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Learn How to Podcast The School of Podcasting helps you create a message that will inspire your audience, as well as tackle the technology, flatten the learning curve and help you face your fears.

Learn How to Podcast The School of Podcasting helps you create a message that will inspire your audience, as well as tackle the technology, flatten the learning curve and help you face your fears.
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Learn How to Podcast The School of Podcasting helps you create a message that will inspire your audience, as well as tackle the technology, flatten the learning curve and help you face your fears.






The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Podcast

You want to launch a podcast, and in the past, I've talked about how there are 27 steps to launch a podcast (you might want to read that first). Today I want to cover this episode from a new angle and address some of the mistakes I am seeing on episode 636 of the School of Podcasting. If you missed the previous list it was Step 1: Pick Your Topic Step 2: Decide if you're podcasting solo or with cohost(s). Step 3: Pick how you will podcast. Step 4: Pick where will you podcast? Step 5:...


Logic and Emotion in Your Podcast

Podcast Question Of the Month If there is a slider between 1 I LOVE PODCASTING and 10 is I HATE Podcasting, where are you? Are you feeling like a three? Seven? Lets us know and WHY you are feeling the way you are. If you want to record something and attach it be sure to put September question in the subject line and send it to dave “at” (trying to avoid spam with the spelling), or go to our Contact page for more options. I need your answer by 9/21/18 Slick Text...


10 Thousands Downloads Per Episode in Five Months

Today I talk with Noah Tetzner who starts the History of Vikings five months ago, and when the average podcaster is getting a little under 2,000 downloads per episodes, Noah is getting 10,000 downloads per episodes. I wanted to know what he's doing to grow his audience so fast. Noah Tetzner Wanted a Show About Vikings But Couldn't Fine One He Liked 1:58 Like many podcasters, Noah found some podcasts that weren't bad, but they didn't really fit 100% of what he was looking for. What did...


Danny Peña Is On a Mission For Additional Listeners

In episode 633 of the School of Podcasting, we are looking at Podcasting Events and asking, "is it worth attending?" We also touch base with Danny Peña who has created a movie about his story and his show Gamer tag Radio (that is now winning awards at Movie Festivals) to help introduce people to podcasting and to his show. Danny can point to one thing for his success, "Community." We first spoke with Danny back on episode 506 (definitely check it out) Sponsor: Podcast Engineering...


Starting a Podcast With a Sponsor - How Marcus Couch Got To Yes

Today we are looking at not taking no for an answer. We are looking at trying new strategies for old problems. My friend Marcus Couch heard "No" multiple times every year when he tried to start a Chicago Bulls fan cast. He didn't give up. He tried and tried again. We hear his story of asking a sponsor to help. We all want more subscribers, will using a text tool like help by putting your subscription one click away? Speaking of new strategies, should you put together a focus...


How Podcasting is Like Shoe Shopping

In the past, I've talked about transcriptions. The fun part of transcriptions is you still have to end up with something that is easy to read and brings value. I've mentioned and but the one thing I didn't think about is how you can use it as an editing tool But What if Things Go Wrong? I drove to Nashville this week to attend two events. One was the Nashville podcasters meetup, and the other was the launch party of Without Warning by Sheila Wysocki which had a room full...


Should My Podcast Have an Email List?

In the age of social media is email still relvant? If so, how do you grow your list? What makes a good lead magnet? Do I need a lead magnet? This is all discussed in episode 630 of the School of Podcasting Sponsor: Podcast Engineering School [1:38] Podcast Engineering School – next semester starts September 18th and runs through October 30th. The classes are live and Chris packs the 2-hour classes with tons of information Today I did a quick search on for “podcast engineer”...


13 Years of Proof That Podcasting Works

Sponsor: Podcast Engineering School 2:42 Podcast Engineering School – next semester starts September 18th and runs through October 30th. The classes are live and Chris packs the 2-hour classes with tons of information Today I did a quick search on for "podcast engineer" and saw quite a few options Program Includes: LIVE Interactive Online Training Two Mentoring Sessions with Chris Curran Major Discounts on Software and Plugins Lifetime Access to the PES closed...


Are You Making These Podcast Mistakes Part II

Becuase of My Podcast: 1:30 Haley Radke from shares how the only people who can understand what it's like to be adopted, and more importantly how to deal with a reunion with your biological parents. Nobody knows what that is like except those who have lived it. You might feel alone, but by creating her podcasts she is how building a community and actually had a meetup when she was traveling. People able came from out of state to come to meet her, and to be part...


Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Seventy percent of people have impostor syndrome. While an interesting stat, that doesn't really help people who have impostor syndrome get over it. Today I have 12 strategies to help overcome Impostor syndrome Because of My Podcast: I Got A Custom Wrestling Mat 01:26 Jason Bryan of shares the story how one of the top manufacturers of wrestling mats made a custom wrestling mat with Jason's Logo and microphone. HOW COOL IS THAT? You can hear more about how Jason is...


