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A+Es Heftman on Precision and Performance

The competition in video goes beyond the fight for consumer attention; every video provider is looking to land ad dollars with a one-two punch of broad but targeted reach matched with business outcomes via addressability or attribution. A+E Networks has dubbed their delivery of both as “Precision and Performance", or as SVP of ad sales Ethan Heftman calls it: "a fancy way of describing a group of people across ad sales, research, and client insights that specialize in moving the business...


The Spontaneous Thanksgiving Episode - Looking Back

What better way to wrap up a year of insights than on Thanksgiving? It might sound like a cliché but we at MediaVillage, and me personally, E.B. Moss, are really thankful for everyone who listens and reads our content. A big focus at MediaVillage is on educating the marketplace in such a fast-evolving industry as media and marketing. There’s a LOT of info out there and things are constantly changing. So apropos Thanksgiving, I hope this podcast has been a good way for you to digest some of...


Marketing the NFL: Julie Haddon and Jen Kavanagh on Scoring with Fans

Fun facts: Julie Haddon, NFL’s senior vice president of Global Brand & Consumer Marketing, pitched Little League well before other girls ever played...and went on to pitch audiences on films like Shrek for DreamWorks, early stage Twitter and financial disruptor, SoFi. And Jen Kavanagh, senior vice president, marketing and media for the Philadelphia Eagles used to “fly” for her teen swim club well before her current Philly special job marketing the NFL club’s mantra, “Fly, Eagles, Fly.” Hear...


ICYMI: RPA's Joe Baratelli on Creative and Agency Staying Power

Joe is Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of RPA, where he has worked since the agency launched as Rubin Postaer 30-plus years ago. They have also been the agency of record for Honda for almost that entire time and helped make the simple Farmers Insurance "We Are Farmers" jingle a bit of an earworm. In addition to discussing those and some more serious examples of their award-winning ads and heart-wrenching PSAs, Joe shared some of the insights he's gained over three decades...


Joseph Jaffe Advice for Companies Built to Suck: Avoiding the Corporate Demise

Corporate survival planner, serial entrepreneur, 5-time author - including the recently released “Built To Suck” - Joseph Jaffe is one of the most sought-after consultants, speakers and thought leaders on innovation, marketing, new & social media. In this episode of Insider InSites from MediaVillage, Jaffe describes the four reasons for the potential corporate apocalypse: company size and age, being a public corporation, and company culture. In a free-flowing conversation, you’ll also hear...


PodcastOne's Peter Morris on Superstar Podcasters and Super Fans

Peter Morris sounds tall. At least that’s what the CEO of PodcastOne, a leading ad-supported podcast network, would like listeners to picture in their minds, as he kidded around with me between serious pod-pitching. Morris, clearly a fan of the network that claims over 300 podcasts, touted the hosts and popular influencers, celebrities, and powerful voices they represent. (The biggest example might be Adam Carolla, who with one of the earliest entries in the space since carving out an...


Stream of Consciousness: Dan Rayburn on OTT and Streaming Media

Dan Rayburn just finished overseeing another Streaming Summit held at the NAB Show New York. He's also considered one of the foremost authorities on streaming media technology and online video business models while simultaneously working as the principal analyst at research and consulting firm, Frost and Sullivan, and publishing market data analysis on streaming media and tech trends or frequently serving as an expert source on that topic in everything from the New York Times, CNN, Fortune...


Pandora and Ashley HomeStore Do Experience Marketing Right - with Ne-Yo

“Experience marketing” is a key tactic these days, especially for marketers seeking to appeal to the millennial and Gen Z target. Pandora has been an enabler of high profile experiences via “Pandora Live” which offers sponsors ways to deliver customers up close and personal access to high wattage musicians. After participating as one of a group of advertisers at recent Country concerts, Ashley Homestore went the custom route to be able to build out an exclusive experience to promote the...


A Trifecta of (Female) CMOs - Tillman, Grier, Borsa on Marketing

Since I interviewed the CMO of The Clorox Company at last year's ANA Masters of Marketing conference - who was since promoted to EVP, I thought it would be interesting to speak with the new chief marketing officer of The Clorox Company – who happens to be a woman – to get an update. But, this year’s conference actually drew quite a few female senior marketers, both speaking and attending. So I grabbed the opportunity to make this episode of Insider InSites a curation of three great leaders...


Sir Martin Sorrell Schools Me on Data, Creativity and his Holy Trinity of Media

When you find out you’re getting the chance to interview one of the, arguably, best known people in the ad industry you want a little time to prepare, to study, and in some cases, pray. I learned a couple of hours in advance that I’d be speaking with Sir Martin Sorrell before one of his myriad panels at Advertising Week. As you listen to this podcast episode – and if you know anything about him – you’ll realize I needn’t have worried. The man who built the world's largest advertising and...


