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A filters-off series for nonprofit professionals hosted by straight-shooting expert Danielle Johnson Vermenton. During these open-mic sessions, you’ll hear honest advice to help you do more for your cause.

A filters-off series for nonprofit professionals hosted by straight-shooting expert Danielle Johnson Vermenton. During these open-mic sessions, you’ll hear honest advice to help you do more for your cause.
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A filters-off series for nonprofit professionals hosted by straight-shooting expert Danielle Johnson Vermenton. During these open-mic sessions, you’ll hear honest advice to help you do more for your cause.




Episode 62: Demystifying Data Science

Big data and data science are hot topics everywhere these days, and the social good sector is no exception. As nonprofit organizations continue to increase their use of data to answer questions about donors and fundraising and drive performance improvements, it’s important to understand as much as possible about data science. In today’s episode, I’ll speak to Carrie Cobb, Vice President of Data Science at Blackbaud. We’ll do a deep dive into the subject of data science. Listen to the...


Episode 61: The Case for Data Health

Now more than ever, nonprofits need to ensure that they have high-quality, up-to-date data. However, a lot of nonprofit organizations struggle with the issue of data health. Why is data health so important in the nonprofit field today, and what can organizations do to bring themselves and their data up to speed? In today’s episode, I’ll be speaking with Adriene Chisholm and Alan Dix of Blackbaud’s Target Analytics about the new report from the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact,...


Episode 60: Understanding Donor Identity

We often hear about the need for organizations to take about taking a donor-centric approach to engaging supporters. But is that enough, or do nonprofits need to go even deeper to attract and keep donors over the long term? Today’s guest is Kevin Schulman, founder and managing partner of DonorVoice, a retention and donor experience company. Kevin talks about why understanding donor identity can help organizations better understand the motivations of donors. He also explains how...


Episode 59: Inside Out Fundraising: How to Create a Culture of Philanthropy by Treating Systems Instead of Symptoms

Coming up with strategies for fundraising can be difficult. However, if there’s a culture in place that promotes and encourages giving as a norm, an important chunk of the work is already done. That’s why it’s so important to create a culture of philanthropy, especially in the nonprofit sector. On today’s episode, Alia McKee and Mark Rovner of Sea Change Strategies are here to talk about their report, Inside Out Fundraising: How to Create a Culture of Philanthropy by Treating Systems...


Episode 58: Keeping Score with Online Giving

Online fundraising has been around for nearly 20 years, and it continues to grow in both size and revenue amongst nonprofit organizations. In light of the increasing importance of digital fundraising and online giving, it’s important to look at what the field has learned about what works and what doesn’t, and how to implement proven best practices to ensure that nonprofits are making the most out of online giving opportunities. Today’s guest is Jennifer Abohosh, the chief digital strategist...


Episode 57: Let's Talk About GDPR

You can’t pay attention to the news without hearing about the concerns and issues around data privacy and data protection. It affects every type of industry, government, and nonprofit organization out there. As of May 25th 2018, new laws will go into effect in the European Union that attempt to address these concerns for European citizens. In today’s episode, I’ll speak to Cameron Stoll, a member of Blackbaud’s legal counsel team and the chief data protection officer for Blackbaud’s...


Episode 56: Check Your Donor Vital Signs

We all know that acquiring and retaining donors is one of the most important things nonprofit organizations must do to improve their fundraising performance. The question is how to do it – and do it well. This requires that we take a broader look at trends across the non-profit sector to help us better understand how our organizations are performing but also understand more about our donors. To help us explore this and some brand new research from the Blackbaud Institute is Chuck...


Episode 55: Cause Marketing ft. Joe Waters

We’ve seen for a number of year now an increasing number of cause marketing relationships between nonprofits, corporations, and retailers. But some organizations still struggle to understand cause marketing and how to recognize and make the most of win-win partnerships. To learn more about this topic, we’ve brought in a true expert on this subject. Today’s guest is an expert on the subject of cause marketing. Joe Waters has been in the nonprofit world for 20 years, and is the author of ...


Episode 54: Networked Advocacy Trends All Nonprofits Can Learn From

Networking and digital trends have brought about big changes in politics and culture. For nonprofit organizations to keep up, they have to lean into these trends and change the way that they operate as well. The digital landscape and networking capabilities have created new opportunities for building power and allowing large-scale, effective collaborations. Today’s guest is Tom Liacas. Tom is a Senior Strategist at NetChange. NetChange is a Canadian digital consulting agency that helps...


