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On her weekly "Guerrilla Marketing To Women Podcast", Wendy Stevens, CEO and founder of Local Guerrilla Marketing, and her expert guests share strategies for you to generate more leads & convert more sales by working SMARTER NOT HARDER through Guerrilla Marketing To Women.

On her weekly "Guerrilla Marketing To Women Podcast", Wendy Stevens, CEO and founder of Local Guerrilla Marketing, and her expert guests share strategies for you to generate more leads & convert more sales by working SMARTER NOT HARDER through Guerrilla Marketing To Women.
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On her weekly "Guerrilla Marketing To Women Podcast", Wendy Stevens, CEO and founder of Local Guerrilla Marketing, and her expert guests share strategies for you to generate more leads & convert more sales by working SMARTER NOT HARDER through Guerrilla Marketing To Women.




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24: Megan Tull: Empowering Individuals to Earn Their Worth

Megan is a wife, a mother of three and an entrepreneur. She currently owns two companies, Silverlining Concepts, LLC and Ultimate Bodies Pilates. Megan is an Entrepreneur Success Strategist, a Transformational Leader, Speaker, Author, a Certified Life Coach and a Comprehensively Trained Certified Peak Pilates Instructor. She is the creator and host of the globally recognized Step Into Success Summit for Women Entrepreneurs. Megan has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and has built 7...


023: Eben Pagan Talks Sex, Money and Marketing

Today's guest is someone who is a proof that the classic urban legend of a young guy making millions on the Internet is REAL. Eben Pagan is both a urban and a true iconic legend, having co-created, with a small group of pioneers, the information product marketing industry. Find out the secret to making $25 million a year, and what the best ways for creating information products to appeal to both men AND women.


022: Tana Amen: Heal Your Body and Get Your Life Back

Known as the Brain Doctors Wife, Tana Amen is a well-known health and fitness expert. By giving information, guidance, and support she has helped thousands through her leadership create life changing transformations. Her training and experience as a registered nurse and by helping her clients change the way they eat, exercise, and think creating life altering change, she has gained respect in the medical community. Tana is a NY Times best-selling author of “The Omni Diet” which is her most...


021: Deb Calvert: Turning Prospects Into Buyers By Asking Quality Questions

The “Queen of Questions” is now at our service. As a finalist for the 2013 Sales and Marketing Book of the Year, Deb Calvert shares her insight as to how the right questions will get you in the door and turn your female Prospects into Female Buyers.Deb founded People First Productivity Solutions to assist businesses and organizations to build connections through people development. She has taken her experience in Senior Level leadership roles in Operations and Human Resources for Fortune...


020: Bridgette Chambers: Executive of the Year for 2013

Bridgette Chambers is an outstanding and unbelievably true visionary. She has perfected the art of “Turn Around” and the implementation of “Growth Strategies” for small and mid-size business. Bridgette is famous for turning obstacles into opportunities. She is known for her executive coaching which is based on innovative leadership and empowerment in order to build or rebuild company and community cultures. Bridgette specializes in increasing and diversifying revenue streams, cutting...


019: 1-800 Pet Meds Founder Interview with Lynda Mariano - Part 2 -

Welcome back to part two of an amazing interview. Once again, the incomparable Wendy Stevens has gotten Linda Mariano, a founder of the brilliant company 1-800-petmeds, to take time out of her busy schedule and dig even deeper into her past and into the founding of this great company. Linda takes us back to growing up in a small town, and explains how she left the farm life to create her very own company. She felt she never fit into the farm life, and always wanted more- and that's exactly...


018: Lynda Mariano Part 1

This week we are lucky enough to hear from a very special guest, once again. Wendy has managed to steal some time from the amazing Linda Mariano, one of the original founders of 1-800-petmeds. A true rock star, and a true visionary, this interview was too important to cover in just one week. This is the first part of a two part interview that will change the way you look at your business, and give you huge insight into how to build a company as hugely recognizable as 1-800-petmeds. Her...


017: Strategies for Military Families to become Home Owners with Karen Bates

Karen Bates is the CEO and founder of the VApro Network that provides tactics to military families that can help them become home owners. Karen is a nice girl in a man's world, and can show you how to stay who you are but build an amazing business that lets you help yourself and others. She was chosen to be an air traffic controller in Bermuda after entering the military at 19 years-old, and that experience has changed the way she runs her business. She learned how to find her power and...


016: How to Generate Leads Podcasting with Kris Gilbertson

Learn why podcasting has exploded this year for business owners and bloggers. The #1 Factor that makes podcasting so irrestible today is that you can take content on the go and listen whenver and whever you choose. Today, consumers are looking for this style of content more than ever boefore. Learn how to position your brand, message, and products infront of 1 Billion podcast subsribers today, with the world's leading podcast expert Kris Gilbertson. In this episode, you will learn: The...


015: How to Get Massive Results by Cultivating your Celebrity with Clint Arthur -Part 2-

Clint Arthur is back again for the second week on the Guerrilla Marketing to Women podcast. In this episode we get laser focused on just exactly why and how to maximize your businesses growth by utilizing the power of celebrity. There is, of course, no better way to become a celebrity than to book yourself solid with TV appearances. The key to massive business growth is to create the perception of celebrity in your target market. Clint has appeared more than 54 times on national TV and he...


014: How to Get Massive Results by Cultivating your Celebrity with Clint Arthur -Part 1-

Clint Arthur graduated from the Wharton School of Business and has since gone on to create amazing businesses and results for dozens of people. Through his coaching programs he helps people get featured on mainstream media and he is also a remarkable author. His #1 Bestselling works include: "The Greatest Book of All Time," The Last Year of Your Life," "Daddy Loves You," and "What they Teach you at the Wharton Business School." It wasn't always a dream life for Clint Arthur. In this...


013: Helping Others Become the Personal-Best Version of Themselves with Michael “Hutch” Hutchison

Michael "Hutch” launched Tony Robbins's seminar business from start up in debt to more than $100 Million in worldwide seminar and product sales. Wendy Stevens interviews this iconic marketing Guru. "Hutch" is an entrepreneur, author, investor and financial advocate. He has an industry-wide reputation of credibility and leadership. "Hutch" was the host of Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.’s web TV small business talk show called .


012: How to Market to Hispanic Women with Elena Fraga

Elena Fraga grew up in Venezuela and got her law degree from Harvard University and has created multiple 7 Figure businesses. Elena started from ground zero just five years ago after she had a wake up call in an airplane that changed here life forever. Elana went from franchise owner to being one of the top online marketers in direct sales space. The insights she shares on this podcast will allow you to understand how to master the art of marketing and grow your business to the level you...


011: How to Overcome Stage Fright with Jane Beard

Jane is the author of Speaking for Real and more, and has spoken to thousands of individuals on how to overcome stage fright and break out of their shell. As someone who suffered from stage fright herself and has overcome that to become a public speaker and coach, she is the perfect person to help. She will bring share with you how to truly bring your voice out to your audience, as she has done with countless others before with her amazing methods. Jane began as an actress and developed...


010: How to Use Learning Styles to Attract Customers with Jeanine O'Neill-Blackwell

Jeanine O'Neill-Blackwell is a leading expert on brain-based learning design and delivery and the President/CEO of 4MAT 4Business®, a training and consulting company that helps entrepreneurs scale success. She has two books, including the Amazon #1 bestseller, Engage, The Trainer's Guide to Learning Styles, and her 4MAT model has been adopted by some of the world most recognizable brands, including Aveda and Estee Lauder. In this episode you will learn: Make sure to enter your name and...