Adomni, Amobee, and All Things Out-of-Home

Jonathan Gudai was in the process of selling his eCommerce business in 2015. He’d spent his entire career since college in online sales when he met the founders of “this Adomni thing,” who owned a bit of out-of-home inventory in the Las Vegas area. When he learned that most of the ads sold in the OOH world were done person-to-person manually, he “got really excited about the opportunity to help bring my eCommerce and online buying prowess to a medium that we all can agree is here to stay.”...


mcgarrybowen's Chief Strategist on Drones, Data and Diving Boards for Brands

Hear why mcgarrybowen’s global chief strategic officer, Jennifer Zimmerman, does crossword puzzles religiously, but more importantly how hear how the Big Organizing Idea platform of the agency came about, why it's "mission critical" and how it sparked new creative for American Express and drone-dropping hotdogs for Oscar Mayer. Zimmerman, the first female executive hired by the sole creative shop among the Dentsu Aegis Network, also described their ongoing focus on diversity, how strategy...

Omnicom Research Head on The State of Data and Advanced Advertising

What's the role of ATSC 3.0 around Advanced TV Interactivity and Addressability in an IP-enabled TV World? Wonky enough topic for you? Then listen to Jonathan Steuer (pictured right), chief research officer at Omnicom Media Group, and Jeff Minsky, Lead Analyst and Editor of MyersBizNet’s “The Myers Report,” in a conversation on that, dynamic creative, content versioning...and Steuer’s topknot. The two "wonks" have a lot in common, aside from both being recognized industry futurists and...


Interviews With the Pundits at Podcast Movement and MediaVillage

Close to 3,000 people actually chose to go to Orlando in August to partake in discussions – some of which were hotter than the weather -- surrounding podcasting at Podcast Movement 2019. Attendees could choose a free lapel pin to wear -- “2 Years,” “3 Years” -- to tout their attendance anniversary. Biggest bragging rights went to those sporting a 6-Year pin, evidence of their foresight as the first to attend what’s become the largest gathering for podcasting in the country. Even as a ...


Making Newsy - Branded Content for Good

Newsy, upstart news service across linear, OTT and mobile platforms, is aiming to also offer newsworthy ways to spotlight brands doing well by doing good. One-off profiles to short form docu-series by Andy Brownell, vice president of Newsy Brand Studio, and Joey Maiocco, producer, are not hard-driving headline stories, but are, nonetheless, of great importance to impressing and retaining more and more influential consumers. As Brownell tells host, E.B. Moss, Head of Content Strategy at...


How "I Do to the Venue" Reality Show Does Brand Integration

With the ubiquity of content marketing today, creating new ways to marry brands with creative is essential. For Episode 37 of Insider InSites, showrunner and Executive Producer of I Do to the Venue, Victoria (Tori) Riess, explains how they built brands in to the new reality show right from “jump.” In the format of “hunter” shows (think Million Dollar House Hunters or even Vintage Tech Hunters), I Do follows a couple touring three wedding venues and ultimately reveals the results of their...


Bozoma Saint John with E.B. Moss -- on Humanity in Tech, for MediaVillage

In the past ten years, Bozoma Saint John has held senior marketing positions at some of the most influential companies in America, (Pepsi, Apple Music), was hired as Chief Marketing Officer for Uber to help them grapple with one of the pre-IPO company’s most challenging times, oh, and became a mom...and a widow. There’s little question Saint John’s social media handle of “BadAssBoz” is spot on, especially now as CMO at Endeavor. Her pinned tweet references a quote from Nietzsche about...

From Bob Greenblatt to Miracle Workers: Interviews from the WarnerMedia Upfront

A year after covering the Upfront arrivals on the blue carpet for then Turner Networks, I was back to grab both business conversations and banter with the stars and the star executives of the now larger entity, WarnerMedia. Catch my series of quick chats with everyone from the Entertainment division Chairman himself, Bob Greenblatt, and President of Ad Sales, Donna Speciale, to celebrities and showrunners across some of their hottest properties. Here are a few teasers: From Donna...


Havas CEO Paul Marobella on Embracing Data, Disruption and Diversity

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Havas Creative North America, Paul Marobella, describes himself as "energized by breaking traditions" and breaking down silos while building up pro-social brand initiatives. He explained these approaches and their application in creating successful campaigns – along with how a background in data such as his own has never been more valuable to creatives (think of their award-winning “blockchain meets ad” for TD Ameritrade). Episode 34 of Insider...


Tyler Moody on Creating the Warner Media Podcast Network

Vice President of WarnerMedia Podcast Network Tyler Moody’s job is anything but simple. In this episode of Insider InSites MediaVillage “Alli on Audio” columnist, Alli Romano and E.B. Moss, Head of Content Strategy, asked Moody about the intricacies of his work and his thumbprint on the evolution of a podcast network that spans Conan O'Brien to CNN. We talked about the unique challenges of building an audio division within a video-driven company, along with the great cross-promotion...