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A drunken show about the entrepreneur's journey & those crazy enough to say screw the man to go after their dreams. Hosted by Bottoms Up Beer's Josh Springer and Produced by Creative Zombie Studio's Brad Shoemaker.

A drunken show about the entrepreneur's journey & those crazy enough to say screw the man to go after their dreams. Hosted by Bottoms Up Beer's Josh Springer and Produced by Creative Zombie Studio's Brad Shoemaker.
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A drunken show about the entrepreneur's journey & those crazy enough to say screw the man to go after their dreams. Hosted by Bottoms Up Beer's Josh Springer and Produced by Creative Zombie Studio's Brad Shoemaker.




Snapshyft with Thor Wood

The bars and restaurants are plagued with bad customer service. Many times it is something that could be fixed just by pressing a few buttons... The post Snapshyft with Thor Wood appeared first on Launchpad.


Fowling with Chutt

What do you get when you cross Bowling with Football? Fowling! Listen how Chutt and friends created a game based on a mistake while setting up for tailgating at the...


Owning Laughter with Chris Bowers

Deciding to jump on a business just because you think it’s fun can be a recipe for disaster, but Chris Bowers has found a way to turn it around and... The post Owning Laughter with Chris Bowers appeared first on Launchpad.


Failing with John Wechsler

John Wechsler and Fail: Episode Information Failure is all we know as a baby. Each time we wave our hands, try to grasp something, hit ourselves, bump into things as we crawl or even falling down every time we try to get up and walk, we continue to fail. John Wechsler is very aware of this and through failure he knows that's where we grasp the tools to succeed. Failure is starting to become a business model. What once was shameful and looked at as something to hide in the closet or push...


Pete the Planner Wants to Make You a Millionaire

Pete the Planner: Episode Information Peter Dunn, better known as Pete the Planner, wants to fix your financial life. He's been doing it for the past 18 years. Pete sometimes takes an atypical approach to fixing the financial problems that seem to ruin our lives by taking on the psychology of the approach. Now Pete is focused on one thing, making you a millionaire. Not in a get rich quick type of way, but by taking on the long term approach to make sure you don't have to work your way...


Allan Springer: Like Father Like Son – LP20

Allan Springer: Episode Info Not all father/son relationships are great ones. Sometimes the father just can't understand why the son is so bullheaded. The son often times feels like the father is putting too many rules in place. One day you wake up and realize the reason the relationship is strained is because... the father, Allan Springer, and the son, Josh Springer, are exactly alike. Bull headed, strong willed, and apt to pull off something just to prove it can be done. On this...


Two Chicks and a What? With Mina and Karen of HGTV’s Good Bones – LP19

We're breaking barriers left and right with this episode of Launchpad featuring a mother daughter duo who spend way to much time together while rehabbing houses and creating must see tv. We talk with Karen Laine and her daughter Mina Starsiak about what led them to creating a business together that is generally dominated by guys and how that grabbed the attention of a production company that helped launch a show on HGTV called Good Bones. We talk everything from how Mina got her name, the...


Donnell Jackson, Dealing Drugs and Waking Up – LP18

Donnell Jackson Episode Information Josh has always talked about Donnell Jackson as someone who no one would think to hire because of his past, but someone he is thankful for having on staff. Sometimes the past doesn't always equal the future. People go through a journey in life and your starting point is far from your end point. In this episode, we begin the journey of Donnell's story. We find out how someone who had parents who provided for him wound up on the wrong side of the law on...


Dr. Will and Josh’s Therapy Session – LP17

Dr. Will Episode Information Entrepreneurs are prone to needing therapy. It is a healthy outlet for a job that comes with a lot of stress. We talk to Dr. Will celebrity Therapist, Public Speaker, frequent Bob and Tom guest and former Nick at Nite host. We find out what's wrong with Josh, and nearly every entrepreneur. We learn how Dr. Will created his media empire and how it landed him at Nickelodeon's Nick at Nite. We also discuss why he walked away from an NBC Talk Show after only one...


Mel McMahon Crazy but Sane – LP16

Mel McMahon Episode Information Everyone faces their battles and finds themselves starring at something they never saw coming. Mel McMahon tells her story and what led someone who thought she could never be a manager to running her own business. As young adults we are let loose to do whatever we want and often we wreak havoc on this world. Partying sometimes becomes unruly and often times people can't even tell that we are not in the right state of mind. Add in a traumatic experience and...


