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Shane is in high demand as a keynote speaker on the topics of social media and sales performance.

Shane is in high demand as a keynote speaker on the topics of social media and sales performance.
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Shane is in high demand as a keynote speaker on the topics of social media and sales performance.






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The Right Brained Sales Revolution (Podcast)

Today’s podcast is about “The Right Brained Sales Revolution.” In an era of increased automation and advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence)/Machine learning, sales as a career is rapidly changing. I believe that most sales jobs today will be completely automated or at least partially automated and assisted by AI within the next 36-48 months. […]


Sales Questions that Close Deals

The Art of Asking Questions that Close Sales Today’s podcast is about how to use questions to close the deal. It’s not about gimmicky questions or easy closing techniques, it’s actually about using needs analysis selling to build rapport, deepen understanding from both parties and establishing genuine trust. While many “disruptive” sales techniques today want […]


Podcast Interview: Anthony Iannarino on “The Only Sales Guide You Will Ever Need”

I had the opportunity to interview Anthony Iannarino on his new book “The Only Sales Guide You Will Ever Need,” we can even cover how he went from Metal Band rock band artist so top producing sales leader and author. Anthony is also the founder of “The Sales Blog,” one of the world’s top ranked […]


Podcast Interview: Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget with Debra Jason

Today’s podcast guest is Debra Jason author of Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget. I met Debra at the Guerrilla Marketing Global Summit last year and have been following her updates and insights ever since. In this interview we talk about low budget yet highly effective approaches to marketing you and your business. Some of […]


12 Apps and Sales Hacks Free Ebook + Podcast on #SocialSelling

Last month I released my new ebook “12 Apps and Hacks for Sales and Social Selling” and have now decided to also publish the audio version as a free podcast. My hacks and apps for sales and social selling include: Nimble CRM Socedo Twitter Video Blab Google Hangouts and Zoom Click Funnels and Unbounce Sidekick […]


Podcast Interview with Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO of Mirum India – Social Media Agency

Today’s podcast is an interview with Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO of Mirum India. The digital space in India represents over 300 million connected citizens and 100 million active social media accounts. In 2012 when I was in India speaking at the World Brand Congress I met Sanjay Mehta who at the time was CEO and […]


Podcast Interview with Jim Keenan Author of “Not Taught”

Do you ever wonder if you’re missing some of the insights around success in today’s very digital and social business climate? This week’s guest Jim Keenan claims if you’re over 30 there are many things you have likely not been taught about the new rules of success and prosperity. Jim is one of my favourite […]


The 9 C’s of Social Sales Success

Today’s blog post and podcast is about the 9 C’s of Social Sales Success. Their are many attributes, attitudes and strategies required to effectively harness the power of online social networks for sales and relationship building. I have taken them and broken them down under 9 core areas that start with the letter C. Following are […]


#Podcast on Sales Coaching and Sales Process with Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Today’s podcast interview is with Leanne Hoagland-Smith (@Coachlee) author of “Be The Red Jacket in a sea of gray suits: The Keys to Unlocking Sales Success.” In this podcast we talk about:Sales coaching,Sales development and training,Emotional/Social Intelligence in sales,and event get into some social selling best-practices. Here are a few links and resources from the […]


How to Run Profitable B2B Influencer Engagement Programs #Podcast

Today’s podcast (download here) is focused on why Influencer Engagement programs are vital and how to run one effectively in the B2B sales and marketing space. Following is brief abridged version of what I cover in the podcast: In a recent study (by Augure) of over 600 B2B marketing professionals 93% of them stated that […]


Using Thought Leadership to Fill Your Social Sales Funnel #Podcast

Today’s sales funnel and sales process has changed. Sales for many of us is now more about getting buy-in versus pitching our wares. This 15 minute sales and social selling podcast introduces the new sales funnel “The 5 Stages of Consent” and also dives into how content creation is not enough to get noticed – […]


Why Sales People Need to Stop Googling and Start Nimbling

Social CRM and social selling are two terms which I have seen go from obscurity to mainstream business topics in the past 24 months. Jon Ferrara CEO and Founder of Nimble, an early innovator in social CRM and social selling technology, took time out of his schedule to share with us the latest innovations in […]


An Edgy Conversation with Dan Waldschmidt on Success

Edgy Conversations – How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success is an awesome book that once I picked up I pretty well read the whole thing. I asked Dan Waldschmidt, author of the book to do a podcast interview. In this podcast we really got to dig onto his methodologies and principles of creating a […]


Social Media Podcast: This is Your Permission to Share and Create

Todays social media podcast is focused on sharing and creating. Too often we hold back, hide our voice or just never start the process of being creative. We all have something to share. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, an artist or in charge of a social content strategy it all starts with getting in-the-flow of […]


How Intent and Focus Drive our Success

Today’s Podcast is on the power of intent in sales, leadership and marketing. We are being constantly told that what we focus is on is vital, yet the intention behind that focus determines the quality of our results. In his life-long study of Micro-Expressions Paul Ekman, Ph.D has proven that whether we realize it our not we […]


How to Not Lose Yourself or Humanity with Social Media

Have you ever pondered about the negative effects of social media? Today’s podcast is in on the toxic effects of social media use and what you can do to make sure that’s only having a positive impact on your life. It starts with the odd comment from your spouse about your love affair with your […]


Why Companies Fail at Generating Social Media ROI

Social Media ROI (Return on Investment), is supposedly a hard thing to prove or measure. The problem isn’t the value of social media, or in many cases our approach to getting results – it’s about commitment – a good old fashion work ethic and focus on the longterm. Today’s social business podcast discusses the dilema […]


Marketing Events Using Social Media #Podcast and #InfoGraphic

Marketing events using social media and amplifying events using social media are two powerful ways to maximize our online and off-line marketing results. In our book Sociable! Stephen Jagger and I talk about the importance of using social media to get off of the internet and build relationships. At Socialized Communications we have developed an entire […]


Influence Marketing Book Interview with Danny Brown

This week I had the great opportunity to interview Danny Brown on his new book co-authored with Sam Fiorella called Influence Marketing. Danny in my opinion is a Thought Leaders’ Though Leader – an awesome no BS resource for what really works in social media marketing. The book launched yesterday globally and you can get […]


Why Community is Still Number One in Social Media Marketing

Community in social media is still number one. I posted the following tweet a couple days ago on Twitter and it received quite a bit of feedback and a few retweets: Social Media Tip: social media scales through community, community grows by relationship building. Focus on people. I then realized that I needed to expand […]