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Inside Outside is your access to startups, outside of Silicon Valley. We sit down with founders, investors and creative people building companies in startup pockets around the United States.

Inside Outside is your access to startups, outside of Silicon Valley. We sit down with founders, investors and creative people building companies in startup pockets around the United States.
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Inside Outside is your access to startups, outside of Silicon Valley. We sit down with founders, investors and creative people building companies in startup pockets around the United States.




Ep. 134 - Paramount Pictures’ Futurist Ted Schilowitz on VR, AR & Mixed Reality

Ted Schilowitz serves as Paramount Pictures' Futurist, as well as an advisor to the University of Nebraska’s Johnny Carson School of Emerging Media Arts. He sees himself as an explorer, with an eye toward storytelling and creativity. His modern lab rat approach, allows him to experiment with all types of technology and determine what makes it valuable for the future. Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside founder, and Ted discuss the intersection between storytelling and human behavior....


Ep. 133 - Drive Capital’s Chris Olsen on Investment Innovation in the Midwest

If you don’t like disruption, you are going to HATE irrelevance. Chris Olsen of Drive Capital talks about investing in world-class companies located in the Midwest. Drive Capital, a venture firm based in Columbus, OH, developed a $550 million fund with this aim. Chris believes the Midwest will see more billion-dollar companies in the next five years, and based on GDP, the Midwest is the 4th largest economy in the world. If there are more Venture Firms in the Midwest, we’ll see faster growth...


Ep. 132 - Arjuna Ardagh, Author of Radical Brilliance - The Anatomy of How and Why People Have Original Life-changing ideas

Why do some people have innovative, creative ideas that change the game for everyone and challenge the way life is, and others don’t? Brian Ardinger, Founder of Inside Outside talks with Arjuna Ardagh about how brilliance and innovation can become more of a predictable outcome and less of an accident. They discuss his new book, Radical Brilliance - The Anatomy of How and Why People Have Original Life-changing ideas and the four phases of the Brilliance Cycle. Brilliance Cycle Defined 12:00...


Ep 131 - Sean Moffitt of WikiBrands & Author of WikiBrands: How to Reinvent Your Business in a Customer Connected Marketplace

Sean Moffitt is Managing Director of WikiBrands and Author of WikiBrands: How to Reinvent Your Business in a Customer Connected Marketplace. He focuses on helping people develop a transformational arsenal, including skills in culture and talent, innovation and future proofing, technology and digital, and leadership/pivoting business models. Highlights of Sean's conversation with Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Founder, include: What’s changing the corporate landscape: New WikiBrands...


Ep. 130 - Canopy Insight’s Victoria Gerstman on Culture’s Influence on Brands & Semiotics

Dr. Victoria Gerstman is the Assistant Director at Canopy Insight, a cultural insight and innovation consultancy. She helps companies and brands understand the cultural significance of different phenomena. Using semiotics, a method to interpret signs and symbols of culture which brands operate in, Victoria helps companies learn what’s important to people. Canopy Insight works with many large brands around the world, to help them understand culturally specific meanings and the way meanings...


Ep. 129 - Paul Jarrett of Bulu on New Trends in Collaborative Marketing

Paul Jarrett is co-founder/CEO of Bulu and a former Inside Outside podcast co-host. Bulu creates private label subscription box programs for large companies like Disney, GNC, Lululemon, and Crayola. In this episode, Brian Ardinger and Paul discuss new trends in big brand marketing, including getting in front of specific customer segments in new ways. Paul believes that in this changing marketplace, big companies are willing to collaborate and “horse trade,” but are also focusing on key...


Ep. 128 - Aaron Proietti, Author of Today’s Innovator & Transamerica Innovation Champion

Creating environments where innovation can thrive Aaron Proietti is author of the new book, Today’s Innovator. He’s spent 17 years working in the innovation space, including leading initiatives at Transamerica and Capital One. Aaron believes everyone wants innovation to happen, but the traits that make the company successful are the very things that are standing in the way of innovation. In his new book, Today’s Innovator, Aaron focuses on how to create an environment where innovation can...


Ep. 127 - Vanguard & CEC's John Buhl on Lean Startup at Scale

John Buhl spent the last 13 years at Vanguard, innovating at all levels. He loved applying Lean Startup principles at scale and discovering what elements needed to change. Unfortunately, he hit many brick walls and found friction to make changes throughout the organization. The system of annual funding, with specific deliverables, was well entrenched. John wanted to understand, how do you shift a large company to be outcome-oriented and realize that old systems can be detrimental. Recently,...


Ep. 126 - Barry O'Reilly, Author of Unlearn & Lean Enterprise

Individuals get disrupted, not companies Barry O’Reilly is the Author of Unlearn: Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results and Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale. In this episode, Barry and Brian Ardinger discuss creating a culture of experimentation in enterprises and seeing everything as an assumption. Barry came to the U.S. from Ireland and worked at City Search “putting people on the Internet.” He then joined a mobile games development...


Ep. 125 - Doug Hall, Author of Driving Eureka! & Creator of Innovation Engineering

Innovation is No Longer Optional Doug Hall has been in the innovation space for more than 30 years. His new book, Driving Eureka!, is about finding, filtering and fast-tracking to market and includes an update on what is continuously being learned about creating, communicating, and commercializing ideas. In 1986, Doug started Eureka Ranch, an early "accelerator" program focused on commercializing products. He took a system-driven approach to innovation to enable businesses to increase...


