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CEO Lessons From a 2017 Malcolm Baldrige Award Winner [Episode 142]

What does it mean to earn the U.S. Department of Commerce award for quality and excellence? Download and listen- on-the-go to Episode 142. Scott and I speak with Celeste Ford, Founder and CEO of Stellar Solutions. The company is a global provider of systems engineering expertise, and a recognized leader in government and commercial aerospace programs thatRead More


How to Open Up To Others During Hard Times [Episode 141]

What is the key for leaders to share with others in the workplace – without oversharing? Find out by listening on-the-go to Episode 141. Scott and I speak with returning guest Judith E. Glaser about how to communicate in the workplace when we’re facing illness, difficult family situations, and other hardships. Judith is the award-winning authorRead More


How Virtual Offices Are Transforming the 21st Century Workplace [Episode 140]

Could the virtual office movement be a game-changer for your company? Find out by listening on-the-go to Episode 140. Our guest is Frank Cottle, CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices and Chairman of the Alliance Business Centers Network. He is a recognized expert on flexible working, the virtual office movement and “third place” working. Prior toRead More


Friend of a Friend: How Hidden Networks Can Transform your Life [Episode 139]

How can serving your existing network of connections lead to new opportunities? Find out by listening on-the-go to Episode 139. Scott and I speak with returning guest and best-selling author David Burkus. His newest book, Friend of a Friend, offers readers a new perspective on how to grow their networks and build key connections — one basedRead More


An Award Winning CEO Keynotes “Everyone Deserves a Fairy Tale” [Episode 138]

How can fairy tales help bring our big dreams to life? Find out by downloading and listen-on-the-go to Episode 138, We speak with returning guest Simon Nynens, Chairman & CEO of Wayside Technology Group. His company provides clients with easy access to superior IT products and redefines how people interact with technology. Simon also keynotes onRead More


What It Takes To Earn A Reputation As A Game Changer [Episode 137]

How did a visionary CEO lead his company to redefine what was possible in their industry? Find out by listening on-the-go to Episode 137. Our guest is Ari Raivetz, CEO of Organica Water Inc., an award-winning global provider of game-changing biological wastewater treatment solutions that are cost-effective, environmentally friendly – and designed as beautiful gardens!Read More


What Big Mergers Can Tell Us About New Opportunities in 2018 [Episode 136]

How can big M&A deals inspire other game-changing strategies? Download and listen- on-the-go to Episode 136. Scott and I welcome back Dr. Ben Gomes-Casseres, author of the book Remix Strategy: The Three Laws of Business Combinations (Harvard Business Review Press). Ben has been studying, teaching, and consulting on the strategy of business combinations for thirty years. He is a ProfessorRead More


How Tough Conversations Can Shape Real Change [Episode 135]

How can confronting an “elephant in the room” lead to significant progress? Listen on the go as Scott and I discuss the good that can happen from bringing into the open a tough issue that everyone knows is there but nobody wants to talk about. As an example, we use the story of how ChrisRead More


How A Modern CTO Can Boost Your Company’s Success [Episode 134]

What does it take for the CTO to become a real strategic asset to the C-suite? Find out by listening on-the-go to Episode 134. Our guest is Joel Beasley, founder of the App Development Firm Logic17. He is an MIT-educated Chief Technologist with clients from Startups up to billion dollar companies. Joel has developed aRead More


Why Successful Leaders Should Reinvent Themselves [Episode 133]

What is the reason to start reinventing yourself when you’re successful? Find out by listening on-the-go to Episode 133. We speak with Dorie Clark, Principal of Clark Strategic Communications, and an adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. She’s the author of Entrepreneurial You, Reinventing You, and Stand Out, which was named theRead More


Why You Need to Slow Down to Speed Up [Episode 132]

How can slowing down to be more strategic actually help you speed up success? Find out by listening on-the-go to Episode 132. We speak with Liz Bywater, Founder and President of Bywater Consulting Group, and the author of Slow Down To Speed Up: Lead, Succeed, and Thrive in a 24/7 World. Liz helps C-suite leadersRead More


What Every CEO Needs to Know in a Tight Labor Market [Episode 131]

How can you lead your company to become the employer of choice for top talent? Find out by listening on-the-go to Episode 131. We speak with returning guest Judith E. Glaser, CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc., Chairman and Co-Founder of the CreatingWe® Institute, and the world’s leading authority on Conversational Intelligence®. Judith is the award-winning authorRead More


What’s At the Heart of Igniting Game-Changing Results? [Episode 130]

How can you lead your company to increase trust in 2018? Find out by listening- on-the-go to Episode 130. Scott and I discuss a few of the major changes in the business environment over the past year, and their potential impacts in the New Year. In this episode, you’ll gain perspectives on: The significance of theRead More


Four Ways to Create Work-Life Balance During the Holidays [Episode 129]

How can you juggle all the “balls” you have in the air right now? Find out by downloading and listening- on-the-go to our 2017 holiday episode. In what has become a holiday tradition, we reprise our conversation with professional speaker, educator and juggler Jen Slaw. She is also Executive Director of Juggling Life, Incorporated. JenRead More


Looking For Imaginative Business Gifts? How About One Of These Award-Winning Games? [Episode 128]

Why should you consider games as a holiday gift for your teams? Find out by downloading and listening- on-the-go to Episode 128. By popular demand, we’re reprising our conversation with Shari Spiro, the CEO and founder of AdMagic Games, one of the largest independent printers of tabletop games in the US, including the wildly popular Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens,Read More


From Industry Star to Global Visionary: The Business Case for Thought Leadership Speaking [Episode 127]

Is 2018 the year for you to expand your presence and become a global visionary? Find out by listening on-the-go to Episode 127. We speak with Vickie Sullivan, principal of Sullivan and Associates, about the growing trend of successful CEOs of companies of all sizes who choose to become thought leaders on a global stage.Read More


How to Make Conflict Work to Your Advantage [Episode 126]

What are the keys to making conflict the springboard for innovation and growth? Find out by listening- on-the-go to Episode 126. Scott and I discuss a powerful way to use conflict to navigate in uncharted territory. While it’s common to think of disagreements and friction as something that can get in the way of goals,Read More


The Key To Leading For Growth In The Face Of Industry Consolidation, Disruption, And Shakeouts [Episode 125]

What is essential to successfully navigate the twists and turns ahead? Download and listen-on-the-go to Episode 125. Scott and I discuss why leading on purpose is critical for leading in the face of industry consolidation, disruption, and shakeouts. The issue is how to make “purpose” more than a buzzword. You’ll gain insights on: Three guiding principles for discoveringRead More


A More Powerful Way To Shape Your Company’s Culture For Growth [Episode 124]

How can culture remain your company’s competitive edge when you’re growing rapidly? Find out by listening- on-the-go to Episode 124. Even when there’s no time and you don’t have all the right people in place, there is a way to shape culture without putting your business on hold. Scott and I share what we’ve learnedRead More


The Surprising Truth About Visionary Leaders [Episode 123]

Is it possible to be “too visionary”? Find out by listening- on-the-go to Episode 123. At a time when some of the most visionary CEOs are running into pushback about being “too visionary,” Scott and I are challenging this belief. The truth is that there are many visionary leaders who are approaching business innovation and growthRead More