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The latest news from the world of personal finance plus advice for those trying to make the most of their money.

The latest news from the world of personal finance plus advice for those trying to make the most of their money.


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The latest news from the world of personal finance plus advice for those trying to make the most of their money.




Students left without access to student finance

Tens of thousands of students are being denied access to student funding despite a Government pledge in 2013 to change things. The delay to an 'alternative' student finance scheme would enable thousands of Muslim students to fund their university education every year. A damning report into how the Financial Conduct Authority has acted on pensions transfers. Many who've taken bad advice may have no recourse to compensation. Money Box has learnt that since the pandemic started last year...


Money Box: Students left without access to student finance

‘Alternative’ student finance, pension transfers, rejected UC claims and SEISS mrk 4.


MBL: Leasehold Reform

What could the new plans for leasehold reform mean for you? Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has announced what he calls the biggest reforms to English property law for 40 years, making it easier and cheaper for leaseholders to buy their freehold or extend their lease and introducing Commonhold tenure. On Wednesday's programme Felicity Hannah and guests take a look at the new proposals and ask how the system works in Scotland, where leaseholds were abolished in 2004. On the panel: Alan Cook,...


Money Box: MBL: Leasehold Reform

Could you benefit from the new plans for leasehold reform?


Money Box: Getting your credit balance back from your energy supplier

Credit energy balances, HMRC's Head of Fraud, lockdown MOTs and cost of insurance claims.


Getting your credit balance back from your energy supplier

If there is a hundred pounds or more credit on your electricity or gas account you can get it back. We tell you how to do it and explain what the situation is if the firm has gone bust. Simon York is the man in charge of tackling fraud at Her Majesty’s Revenues & Customs. We find out how much of the furlough grants have been lost to criminals. What happens to drivers whose car is parked on the street but can’t afford to get it taxed or MOT’d? And the man who asked his insurer a question and...


MBL: Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin values again capture the headlines, some central banks are developing their own digital currencies and PayPal and Facebook are entering the market. Digital currencies are evolving rapidly but what do you need to know before you consider buying, storing or selling cryptocurrencies? On Wednesday’s Money Box Live, Louise Cooper and guests discuss the development and the risks of digital currencies and we'd love to hear your stories too. e-mail now with your questions...


Brexit and your money

For the first time since 1974 the United Kingdom is not part of the European Union, so how will this affect your finances? We look at the new Global Health Insurance card and explore why we might end up with better compensation for delayed flights. We also discover why some banks are closing UK accounts held by people living in the EU... and some aren't. And ask what UK pensions and benefits will be paid in future to British emigrants living in EU countries? Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter:...


Financial Education

How good are you with money? Are you a saver, a spender or a canny investor and where did you learn those skills - from family, school, or maybe you taught yourself through the university of life? On Wednesday’s programme we want to find out what makes financial education work well, what do young people want to learn about money and how can we help them to achieve their financial goals? To share your ideas and experiences with Felicity Hannah and guests e-mail now. On the...


A vision of our financial future

2020 has been a tumultuous year, full of the unexpected, so what can we anticipate for our finances over the years to come? In 1998 futurologist Graeme Leach wrote a report for Barclays called ’2020 Vision’, designed to look beyond the impending millennium to life in the next 20 years. It wanted to stimulate thinking and discussion on how the future will look. Join Felicity Hannah to discover how Graeme’s predictions for 2020 have weathered and discuss with three listeners what their hopes...


MBL: Charity fundraising

It’s been a tough year for charities since the global pandemic struck but many of you have come up with innovative ways to raise money for the causes you love. The closure of charity shops and the cancellation of events has greatly reduced income and many charities are also experiencing rising demands, so finding new ways to generate income has been vital. On Wednesday’s Money Box Live Louise Cooper and guests will look at charity finances and fundraising in 2020. Joining Louise are: Caron...


Regulator "flawed approach" to minibond firm

A damning report by Dame Elizabeth Gloster finds that the financial regulator failed nearly 12,000 people who lost up to £237 million after an investment scheme collapsed. How have those who lost money reacted to her findings? A search through 390,000 online adverts for rented homes reveals that on two websites more than 80% discriminate against people on benefits. And concerns from the team dedicated to chasing, catching and prosecuting illegal loan sharks about the rise of people being...


Financial Abuse

How do you recognise and bring an end to financial abuse? Maybe you’ve spotted that a relative is no longer eating properly, heating their home, or that money and jewellery has gone missing. Or perhaps somebody close to you is taking money, trying to take control of your bank account or even suggesting you should change your will. How do you tackle such difficult personal issues and suspicions? Paul Lewis and guest will be here to answer your questions about protecting yourself or a loved...


Rise in complaints about banks to Ombudsman

Exclusive figures from the Financial Ombudsman Service show a big increase in the number of complaints about banks in relation to fraud and scams. The stats show the FOS upholds 32% of complaints on average – but when it comes to fraud and scam cases that number nearly doubles to 58%. What does the FOS think about recent reports in the press that suggests banks are trying to get out of their voluntary code to refund victims of fraud? We hear from one case study who had £13,200 stolen 18...


MBL: Shared Ownership

If you’re priced out of the housing market, could shared ownership help you onto the property ladder? Offered by housing associations and private developers, these schemes allow you to buy a share in a property while paying rent for the portion that you do not own. Paul Lewis and guests answer your questions about the pros and cons of shared ownership. How does it work and what are the costs, responsibilities and restrictions? E-mail your questions, thoughts and experiences now to...


Fraud victims facing salary deductions

We've been hearing from listeners who’ve been contacted by Department for Work and Pensions demanding repayment of Universal Credit advances that the DWP says they’ve received. The trouble is, they’ve never even applied for Universal Credit, let alone had an advance. The DWP are also contacting these fraud victims employers to deduct the money owed from their salary before investigations are completed. Two dozen people are facing the threat of redundancy because the small business they work...


Payment Holidays

Is taking a break from regular payments on your mortgage, credit card or a loan for example a good way to help you through financial difficulties? Charmaine Cozier asks what you should consider before deferring regular payments and whether there are alternatives or long term consequences for your money. We'd love to hear your questions, experiences and views so please e-mail now. On the panel are: Sam Nurse, Money Advice Hub. Your Debt Doctor, Ripon Ray. James Jones,...


Fraud in the Direct Debit system

Money Box has found evidence of fraud in the Direct Debit system. We hear how Ursula, pictured with her son Phil, was repeatedly targeted. But how can you protect yourself against this fraud, once criminals use stolen personal details to drain your account? We get insight from Lisa Forte of Red Goat Cyber Security. Also - young people and hard up families are being priced out of rented homes by landlords asking for six months rent in advance. We hear from Jennie Bibbings of Shelter Cymru and...


MBL: What does the Spending Review mean for you?

As the government lay out their financial plans for the next year, Paul Lewis and our panel discuss how they will affect your money. From pay and benefits to housing and tax, the Chancellor's announcements could have a big impact on personal finances. Here to translate and dissect the Spending Review are our expert panel: Anita Monteith - Technical Lead & Senior Policy Adviser, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales Helen Barnard - Director, Joseph Rowntree Foundation Heather...


Parents not able to claim Test and Trace Support Payment

Money Box investigates why parents who have to take unpaid leave to look after children who need to self isolate are unable to claim the £500 Test and Trace support payment. The Government wants to expand shared ownership as part of a five year housing plan. But is part renting, part buying a leasehold flat really a staircase to heaven? And why young people that the government has encouraged to pay into a Lifetime ISA account are unable to receive Universal Credit. Presenter: Paul Lewis...