine moving halfway around the world to restart your real estate career from scratch.


Hiring heroes: Jade Green on building an employer brand, finding the right people, and why recruitment is now marketing in disguise

At the best of times, it can be a challenge to find and hire the right people in real estate.


Aiming higher: Gavin Rubinstein on brand expansion, maintaining peak performance, and where he plans to go from here

Just when you think high-performing agent and Luxe Listings star Gavin Rubinstein might have reached the pinnacle of his real estate career, he shifts the goal posts again, revealing new intentions for business growth and further plans for market expansion.


Courageous Conversations: Emma Brown-Garrett on finding your niche, the power of a great mentor and why her career has only just begun

Looking back on a 20-year real estate career, Sydney auctioneer Emma Brown-Garrett has two key pieces of advice: have the patience to find your niche and seek out someone who will mentor and believe in you. Emma notes it wasn’t until both these elements fell into place that she found her true calling as a highly successful female auctioneer. And it took her a lot of false starts, a whole host of perseverance and a near exit from the industry to get where she is today. Now two decades into a...


Removing the roadblocks: Nigel Dalton on tomorrow’s customer, social and tech trends emerging, and why true innovation lies in solving your customer’s struggle

Future opportunity for the real estate industry isn’t about tech adoption, property market shifts or even fee discussions. It involves solving your client’s struggle, according to social scientist Nigel Dalton. And that struggle will change, he says, as new generations enter the market and technology advances. But if you can find the roadblocks that stand in the way of transacting or renting property, that’s where there’s an opportunity to innovate and future-proof your business. As the...


Converting leads to listings: Marnie Beauchamp on lead generation, the power of video, and how to reinvent your listing presentation for greater success

After 30 years in the industry, Marnie Beauchamp knows what it takes to be a consistent high-performer. And she’s achieved it more than once, rebuilding her business and reinventing herself along the way.


Courageous Conversations: How Anna Neelagama became the industry’s greatest advocate, and why she has single licensing, the PM skills shortage and sector recognition firmly in her sights

When Anna Neelagama took on the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Institute of Australia, little did she realise a pandemic would promptly see her plunged into unchartered real estate waters.


Finding your X-Factor: Maz Farrelly on how to grab attention, lose the ‘white noise’ and make customers choose you

If every word used to describe yourself or your business could make you either a million dollars or cost you a million dollars, how carefully would you choose?


Courageous Conversations: How Nigel O’Neil uses servant leadership to engage his team, change culture, and improve business results

Having led some two of the industry’s best known real estate groups to success, it might come as a surprise to hear Barry Plant Chief Executive Officer Nigel O’Neil say he was a ‘terrible leader’ when he first started out as a business turnaround expert more than 20 years ago.


Winning strategy: Scott Bateman on challenging your thinking, transforming your business, and why there is no best service

When it comes to creating a winning strategy, most agents would tell you that they have either the best people or the best service, but what does that even mean? Particularly when everyone else says the same thing. Kolmeo’s Scott Bateman believes there is no best service. He also argues there’s a time when businesses should ignore their customers to deliver true innovation. It’s thinking like this that has seen Scott build a highly successful career and become one of the most sought-after...


High-performing foundations: Marianne Hynes on psychological safety and how to unlock your team’s full potential by eliminating interpersonal risk

In real estate, the gold standard is a team with a high-performance culture. They’re the ones who consistently get the big results no matter what the market’s doing, without risk of burnout, high turnover, or low morale.


Courageous Conversations: How Laura Valenti stepped up to tackle domestic violence in the face of a changing property management sector

When it comes to domestic violence, there are few people with as much access to what happens behind closed doors as a property manager.