Ep. 124 - Amy Radin, Author of The Change Maker's Playbook & FinTech Guru

Amy Radin is the author of The Change Maker's Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation in Any Company. She was previously a Senior Executive at American Express, Citi, and ETrade. Amy's experience includes leading the digital transformation of Citi’s credit card business ($5b bottom line). Today, Amy enjoys being on the outside of big companies and startups, to help connect the dots between growth aspirations and outcomes. Key Takeaways in Brian Ardinger's Interview with...


Ep. 123 - Gatorade's Xavi Cortadellas on Breakthrough Innovation

There’s no way to innovate if you only stay in your court Xavi Cortadellas is the Head of Innovation and Design at Gatorade. He focuses on breakthrough innovation, rather than incremental innovation. Gatorade invented sports drinks 50 years ago and now has an 80% market share. With little room to expand, they actively look for new spaces to grow. When entering a new market, Gatorade is careful to examine what’s the right thing to do and always have patience and perseverance. Today,...


Ep 122 - Jeff Rohrs with Yext and Author of Audience on Managing Your Brand

Jeff Rohrs is the CMO of Yext and Author of Audience: Marketing in the age of subscribers, fans and followers, and The Everywhere Brand ebook. He’s also a former VP at Salesforce and ExactTarget. In this episode, Brian Ardinger and Jeff talk about managing content and brands across the web and how hard it is to put perfect information into consumer’s hands everywhere. Yext uses a digital knowledge management (dkm) platform to automate this process. With consumer behavior changing, 73% of a...


Ep 121 - Herman Miller's Melissa Steach on Design Innovation

Melissa Steach is an ergonomic specialist with Herman Miller. She works to educate various communities about ergonomics in the workplace while valuing and focusing on the importance of the human for design innovation. Brian Ardinger and Melissa take a look at innovation from a design perspective and how that can impact the workplace and home environments. The built environment helps human growth, relationships and caring for the health of people. New healthcare research is reflecting this...


Ep. 120 - Digital Intent's Sean Johnson talks Corporate Innovation Strategies

After years of working in startups, Sean Johnson and his team began getting approached by enterprises. These companies needed help moving on ideas, accessing specialists and understanding how to be iterative. Today, Sean's company Digital Intent works with venture-backed startups and Fortune 1000 companies wanting to be tech-enabled businesses. He is also a general partner at Founder Equity. Brian and Sean discuss a variety of corporate innovation strategies. Here are a few highlights: To...


Ep. 119 - Voltage Control's Douglas Ferguson on Inside Innovation

In this episode, Brian Ardinger talks with Douglas Ferguson, founder of Voltage Control, a company focused on design sprints and getting new products to market. Douglas tries to look at the product as a whole unit and is convinced that ideas are worthless. It’s more about focused execution. Douglas brings an operators viewpoint, as he moves into consulting and thinking about Innovation from a broader perspective. Brian and Douglas discuss some of the problems companies face, when building...


Ep. 118 - ExxonMobil's Christopher Bailey and Kim Bullock on Corporate Innovation

In this week's episode of Inside Outside Innovation, Brian Ardinger talks with Christopher Bailey and Kim Bullock with ExxonMobil. They discuss successes and challenges of innovating in a large corporation. Christopher and Kim will also be speaking at the Back End of Innovation Conference in Phoenix, AZ on Oct 17-19, 2018. Key strategies and lessons learned include: At the BEI conference, Christopher and Kim will share more of their journey and stories through a two-hour workshop. They...


Ep 117 - Nicole Rufuku, Author of Hiring for the Innovation Economy

In this week's episode of Inside Outside Innovation, Brian Ardinger has a great conversation with Nicole Rufuku, author of Hiring for the Innovation Economy: Three steps to improve performance and diversity. They discuss how to hire for innovation in a world that’s changing. In her book, Nicole gives teams a set of innovation principals to use in the hiring process. They are: Nicole also provides three specific tools. They are: Connect with Nicole on Twitter @Nicolerufuku or...


Ep. 116 - SapientRazorfish's Jeremy Lockhorn on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Jeremy Lockhorn is VP, Experience Strategy, Mobile + Emerging Technology at SapientRazorfish and has served a wide variety of roles during his 20-year tenure. The common thread is on a focus of what’s next. In this podcast, Jeremy and Brian Ardinger discuss technology changes over the past 10 years and the implications for the future. They know each other from their days in the digital signage space. When the iPhone was launched more than 11 years ago, it was immediately breakthrough...


Ep. 115 - Author Doug Branson on The Future of Tech is Women

In this episode, Brian Ardinger talks with Doug Branson about his new book The Future of Tech is Women: How to Achieve Gender Diversity. Brian and Doug start the conversation by looking at trends in the market. Doug outlines the history of women in senior corporate positions. Of the 70 women that have been CEOs of publicly held companies, 70% have MBAs. Of the 27 women that have held exec positions in IT companies (out of 600), two have STEM backgrounds and 25 have business or law...