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This Is The Future Of Facebook Advertising - Ralph Burns

Twelve years ago, Ralph Burns was working an admittedly slimy corporate job. He had a great salary, but he was absolutely miserable. As a side gig, he started blogging about sales management to see if he make a better career happen. When a scandal broke at work, Ralph got pinned as the fall guy. He was out of a job and had to make his side gig bring in some real money. He decided to try advertising a client on Facebook. An hour later, traffic was pouring in and he knew he’d found the career...


Xero Shoes Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Shark Tank - Steven Sashen

Sure, it had been well over fifteen years since Steven Sashen had practiced sprinting, but he wanted to give the sport another try. Within weeks his legs were so sore he was going to give up. A friend told him to give it another go, this time without his shoes. Steven’s pain disappeared as soon as he started running barefoot. He felt sure there must be other people suffering as he had. A day of research and building a simple website was all the proof he needed that minimalist shoes were...


How The Perfect Partnership Can Create 3-Day Workweeks - Flori Pyke & Anna Jonak

After years in corporate jobs, both Flori Pyke & Anna Jonak were realizing their workweeks didn’t leave much room for raising kids. They decided to take the leap of starting their own business, though hadn’t even met each other yet, not until a mutual client pushed them into a meeting. Less than a month later, Anna & Flori already had six students signed for a life coaching program they hadn’t even finished writing yet. Fast forward three years and their business has grown beyond what they...


Current Tactics To Get Amazing Results With Webinars - Joel Erway

Just eight months into his first job as a mechanical engineer, Joel Erway realized he was not doing the kind of analytical work he was born to do. He quit being an engineer and moved into sales, taking a job that was 100% commission. For three years Joel puttered along, doing the same old lunch and learn sessions. Both he and his clients were yawning through the meetings. There just had to be a better way. He read everything there was on how to do a presentation, then rewrote the...


The 5-Step Process To Make Every Sale - Wes Schaeffer

In 2006, after nine years in corporate sales, Wes Schaeffer started his first company. He had five kids to feed, plus another on the way, so he knew couldn’t dabble. He had to commit. He started cold calling companies, offering to train their sales teams. His business was starting to grow, but Wes wanted to know how to really improve. He made his first website and taught himself SEO and copywriting. He embraced social media, video, podcasting, you name it. Suddenly, he was the one getting...


Side-Hustles To Make Money In Your Spare Time - Nick Loper

Still in college, Nick Loper had already started his first side hustle painting houses. Then, while working his first corporate job, he decided to make his own online shoe store. Before long that shoe store was bringing in enough money for him to quit day jobs for good. Nick needed another side hustle, so he tried podcasting. He soon had a following of listeners that also wanted free themselves from their corporate jobs and turn their passions into their main gig. Yet again, Nick’s hustle...


Daily Habits To Manage Overwhelm And Stress In Your Life - Corona Brady

After moving to Australia and landing the corporate banking job she had worked all her adult life to attain Corona Brady had a sudden calling. The stress of climbing the ladder had taken its toll and she was constantly fatigued, depressed, and an anxious mess. A doctor told her she had liver damage and would soon be diabetic. Then a voice told her it was time to take a new path. Corona left her job and began searching for a different way to live. She studied meditation, breathe work, and...


Unique Facebook Ad Strategies That Are Making People Rich - Curt Maly

Curt Maly’s ad agency was spending millions promoting celebrity clients on Facebook, but customer service still wouldn’t return his calls. So he did what he’s good at and networked his way to someone with answers. For that, Facebook banned both his business and personal account. Now on the sidelines, Curt did the opposite of what everyone told him to do. He sold his business and went into consulting. He decided to represent clients he knew were changing the world and show them how they can...


A Step-By-Step Guide To Profitable YouTube Advertising - Tom Breeze

A Step-By-Step Guide To Profitable YouTube Advertising - Tom Breeze Looking to make a video for his psychology practice’s website, Tom Breeze borrowed his parent’s camcorder. Over a hundred takes later he nailed it. Tom started out helping his clients manage their nerves while public speaking, then they were also asking him to produce their videos. He decided to form his own ad agency to promote clients with his videos. That quickly turned into his full-time career. Six years ago SEO...


How To Build Highly Leveraged Businesses And Create Lifestyle Freedom - James Schramko

Building a work day around when he gets to surf is the only hard and fast rule James Schramko follows in business. Making a comfortable seven figures a year working 25 hours a week is all the proof he needs that he’s doing it right. It wasn’t always so streamlined though. Ten years ago James left his full-time day job by day, full-time night time building his business hustle at night for good. He made the leap into full-time entrepreneurship with the intent of building a better...