Oops I Forgot Something

The Podcast Awards Are Open You can nominate the School of Podcasting in the Technology category at the Podcast Awards I won last year, and it would be cool to start a streak. If I have ever entertained you, helped you, inspired you, saved you money or headaches, I would DEEPLY appreciate your nomination for the School of Podcasting in the Technology category SPONSOR: Podcast Engineering School Early Bird Pricing Podcast Engineering School start...


My First Impression of Radio Public

My First Test of Radio Public You can get your podcast on the Radio Public platform at Once you’ve been approved at Radio Public, they send a weekly email summary to your email with details about your Paid Listens activity on RadioPublic. Once your podcast earns $25 it will be eligible for payout, and we’ll send an email with information about how to configure the payment step Earnings are a combination of your Paid Listens (at a rate of $20 per 1000...


Creating Actionable, Empowering Content with Kyle Gray

Today we have a conversation with Kyle Gray author of the book The Story Engine: An entrepreneur's guide to content strategy and brand storytelling without spending all day writing. He has helped hundreds of startups and small businesses create scalable content marketing strategies. His book The Story Engine outlines his process for making content marketing and brand storytelling easy and effective. Because Of My Podcast: I'm Working with NPR 1:22 Monica Rivera hosts the "You Wanna Do...


Is Anyone Reading Your Podcast Show Notes?

I received 360 responses to this question, and if you do read show notes (better known as a description of what is in the podcast) what are you looking for. Comments? 888-563-32228 Because of My Podcast I Got to Appear on TV 1:45 Edward Schmitz from was featured on a TV show in Brazil. Make Money as a School of Podcasting Affiliate 4:30 Kim Kraji ( from ) explains why she became a School of Podcating Affiliate (and I set up...


When in Doubt, Ask Your Audience: Cody Gough Interview

Comments? 888-563-3228 Today on episode 623 we talk with Cody Gough of the Curiosity podcast. Cody had a podcast that was successful, and based on the goals of the podcast decided to make a radical change to their publishing schedule. Because of My Podcast 2:20 Brenda from My Tech Toolbelt shares the story of being able to score media passes for one of the top educational events that would've cost her $650 but she's going for free Because of her podcast. Sponsorship Update 5:08 Every...


The Power of Your Knowing Your Why

Because of My Podcast: Free Tickets 2:00 Brad from the Cinema Guys ( ) explains how he was approached by a small local Cinema Chain who listens to his podcast. Brad worked a deal that enables him to get tickets to movies. Brad (being the cool guy he is) is using them as a give away for his audience. He has also worked to do a screening of Brad's all-time favorite horror movie, "John Carpenter's The Thing." They get to introduce the movie and then do a Q&A...


Consistently Creating a Great Show: James Cridland from

Have you ever thought, "Oh someone is already doing a podcast about my subject." If so you need to listen to today's show with James Cridland of who saw there were other sites and newsletters featuring podcast news, but he thought they were missing something. He had been doing newsletters and working in the radio industry for years, so he decided to start a newsletter (that became a podcast, and an Amazon Flash Briefing) and has really come out ahead of the pack. Today James...


How Did You Get Your Podcast Sponsor?

Two Podcast Growth Strategies and Dynamic Podcast Sponsorship with Ad Insertion Today in episode 620 you will learn two strategies to grow your audience and your subscriptions and you will learn how other podcasters got podcast sponsor. Keep in mind, if you are doing a show for fun, you can do a podcast with no intention of making money and that is 100% fine. I see podcasters who are now choosing media hosts based on their host's ability to get them paid. New media hosts are popping up...


Treating His Guests Like an Opportunity Instead of Transactions - Harry Duran Interview

Today I talk with Harry Duran of Podcast Junkies. I've known Harry for quite some time (hear my interview on his show). He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh. I love to be around people who make me laugh. At last years Podfest, myself Harry, Michael Oneil, and Natalie Jenkins had a blast. Throw in Dr. Ryan Gray and Jennifer Briney, and Master Kuldrin, and you've got memories to last a lifetime. I started listening to Podcast Junkies thinking it was going to be yet another "Podcast...


Jordan Harbinger - How to Avoid Being Fired From Your Own Podcast

Comments? 888-563-3228 Becuase of My Podcast, I'm Married 1:26 Jordan Harbinger explains how his podcast lead to him meeting his wife. Sponsor: Podcast Guests 2:23 A great way to grow your audience is to be interviewed on other podcasts (as they have podcast listeners). Many podcasters love to boost their network by doing an interview show, but maybe you're having a hard time finding guests. helps you find guests for your podcasts for free will...