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Discussion about business, politics, culture, and local or world issues.

Discussion about business, politics, culture, and local or world issues.
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Discussion about business, politics, culture, and local or world issues.




Suicide Awareness

“Talking With Youth About Suicide – for parents and adults who work with youth” - PSA


Our Assessment of the Candidates: Bainbridge Island City Council

Now that ballots will be showing up in your mailbox soon, we're hosting an in-depth discussion about each of the six (6) candidates for Bainbridge Island City Council from the north, central, and south ward. Does it all come down to how long you've lived here or the clubs you've joined?What role should candidates play in speaking for themselves versus through their supporters?Should the person with the most endorsements win?At what point is a vote for a candidate a vote for new and fresh...


Dream Weavers Series: Alchemy Apothecary Co.

"It wasn't until I had my own children that I realized what my grandmother's herbal wisdom was all about. ? My grandmother had a huge garden and was always making things from her plants. I loved when she crushed geranium leaves and asked me to smell them before tucking them into my pockets to rediscover later. Even though I have masters degrees in sustainability and environmental systems, it wasn't until I had children that I realized how much the world was missing effective and pure,...


Kevin Fetterly: Bainbridge Island (District 2 - North) Candidate

Kevin and Martha moved to Bainbridge Island 18 years ago and have come to love the small town feel of the island.They were attracted because of its physical beauty, the schools, the parks, trails and the neighborly manner. Fetterly is an Electrical Engineer with an MS degree from Stanford University (1977). In his work, he develops instrumentation for testing integrated circuits (like the ones in your cell phone). Kevin is very interested in the future our electricity supply and its...


Joe Deets: Bainbridge Island (District 2 - North) Candidate

Joe's first career was a brokerage firm in Seattle, followed by years overseas working for the Securities and Futures Commission (the financial market regulator for the Hong Kong Government). There, he protected small investors and helped recover lost assets resulting from the Asian financial crisis of 1997. When he returned to US and settled on Bainbridge Island (his home since 2000), his passion for the natural environment and climate change led him to co-found nonprofit Community Energy...


Redux: Update on the Bainbridge Island Public Power Campaign

Two years ago in late April, we hosted a podcast with Jane Lindley and Steve Johnson of Island Power about their efforts to encourage Bainbridge Island to own and control its own electric utility. Join us as we bring you up to date on what's happened since then. Our Apr 13 broadcast on the subject experienced software issues, so we're doing a recast.


Western Washington Summit 2014 Wrap Up: Strategic Initiatives

Charles Keating, president of West Sound Technology Association, will join others in discussion about highlights and important takeaways from WSTA's annual summit with keynote Renee Radcliff Sinclair - who recently retired as head of Strategic Initiative for Apple, Inc. The topics included education, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. If you attended and want to share your thoughts, call in!


EBOLA: Is the Media Creating Mass Hysteria?

Join us as we talk about Ebola. What's known? What's being done about it? Are you at risk? Is media fear-mongering and causing mass hysteria? Is America facing an epidemic? Has it become a partisan issue? How is the backlash against fear-mongering affecting the information stream?


Is Political Correctness Really the Death of Freedom?

As the world evolves and more efforts are made to understand and embrace different cultures, religions, and lifestyles, is society resorting to political correctness which sets it on a path to social Marxism as some have claimed? When is it acceptable to hold individuals and corporations (and its executives) accountable for their prejudicial beliefs or the organisations they support? Can we go too far in pursuit of a story, justice, or what we perceive as righteous and open-minded...


Former U.S. Ambassador Ed Wolfe on 21st Century and Balanced Leadership

Ed Wolfe, a Bremerton lawyer and former U.S. State Department official, is running for Kitsap County Commissioner. With his extensive service in all three branches of government (executive, legislative, judicial) and impressive resume in civic and business arenas, he is lauded across all aisles as the refreshing change needed in government. Tune in to hear his thoughts on what it takes to be a leader in the 21st century, and the importance of bringing balance back to the political and...


Michael Strube on All Things Bremerton

Michael Strube, Pres/CEO of Bremerton Chamber of Commerce and previous candidate for Bremerton City Council, District 3, shares his thoughts about Bremerton.


Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club's Case: Vendetta or Legit?

Lary Coppola, Pres/CEO of Wet Apple Media and former Mayor of Port Orchardshares his thoughts about the ongoing legal battle between Kitsap County Prosecutor's Office and Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club.


Kathryn Simpson on education, surviving cancer, and life lessons

Kathryn Simpson, retired School Board Director for South Kitsap School District, discusses education, surviving cancer, and life lessons.