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A weekly radio show guaranteed to grow your small business. Make marketing happen now and boost profits today.

A weekly radio show guaranteed to grow your small business. Make marketing happen now and boost profits today.
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A weekly radio show guaranteed to grow your small business. Make marketing happen now and boost profits today.






What's Really Holding You Back? Turn Talk into Action!

You have ideas, goals, plans and aspirations for your business. Now it's time to turn talk into action, and weed out what's really holding you back. Turn your visions into reality!


Marketing Plan Not Working? Understanding the Problems and Making Critical Changes.

Strategic marketing is the key to insulating your business in a soft economy! We talk about identifying your profitable customers, the right strategies and marketing mix to reach them. If your marketing plan isn’t working, tell us about your challenges and we’ll see if we can answer them on the show. Send to


YASP! Yet Another Social Profile....

Yet another email with another invitation….”I’d like to add you as a friend”, “Invitation to connect on LinkedIn”, "Plaxo Weekly: Changes from the people you know"… Do you get tired just thinking about all of it? I do! Some folks have jumped in with both feet. But, if you are like some people you haven’t even put your toe in the water or responded to invitations because you're not sure what social networking is all about,or which networks to chose and how to mange this social networking thi


Quarterly Review of Our Journey to Success!

This is the show where we take a moment to pause and look at the Hot Topics we have covered so far in the Year 2008! Remember, we are on a journey to success for the year 2008. How is your year going so far? There is still plenty of time to make the necessary changes to make this the most successful year ever!!!


Manage Your Time to Manage Your Money!

Ever want more hours in the day? Sure, but can it really happen? So, how will you grow your business. Come join us and learn how simply understanding and managing your time can make you more money. You are guaranteed to take a different approach to your calendar after this discussion.


Back to Basics 101: Growing & Managing Your Business with Ease!

It's Spring and time for a Reality Check! Let's clear out the clutter and weed out all the little overlooked details that can undermine the success of your business. Bizcoach Denise Dyer leads a discussion on getting back to basics to manage your business with grace & ease!


Book Review: The Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

Timothy Ferris has spent more than five years learning the secrets of the New Rich, a fast-growing subculture who has abandoned the “deferred-life plan” and instead mastered the new currencies—time and mobility—to create luxury lifestyles in the here and now. Denise Dyer leads a discussion of the book that is causing the latest craze, The 4 Hour Work Week.


Everyday Choices to Reduce Stress in Your Business!

As entrepreneurs it's time to take our Power back and experience Balance as we make new choices to reduce stress in our business. It is possible to be successful without being stressed out. Think about it. Can it really be as simple as making a choice? Join the coaches of and Club Coach, Denise Dyer as we discuss the Power of Choice, and how each of us has the Power to create new ways to reduce stress in our business. Are you ready to make a New Choice?


Small Business Power Hour: Coming Attractions!

The coaches of have been busy like honey bees creating sweet shows for our listeners. Tune in Monday, as we share juicy details about Coming Attractions for 2008! You spoke and we listened! Discover what the coaches have in store for you both on and off the radio, to grow & market your business. Imagine the possibilities, and plan to make this your best year yet! Join us, and feel the Power on the Small Business Power Hour!


Branding, Branding, Branding: The DNA of Your Business! (Pre-Recorded)

How, when, where and what you do to brand your business is key to your success as an entrepreneur. Listen in, as Marketing Expert and Business Coach, Jeffri Epps shares important tips on Branding your business for effective marketing. Your Brand is the DNA of your business! The coaches of are committed to bringing you information that will support the growth & success of your small business!


The Language of Marketing: Words that Sell

When you address your target audience using the right language, your messages are compelling and engaging. Unfortunately, most people don't know the right words to use, when to use them or even how to make them work. Join the talented coaches of as they discuss the art of choosing the appropriate words to market your business, and ways to create marketing that appeals to the senses. Write with the language of marketing to gain exposure for your business so you can convey a


Sales Strategies That Work!

Now that you've got a clear vision for your business and a can-do attitude, it's time to address the bottom line. That's right, it's time to talk about Sales & Marketing. If you're ready to increase sales in 2008 this is the show for you! Join the coaches of and learn top Sales Strategies, what really affects sales, and how to determine predictable outcomes.


Your Business and Your Community (Encore)

The celebration of Martin Luther King Jr's birthday is a perfect time to reflect on your business and your community. Learning how helping your community can make good sense for your business and make you feel good. Learn strategies to help you develop and manage your support and participation.


You Can Do Anything!- Making Resolutions that Stick!

It's a New Year and time to get clear about what you desire to create for yourself and your business! Join us as we discuss Infinite Possibilitis and how you can Do Anything with the right attitude. Make Resolutions that stick and achieve success!

Duration:00:59:42 Virtual Tour!

Join the coaches of as we show you the features of our powerful and user-friendly website! If you ever wondered how the coaches of can support you in taking your business to the next level in the New Year, this is the perfect show for you!


The Small Business Power Hour 2007-- Year in Review Part II

Last week, we began the process of slowing down, and reflecting! It's that time of year, where we wind down and look back on the year we've had as entrepreneurs and small business owners. It's time to ask ourselves, "What worked?" and "What didn't?" It's time to Reflect, Review, Release, and Renew! Join the coaches of this week as we continue the journey, and share the Small B usiness Power Hour Highlights of 2007!


The Small Business Power Hour 2007- Year in Review!!!

Deck the Halls! It's that time of year again, where we wind down and reflect on the year we've had as entrepreneurs & small business owners! It's time to ask ourselves, "What worked?" and "What didn't?" This is the time of year to Reflect, Review, Release & Renew! Join us as we reflect on the Power Hour's Hot Topics of 2007, so you can move into the New Year confident & ready to grow your business!


"Get My Good Side"

Do you get nervous having to speak in front of people? How about doing an interview? Would you rather undergo a root canal than be on camera? I challenge you to change your view and visualize your five minutes of fame. It could catapult you to instant stardom. Ann Kerian will make sure the reporters get your good side.


Ask The Business Coaches Anything About Branding Your Small Business

Are your current activities building or bruising your brand? Uncertain where to find resources to help with the branding process? You aren't quite sure what the hype is about branding or how it can benefit your bottom line profits? Tune in and let the business coaches help you find answers to your burning questions. Can’t make the show, send us your questions before the show and listen to the podcast later. No question is too small. If you are thinking about, chances are someone else is t


Finding the Joy in a Thriving Business!

Are you excited about getting out of bed in the morning and starting a new day? Do you look forward to getting into your office and making a difference in the world? Or maybe the long hours that you have dedicated to your thriving business is beginning to wear you down, and stress you out. Have no fear! Denise Dyer is here to share tips to put the zest, joy and excitment back into your thriving business. Discover The Secret Ingredient to Finding Joy in Your Thriving Business!