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Social Media Manager, Online Marketing and Website Design solutions for small businesses, based on the Gold Coast, Australia - helping businesses around the world make the most of their marketing!

Social Media Manager, Online Marketing and Website Design solutions for small businesses, based on the Gold Coast, Australia - helping businesses around the world make the most of their marketing!
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Social Media Manager, Online Marketing and Website Design solutions for small businesses, based on the Gold Coast, Australia - helping businesses around the world make the most of their marketing!




Interview with Erjon Mehmeti on WordCamp 2011 Gold Coast

Interview on WordCamp Gold Coast 2011 with web designer/ developer Erjon Mehmeti


The 7 Hour Sales Letter Workshop

A review and insight into Bret Thomson's 3 day workshop, incl interview with Joan Small, the Energy Lady


Blog Post: 12 Webinar Platforms To Share What You Know

Webinars, when done correctly, can form an amazing part of your online marketing plan and strategy. Webinars can really showcase your expertise and skill in a way that no other method currently can. If you are considering using webinars as a tool to provide education as well as inadvertently promote yourself and/ or your business online, there are many services available. In this post, we will check out 12.


New Blog Post: Is Your Business Making The Most Of Facebook?

Facebook is the new country, where millions of people play, share and work. The days of being a social network for college students is long gone. How well do you understand the opportunities in this new country? How prepared are you to build your presence and business in Facebook in the right way?


Blog Post: Facebook Business Moving On From FBML To iFrames

Customisation of business pages in Facebook keeps changing. Firstly it was possible to add a custom tab to your Facebook business page, and then program that tab in Facebook's markup language Static FBML. This code was hosted in Facebook and had various limitations in terms of what could display within a page.


Blog Post: Businesses Share Their Favourite Piece Of Marketing Advice

I thought I would try something new. I sent a question out into the web, encouraging businesses (online and offline) to share their favourite piece of marketing advice that they have been given, and I received an amazing response.


Blog Post: Top 8 Video Hosting Sites For Business

Video is booming. It's proving to be an excellent online marketing avenue for businesses. More and more people are buying online, or finding businesses to buy from online. Video is one of the fastest ways to build trust, as text and images can only do so much.


Blog Post: Apple And I Are Friends Again - An iPhone Saga

When I bought my iPhone 3GS from the Molla (Apple) shop in Tirana, Albania, they assured me that they were an official Apple seller, and that the phone was unlocked and would work with any SIM or network in the world. But this did not prove to be true.


Blog Post: Socialnomics Transfer Of Marketing Power

A Book Review - I had heard a great deal about "Socialnomics" before I started to read it. And I must admit, I had some pretty high expectations, maybe too high. Erik Qualman shares his thoughts and ideas about a changing marketplace, in an "intense discussion" manner, as well as pulling relevant examples from left, right and centre.


Blog Post: Is Quora The New Social Media Player?

Somebody recently asked me – are you on Quora? And I thought – Oh my goodness (sigh), another social media network to invest time and energy into. What on earth is Quora?


Blog Post: Foursquare New Solutions For Business

It's been a busy time for Foursquare since they launched in March 2009. As a geo-location social networking site and mobile phone app, Foursquare has proven itself as an amazing marketing tool for many businesses.


Blog Post: Is Starbucks New Logo A Mistake?

Marketers are constantly reminded of the power of a brand. First â€Å“Gap” thought they would try a new logo, and it was a harsh lesson indeed. Now Starbucks, in their attempt to evolve their brand and company into the future, have redesigned their current very popular logo. After they print millions of coffee cups and merchandise, will they plummet into Gap’s gap?


Blog Post: 10 Great Bloggers of 2010

2010 has been an amazing year, and blogging has really come into it’s own. According to BlogPulse, there are now 152 million blogs on the internet, up from 126 million in 2009, which is a 20% increase in just one year. It has never be easier than any time in history, to step up, and express your knowledge, experience and opinions – through blogging. I learned a lot about blogging in 2010, and I found some great people to follow.

Blog Post: Should you Attend the Blogging Success Summit?

Blogging is a skill, and it’s a skill which can be learned. Blogging is not like normal formal writing. It’s moreâ€Â¦ conversational. You have different pauses, and you write more like how you talk. Blogging is booming.

Blog Post: Set your Marketing Goals for 2011

If you̢۪re working from an existing marketing plan, or developing a new one, it is very important to review and set your business marketing goals for the coming year. You may be used to setting New Year̢۪s resolutions for your personal life, but now maybe it̢۪s time to set some marketing resolutions for your business too.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Abnormal Marketing would like to wish all our friends, fans, followers and clients a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. If you are looking for outstanding web design, a social media pro to handle your business online, or marketing advice, please feel free to contact us at

Blog Post: Social Media Marketing: Complete Idiots Guide

Social Media is quickly becoming the new marketing tool for generating real and ongoing business in today’s uncertain economic world. So this new â€Å“Idiot’s Guide” by Jennifer Abernethy couldn’t have come at a better time.


Blog Post: Develop a Better Business Blogging Strategy

So you̢۪ve decided to move forward, join the Web 2.0 revolution, and start a business blog. Business blogging is a marketing tool that has so many benefits, and no disadvantages, that every business should have no excuses for starting one. Ok, maybe your brochure or static website needs a facelift so the blog can be incorporated... But if you make the effort to move your marketing into the future, you will find your efforts are 100% worth it.


Blog Post: Making the Most of StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a social media and social networking tool that falls into two categories for many people. You either love it and use it, or you don't know very much about it.


Social Media Manager: Why Your Business Needs One

Social Media is not a trend, or a limited phenomenon. Social media is changing the face of business marketing, and businesses who do not move quickly will be left behind by their competitors. A lot of people give the impression that social media is easy and free, but that is a misconception. Like any marketing avenue, social media needs careful planning and strategy to make it work.