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#24: Blake Larson MD International Lalamove

Today I am happy to have Blake Larson Head and MD International for LALAMOVE. Founded in 2013 as EasyVan in Hong Kong, Lalamove is the leading same day delivery platform present in 129 cities in 9 countries across Asia. Through its mobile & desktop platform, Lalamove connects customers with professional van, motorcycle, lorry and truck drivers. Some of their corporate clients include IKEA, Line or Google. Lalamove raised a total of $161 mil in funding over 6 rounds. The latest funding came...


#23: Dr. Wolfgang Baier CEO of Luxasia

Today I am happy to have with us dr Wolfgang Baier, CEO of Luxasia. Luxasia is one of the largest regional distributor of over 150 international beauty and luxury lifestyle brands such as Clarins, Estee Lauder, Ferragamo, Hermes and Shiseido and they also have joint ventures with the Coty Group, the LVMH Group and Elizabeth Arden. Present in 15 Asia Pacific countries, and hiring more than 2,000 full-time employees, Luxasia aims to define a new omnichannel experience in the beauty industry...


#22: Sanne Manders COO of Flexport

This is episode #22 and I am happy to have with us today Sanne Manders, COO of Flexport. A couple of words on Flexport, which is one of the fastest growing 3PL in the world. In just five years Flexport has distinguished itself as the leading software-powered freight forwarder, helping more than 15,000 companies deliver their goods to customers worldwide. Sanne joined Flexport in 2014, soon after the company’s start. As COO, he is responsible for operations, procurement, and carrier...


#21: Bijay Singh Global Head Healthcare Business Unit at DKSH

Bijay Singh has twenty-four years of experience in the Healthcare industry. From 2004 to 2015, he held various senior positions at Novartis, a leading global Swiss healthcare company. Prior to 2004, Bijay Singh worked for eleven years in various positions for Eli Lilly in Asia and the United States as well as for two global audit companies. He has lived and worked in four continents and has amassed over 15 years work experience in the healthcare field across Asia. Education: Bijay Singh...


#20: Paul Srivorakul Co-Founder & Group CEO aCommerce

Paul has a global background, being born in Thailand and raised in California. Although he got a BA in anthropology at University of California Berkeley in 2000, he caught the internet bug early and got a sales job at Ask.com in the U.S. (his brother was working at Apple). They both decided to become entrepreneurs, so they quit their jobs and moved back to Thailand to look for opportunities, and decided to focused on online advertising. They used credit card debt to fund the startup...


#19: Matthew Tillman CEO of Haven Inc.

And today I am delighted to have with us today Matthew Tillman, the CEO and Founder of Haven. Haven was founded in 2014 to help commodity firms automate logistics, collaborate with partners, and gain value insights into their supply chain. With the goal of the platform is to essentially serve as the “Salesforce for logistics, capturing the end-to-end workflow of shipping cargo.” Haven supports customers around the world from offices in Singapore, Switzerland and San Francisco. They raised...


#18: Ed Clarke Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Yojee

Professional Australian football player, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Yojee, an exciting logistics technology company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: YOJ) that has developed a technology platform that builds a solution to redefine the logistics industry and transform it to keep up with the e-commerce boom, utilising the global sharing-economy concept. Ed has been featured by Executive Series in Australia, Tech in Asia magazine, Prime Mover, Proactive Investors...