Justin Escue Drumming the Suit Out of MySpace – LP15

Justin Escue: Episode Information Ideas happen all the time, but when a fully formed idea is pitched, then becomes a reality behind your back, that is when a lawsuit is bound to happen. If MySpace hadn't been driven into the ground already, Justin Escue made sure to drive it a bit deeper after they ripped off his idea and proceeded without him. Justin, a drummer in the band Picture Yes, has toured with Saving Abel. He also shoots videos with his production company "My First Bike...


Kristi Lee and the Startup Stage – LP14

Kristi Lee: Episode Information Kristi Lee, formerly of the Bob and Tom Show, decided after nearly 30 years on a successful nationally syndicated morning radio show to try her hand at something new. It's Josh's favorite stage of entrepreneurship. There is so much hope, so much ahead of you and also the moment where you're out of sorts and feel completely overwhelmed and unsure of the future. Anyone who has ventured out on their own to try something new, especially after living a certain...


Norm Hedges: Protecting Your Assets – LP13

Norm Hedges: Episode Information Step One: Come up with a great idea. Step Two: Become a Millionaire At least, that's what it feels like, until life kicks you in the balls and you start realizing the mountain that you're going to have to climb. I dare say there is never a story that works out as easily as that one two combo. In fact, after the first day of having the great idea, the real mountain you need to climb gets uncovered from the clouds and you realize that a very difficult...


Todd “Soupy” Campbell: Fighting with the State

Todd "Soupy" Campbell Episode Info: Todd "Soupy" Campbell is a serial entrepreneur who has run the gamut on businesses and has resumed selling real estate as his full time gig after his last venture, a once highly successful bar, took a downturn after an incident involving the State of Indiana and a girl with boobs. Sometimes a business can do almost everything right, but one mistake at the absolute wrong time, especially when a politician is tying to make a name for themselves, can be the...


Greg Burhop: Kickstart Your Business – LP011

Greg Burhop Episode Information Kickstarter can be the great equalizer to small businesses, but it can also pull the curtain back and reveal the frauds of the world better than other platform out there. Most, like Greg Burhop; however, get the chance tocreate something on a bigger scale but with the drawback that every mistake is hoisted for all the world to see. Greg Burhop came up with a game, Knock Down Barns. A simple game of knocking stuff down. A game that people enjoyed playing. A...


Scott Long: Being Funny in the Corporate World

Scott Long Episode Information Sometimes it pays to be funny. Scott Long, comedian and public speaker, learned a long time ago that comedy was his passion. A comedian is, by the very nature of the job, an entrepreneur. He only gets paid when he finds a gig. He is the ultimate one man show. He made some waves on the standup trail, became a regional success and would find marginal successes outside of his home region. What happens when your gigs dry up? Like so many entrepreneurs, the path...


Doug Karr: Death and Taxes – LP009

Doug Karr Episode Information Taxes, that annoying thing that we have to pay every year, or in Doug Karr, Brad Shoemaker and Josh Springer'scase, that annoying thing that you have to pay every year and always seem to wind up paying late. It's not easy being in business for yourself. In fact, the single hardest part isn't the fun and excitement of working on your product or service, but rather the mundane office tasks that make up the days. In this episode we work through what made DK New...


Carl Doninger: Conventions and Fanatics – LP008

Carl Doninger Episode Information Fan: (noun) a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing. [synonyms: devotee, admirer, lover]. In this episode, we take you through the world of conventions. What it takes to put them on, dealing with celebrities, rolling with the punches outside of your control, unfair contracts, the fanatic and more. Fans flock to ComicCon, GenCon, WonderCon, DragonCon, and hundreds more. What if you decided you had an idea that...


Steve Hershberger: Analytics and the Drug Cartel – LP007

Steve Hershberger Episode Information Steve Hershberger, CEO and Founder of SteadyServ knows his numbers, and why not? Numbers make up everything in the Universe so it's no surprise that we often turn to numbers to teach us where our business stands. People often shy away from numbers because it isn't exactly easy to disseminate. Numbers without context mean nothing, but start adding 2+2 and it can mean a brand new understanding of your business, what works, what doesn't and how to grow....


Matt Hunckler: Threads Startups Together Through Verge HQ – LP006

Matt Hunckler Episode Information Matt Hunckler is no stranger to being an entrepreneur. He started off his journey as a DJ and progressed towards digitizing old media, so it's no surprise he runs one of the most successful startup communities in the second tier startup cities with Verge HQ. After building up a successful web design business through outsourcing and learning about the right way and wrong way to sell a business, Mattwould go on to be at the forefront of an industry that...