How To Earn $1,000 Every Time You're Featured Somewhere - Steve Olsher

Raking leaves and shoveling snow were the first on roads Steve Olsher took into entrepreneurial bliss when he was a young kid growing up in Chicago. Since then, he’s launched four multi-million dollar businesses. And he did it all following the process of reinventing himself time and time again. While the on-ramp for his next big idea wasn’t always easy to take, Steve’s desire for leading a lifestyle he defined was the one thing that kept him in the game of taking the risks to grow. In...


How This Successful Stoner Built A Blog That Earns 6-Figures Per Month - Caitlin Pyle

From stealing time due to her efficiency at a J-O-B to a multi-million dollar online teaching business six years later, Caitlin Pyle proves hands down that other people’s problems can become a business opportunity. It all starts with honing the right skills. After Caitlin unexpectedly lost her job as a court reporter proofreader, she jumped into expanding the freelance work she dabbled in while working her regular job. Within a year or so she was making about $40,000/year and feeling pretty...


How To Use Old School Marketing Tactics To Grow Huge Events - September Dohrmann

Where do high achieving business owners go to connect, learn and grow? With September Dohrmann at the helm, top performing entrepreneurs elect to gather at the CEO Space events she orchestrates. Interestingly enough, September does the week-long event orchestrating with a small team and a large side of business systems and checklists, even when it comes down to volunteers lending a hand. With her background in flipping real estate and running a salon, September was no stranger to clear...


The Biggest Lessons Learned Growing A Podcast (100th Episode Special)

Today, Matt and Joe cross the milestone of producing 100 episodes for the Hustle & Flowchart show. In this episode, they reminisce about the past 100 episodes, their favorite moments, the audiences favorite moments, what they’ve learned along the way, how they’ve grown the show, and even talk about what’s coming next for the business to make an even bigger impact on even more people.


This Science-Backed Exercise Can Rewire Your Brain For Success - Dr. Steve Ruden

When unveiling a new healing method to the public, it generally takes 17 years or more to be accepted by the mainstream. The fact that Dr. Steve Ruden and his brother Ronald have organically grown the practice of havening in 22 countries in eight languages in three years is nothing short of incredible. Flashback to 2004 when Dr. Ruden’s brother discovered the practice of TFT while in residency. He used it to cure a phobia of a staff member and was so inspired, he spent the next couple of...


The Clockwork System To Create A Business That Runs Without You - Mike Michalowicz

If Mike Michalowicz could show you the way out of the “hustle” and promised that in the process he could help you end your entrepreneurial poverty, would you step outside your comfort zone long enough to listen? Naturally, if you haven’t read one of this best selling author’s many entertaining and educational books on how to do just that, you’d ask why you’d listen to Mike in the first place. By the time he was 35, he’d founded and sold two multi-million dollar businesses, turned angel...


Bacon Wrapped Hustle Session 1 - Brad Costanzo

What happens to your show when you have the “uber” connected, highly successful serial entrepreneur and host of the podcast Bacon Wrapped Business stop in as a guest? Since Brad Costanzo had something to say about it, lots of laughs mixed in with useful snippets of solid marketing and business acquisition advice. Brad has a pretty long track record of success when it comes to marketing and helping businesses surpass millions in annual revenue, so if you’re in the game of entrepreneurship...


A Tool That Uses AI and Machine Learning To Help Create Traffic And Leads - Paul Clifford

Round two with this SaaS creator was in order now that Paul Clifford and his team just released a major time and money saving option to his already highly successful Designrr software. And they call it AI. Paul made the decision to tap into existing AI frameworks in place with companies like Google and Amazon in order to use the technology to help content marketers recycle content more quickly using transcription. An unexpected benefit were some larger corporations choosing to use the...


The Essential Elements of Great Hooks And Sales Copy - Kevin Rogers

What does performing stand up comedy and writing profitable sales copy have in common? Surprisingly, much more than you might think...And thanks to Kevin Rogers stand up career, to timeshare copywriter, to chief copywriting and course creator evolution, you too can be in the know. Kevin waved goodbye to high school before getting his diploma. As the “funny” and awkward guy all through school who could always get a laugh, he ditched sacking groceries and detailing cars to go on the road as a...


YouTube Ad Strategies From Someone Who Worked At Google - John Belcher

When the prospect of spending eight more years in college to become a doctor after earning the undergrad degree at a competitive private college seems like too much, what’s the next logical career choice? Thankfully for John Belcher it was sales. It wasn’t just any sales career to start for John. He chose to work as a medical equipment sales rep in facial trauma and spinal injury surgical equipment that taught him the importance of being able to express your value clearly. He naturally...