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Today’s Sales Culture Is Killing Sales Performance

There’s a problem among sales managers that’s reaching a critical level. They have forgotten the primary job and responsibilities of the sales manager. As a result, the sales culture is a mess and performance is steadily dropping. Listen as Mike Weinberg, author of Sales Management. Simplfied., discusses how sales managers can stop this trend and create a high-performing sales team.


The Improv Comedy Tactic that Keeps Sales Moving Forward

The secret to successful improv comedy is the same strategy that keeps sales conversations moving forward. It’s all about saying “yes and.” Listen as Michael Port, author of the book Steal the Show, explains how sellers can use that tactic, why you must rehearse in order to be spontaneous, and the best way to close a deal.


A One-Two Sales Punch: Email and the Phone

Sales experts have said the phone is the best sales tool. It can be even more effective, however, when used along with email—when you use email to familiarize prospects with your product and company. By essentially pre-selling, they will be 80% sold when you talk with them on the phone, says email specialist Ben Settle.


Big Changes Ahead for Professional Services Delivery and Sales

If you think professional services firms are exempt from using artificial intelligence to automate services, you are in for a big awakening. As new technology is developed and buyers’ needs shift, firms are changing delivery models and their sales models. And those that don’t change will be in peril, says John Dillard, author of Microslices: The Death of Consulting and What It Means for Executives.


4 Ways to Keep a Client Buying from You

Doing great work for a client is no longer enough to ensure the client will buy from you again when the need arises. Great work is expected and doesn’t set you apart from the growing competition. To keep clients buying from you, RAIN Group's Ago Cluytens suggest you do four things.


New Era of Sales Calls for a New Type of Seller

In sales situations, 59% of the executives who make buying decisions don’t want to meet with a salesperson. That doesn’t mean salespeople aren’t needed. It means their role has changed. They’ve become guides in what’s become a very processed-driven selling system. Listen as Tom Searcy, author of Life After the Death of Selling, explains sellers’ new roles and what sales leaders must do to ensure their teams perform well.


Sales Enablement Critical to Sellers' Effectiveness

Buyers want personalized messages and conversations with salespeople. Generic selling just won't do. To have those conversations, companies must enable their sales teams, says Aberdeen Group's Peter Ostrow. They must give sellers the tools, content, and support that allow them to speak to a specific persona, vertical, or even company.


3 Tactics to Grow Revenue and not Sound Like a Pushy Salesperson

You probably know everything required to sell more. The problem is you don't implement those tactics because you worry you are bothering your clients or you think you don't have time to do them. Both of those are misconceptions you need to get past. Listen as Alex Goldfayn, author of The Revenue Growth Habit, three unimposing things you can do now to increase revenue.


3 Ways Salespeople Can Boost Productivity and Sell More

The average B2B salesperson uses only about a third of their time to actively sell. That means there's much more they can do to be more efficient, complete more sales activities, and win more deals. Listen as Matt Heinz discusses what salespeople can do right now to be more productive and sell more.


Sell More, Sell Faster: Sell to the Subconscious Mind

If you're trying to sell something, don't try to sell to people using logic. It's a waste of time. You need to connect with buyers on a subconscious and emotional level, says Erik Luhrs, aka The Bruce Lee of Sales and Lead Generation. If you can do that, you will increase sales volume and decrease sales cycle length.


To Win More Sales, Tell More Stories

Products and services are more complex. We use different media to communicate. And we communicate less face to face. As a result, our communication is often boring and superficial. It does not include intuitive information or the experiential aspect of what we're trying to say. Storytelling can fix that, says Annette Simmons, author of Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins.


Talking with Customers Is Like Talking with Hostage Takers

Hostage takers and your customers have different wants, but how you communicate with them to get to your desired result is the same. The goal is to keep the person talking. In this podcast, Mark Goulston, author of Just Listen, explains how to keep customers talking until they sell themselves on your solution.


How to Ask for—and Receive—Qualified Referrals

Referrals are a salesperson's biggest competitive differentiator. The produce the highest quality leads and can shorten the sale cycle. The problem is many people don't ask for referrals or they don't know how to ask for them. Listen as Joanne Black, author of No More Cold Calling and a leading authority on referral selling, discusses how to ask, as well as how to get started creating a referral system.


Buyer Personas Improve the Buying Process and Increase Sales

Buyers are frustrated. Often sales reps are unprepared for meetings and unable to answer buyers' questions, causing the rep to lose the sale. To remedy that, companies need to gather insight about their buyers, create buyer personas, and use the information to help buyers, says Adele Revella, author of Buyer Personas.


6 Sales Email Tactics that Trigger Replies

Email is still an effective sales tool—if it's done right. The problem is it's very easy to do wrong. Listen as David Traub, author of The 10 Second Sale, discusses six things you should include in every email that make people want to not just open your email, but reply to it.


Turning Sales Teams into High-velocity Sales Machines

Traditionally sales professionals participate in the sales process from start to finish. Some companies, however, have found a different structure works better. Following a model, in which sales professionals specialize in certain aspects of the sales process, they have increased sales closes by 300%. SalesLoft's Sean Kester explains.


The Ultimate Form of Career Insurance for Sales Professionals

Things have become more competitive for sales professionals. More people are vying for sales positions. Plus, selling itself has become more challenging with competing companies targeting the same customers. The best way to become indispensable in either situation is to be recognized as an expert in your field, says Dorie Clark, author of Stand Out.


The Sales Training Model that Creates World-Class Sellers

Each person on a sales team is different. Depending on a person's role and outputs, he has different skills requirements and training needs. That means companies need a training program that addresses each person's unique qualities. A model that has proved successful is a sales university. With it, companies can create a curriculum that addresses core sales skills, as well as skills required for each sales role, says RAIN Group President Mike Schultz.


Generate Quality Referrals in Just 3 Steps

When it comes to generating referrals, you need a system. It doesn't have to be rigid system, but it must be a process that allows you to influence the referrals you receive. Using Vickie K. Sullivan's three-step system, you can guide your referral sources and ensure you received qualified leads.


Lean Selling Can Dramatically Improve Your Sales Process--An Interview with

Lean Thinking, long used to improve manufacturing and production processes, has found a use in sales. By implementing Lean Selling strategies, companies have been able to reduce sales waste, increase sales closures, and shorten sales cycle times, says Robert Pryor, author of Lean Selling.