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008: Negotiating With Cash Buyers on Wholesale Deals

Learn how to negotiate with cash buyers when wholesaling properties. These strategies will helpreal estate investorsmove wholesale properties quickly and with less stress. These tips will also help you build lasting relationships with strong cash buyers who will close on your deals when they say they will.

007: Photographing a Property for Top Dollar

Learn the importance of taking great pictures of your properties as a real estate investor ESPECIALLY if the property is in poor shape. Bad pictures are good for buyers and bad for sellers so if you have a property or contract to sell, follow the tips in this episode to maximize your profit and get top dollar using great pictures!

006: Meeting with Motivated Sellers at the Property

Learn how to meet with motivated sellers and create a win-win so that you can put properties under contract without being "pushy". If done correctly the buyers will love you for professionally handling the sale of their home and will be very thankful.

005: Analyzing Properties to Determine the After Repair Value

Learn how I analyze properties to determine the after repaired value (ARV) so that you can be competitive while negotiating with sellers without offering too much. Once you determine the ARV you can then work backwards and subtract costs such as: Needed repairs, closing costs, holding costs, money costs and your needed profit. Note that the ARV minus your costs and needed profit = your maximum possible offer.

004: Taking the Initial Call With Motivated Sellers as a Real Estate Investor

Taking the initial call with motivated sellers as a real estate investor - How to take the initial phone call and talk with a motivated seller to determine their motivation and build rapport to ultimately get the deal. This is how the real estate investor Steven Williams handles the initial call when talking with a property owner over the phone.


SOHF 002: How to Find Motivated Sellers

Discover the best ways to find great deals by working directly with motivated sellers. Steven talks about his favorite ways to find motivated sellers in a competitive market.


How to Build an Automated Cash Buyers List

Maximize your leads by building an automated cash buyers list that will eventually build itself. Every investor should have a strong cash buyers list.


SOHF 000: Welcome to the School of House Flipping

Learn to invest in Realestate by flipping houses with little to no risk. Steven Williams has created a successful house flipping business in less than two years and is ready to share what he has learned along the way.