Episode 53: Just say "No" to Nonprofit Burnout ft. Beth Kanter

Burnout. We’ve all been there or know someone who has. While work-life balance can be difficult for anyone to maintain, professionals in the non-profit sector face certain challenges that put them at a greater risk for experiencing burnout. How can you prevent burnout on an individual level, and how can an organization’s leadership help prevent employees from experiencing burnout? Today’s guest is Beth Kanter, consultant, trainer, and author of the book, The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit:...


Episode 52: The Power of Movements

In recent years we’ve seen the power of movements. They can bring people together in support of a common cause and drive meaningful change in the social good community. But how do they start? What gets a movement started, and once a movement has been started, what causes it to grow and accelerate? To help us answer those questions and more, joining Steve on this episode is Henry Timms. As president and CEO of the 92nd Street Y in New York City and a co-founder of GivingTuesday, Henry is...


Episode 51: Analytical Activism ft. David Knapf

The digital age provides enormous opportunity for non-profit organizations to collect data, but it’s not enough for non-profit organizations to simply collect information. In order to use that data to make better decisions, nonprofits need good testing and analytics strategies. Today’s guest, David Knapf, has a long history of involvement in advocacy organizations. David is currently a professor in the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University and has just...


Episode 50: How Giving Bounced Back in 2017

Understanding how giving trends change of the years can be the key to predicting what’s going to happen in the future and planning how you’re going to address those trends. In today’s podcast, Ashley Thompson, Managing Director of the Blackbaud Institute, stands in as host to interview Steve MacLaughlin, regular host of this podcast and Blackbaud’s Vice President of Data and Analytics and Senior Advisor to the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact. Steve is the author of the annual...


Episode 49: Professional Development Keep Your Team Happy & Here For The Long Haul

The nonprofit world has seen rapid change over the last five to ten years. On last week’s episode we talked about how change can be difficult and positive at the same time. This week, we are tackling change from the perspective of professionals and organizations who are searching for ways to not just keep up with changing trends and technology, but to stay ahead of the curve. The answer is professional development. A multi-pronged professional development strategy can help professionals...


Episode 48: Change is Hard, But Change is Good

Accepting change is hard for everybody, but it’s an important part of life, and it’s definitely important in the fundraising world. The ability to accept and embrace change, whether it be change in process, staff or technology, is what allows your nonprofit organization to remain relevant and active in a changing world. Today’s guest is an expert on the subject of change. Michael Reardon is a change management expert, former professor at the College of Charleston with a Ph.D. in...


Episode 47: Millennial Voices: Advocates and Activists Over Donors and Volunteers

We hear this group discussed a lot in the social good community: Millennials. More specifically, the importance of digital technology for understanding how Millennials, the first generation of people who grew up with digital technology, use the internet when it comes to social issues and charitable works and giving and how to properly engage with this group to convert their interests into action. Today’s guest, Derrick Feldman, is the founder and producer of MCON, the nation’s premiere...


Episode 46: The New (Fundraising) Kid in Town

The professional life of a fundraiser often involves changing gears. Fundraisers frequently move to new organizations to set new goals and take on new challenges. However, being the “new kid” in the organization can be a challenge of its own. Today’s guest, Jerusha Schmalzel, has some experience with the challenges of coming into a new organization. Jerusha is now the Customer Success Manager at Blackbaud, but she was formerly a Director and Vice President of development in the nonprofit...


Episode 45: Midterm Elections Digital Trends Nonprofits Should Leverage

A big election, like the upcoming 2018 midterms, can get people fired up about a variety of issues. Can nonprofits, including 501(c)(3) organizations, take advantage of these political moments to raise awareness, build support, and inspire donors? Today’s guest is Colin Delany, the founder of epolitics.com, a site that focuses on digital advocacy and strategy. In this episode, Colin will share some of his knowledge of and thinking about the intersections between nonprofits and...


Episode 44: Fundraising with Social Ambassadors ft. Beth Kanter

As nonprofit marketers, fundraisers and executives, we always need to be looking for new and more effective ways to reach new people. One of the best and most underutilized ways to do that is through social ambassadors – people who love your work, support your mission and have a wide reach of their own. They can reach out to their own networks on your behalf, bringing in new donations and awareness of your cause. Today’s guest, Beth Kanter, is an international non-profit thought leader...


Episode 43: What the Heck Is Happening in Digital Marketing

In the nonprofit sector, digital engagement and fundraising is a hot topic. But are donors and activists on the same page as organizations when it comes to digital engagement and giving online? Are nonprofits taking the right steps to engage them digitally? Do nonprofits understand what metrics matter online? To answer these questions and more, Steve’s guest today is Carie Lewis Carlson, of CLC Consulting and formerly of the Humane Society of the United States. Listen in to hear Steve and...