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We are the No 1 startup podcast from Germany in English. We have already 48% of our subscribers in the US and hope to attract even more.

We are the No 1 startup podcast from Germany in English. We have already 48% of our subscribers in the US and hope to attract even more.
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Frankfurt, Germany


We are the No 1 startup podcast from Germany in English. We have already 48% of our subscribers in the US and hope to attract even more.




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Audio – IT-Seal helps Companies to train their Employees in Cyber Security

In this interview, we continue our interview series from Aufschwung-Messe in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange building. In this 3rd interview we are talking to David Kelm, CEO of IT-Seal (Social Engineering Analytics Laboratory), which is a cybersecurity company helping corporates to train their employees in IT security, especially phishing emails. David started out with the company with his master thesis, for which he just wanted to generate quantitative data on social engineering.


Audio – Evum Motors wants to bring eMobility to Sub-Saharan Africa

In this interview, we talk to Dominik Fries the head of business development of the mobility startup Evum Motors. Evum Motors provides electronic powered vehicles for transportation in rural Africa. The small delivery truck has a range of 100-200km, with all-wheel drive, for a payload of up to one metric ton. The solar panels on top of the drivers' cabin can extend this range by approx. 10 km.


Audio – 2019 May and June Startup News Germany by

Chris and Joe get together on a Live Hangout and talk about the startup news for Germany in May and June 2019. You find the link to the show notes in the episode.


Audio – Tesla should fear or buy the deeptech startup Sax Power

In this interview, we talk to one of the underdogs, a deep tech startup in the area of energy storage. We talk to Lei Shen, she is the founder of Sax Power. The startup is still in a very early stage. None the less they are working on a technology to rival Tesla.


Audio – CASHLINK is a Tokenization Platform for Venture Capital

In this interview, we are talking with Michael Duttlinger, who is Co-Founder and CEO of CASHLINK. CASHLINK is a tokenization platform for startups, where they can tokenize phantom shares. You can learn more about the technical aspects and what CASHLINK does in our audio-only podcast here: They are one of the rare startups working on digitizing Venture Captial. This appears to be a new trend, sometimes called...


Audio – thinkowl wants to take over the European Market from ZenDesk

ThinkOwl is an omnichannel service desk software that tries to give Service Reps exactly the information they need to finish their tasks. Studies suggest people spent 20% of their working hours to search for contextual information. ThinkOwl provides contextual information with the tickets. Companies like Ikea or Samsung are already working with ITyX tools. ITyX is a spin-off of the University of Koblenz-Landau. Andreas has more than 25 years of experience, working in large and small...


Audio – TEC4MED is the only company in the world for mobile medical cooling units

TEC4MED is producing the Nelum Box, for all kind of medications, which require cooling or heating. During the interview, Nico Hoeler – Managing Director TEC4MED tells us how his “side project” turned into a full-time job as co-founder of a medtech startup, now with 13 people. The idea was developed, while one of the founders had a job to transport doping samples for a global sports event.


E #122 Marlo Technologies is a B2B financing marketplace for ocean freight (Audio)

In this interview, we talk to Saravana Sivasankaran, Co-Founder of Marlo Technologies. Marlo is headquartered in London but runs a global business: They are a global B2B financing marketplace for ocean freight. Via this platform, they help to pre-finance trips for freighters, for small freight companies to execute their contracts.


E # 121 – Inga helps employers to find employees, where headhunters can’t

This interview is in media cooperation with Frankfurt Forward. We talk to Inga (formerly, the startup of the month of May 2019. In this interview, we speak with Corinna Haas CEO & Co-Founder of Inga. We talk to her how bots work in recruiting, about vocational training in Germany and how this leads to sought after specialist, Inga is helping to recruit.


Zuper is your personal finance coach

In this interview, we talk to Leitha Matz, Co-Founder, and COO of the personal finance app Zuper. Zuper is headquartered in Munich but launched already in Germany and Austria. They are looking to expand in the European Union. They are in the process of getting an EU Banking License and looking for partners to cooperate like robo-advisors, insurtech, and other finance-related apps.


Audio Interview – connects online and offline fashion

More is a fashion platform where you can find independent designers, who design premium fashion you won’t find anywhere on the high street. Since the designers and the brands are not known yet they decided to combine online and offline fashion. For example, did they have a pop-up store in Berlin’s Friedrichstrasse at the beginning of 2018.


Audio Interview – Mindzip is like Instagram for Great Ideas

In this interview, talks to Torsten F. Caspar, CEO, and Founder of MindZip. MindZip is a platform to take notes online, share them in teams and if you wish also share them in the network, much like Instagram for great ideas. This interview is in association with CONTENTshift, the accelerator program of the Association of the German Book Publishers & Booksellers. You can learn more here The winners are announced on a live ceremony at the Frankfurt...


Investsuite is a wealthtech startup, which offers personalized advise

In this interview, talks to Joeri Van Cauteren – Growth Product Manager and Hederik Laloo – Growth Manager both working at the Belgian based startup Investsuite. Investsuite is a wealthtech startup, which offers personalized advise for investments below the usual wealth management thresholds, often at 250.000 US$ or more. The focus of Investsuite is more on safety than on return.


Startup News Germany – April 2019 (Audio Track Live Stream)

More brings you in a Frankfurt-to-New-York-Live-Hangout the startup news Germany. Have a look down here, you will find a link to our blog post with all the links and our text.


EasySend will convert any existing form into a digital process

EasySend will convert any existing form into a digital process


MountWish helps corporates to insure currency risk and currently moves from Munich to New York

They made 2nd at the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards in New York in the category Forex Platform. The startup is in the process of relocating from Munich to New York as preparation of their planned 2019 IPO at the New York Stock Exchange. Learn more in the interview, e.g. how he came by an overdraft for his private account of 10 mn Euros and when he is planning to raise a pre-IPO venture capital round.


FinTech Germany Award 2018 – Golden Garage

We have been for you at the Golden Garage, the investors side German Fintech Awards. Joern has been able to snatch you 3 of the 6 category winners, but you can learn more on the website of the award.


How a 125-year-old company turned itself into a digital platform

Today we talk with Dominik Benner, who inherited a 125 years old company, which he turns in a modern shoe shopping platform. Learn in this interview, how he is transforming the “old” company in a new startup,, which is one of Germany’s leading platforms for online shoe selling.


FRAMEN wants to make photography great again

We talk to one of the founders of FRAMEN about their product and how they want to make photography great again.


PANALIS Solutions identifies upcoming legal and regulatory topics early on

We talk to PANALIS Solutions, the startup of the month of April 2018. We talk to the two founders of PANALIS Reza and Zafar, both managing partners.