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0A- Podcast hiatus due to caretaking for mother with Alzheimers

Thank you to our listeners. Due to a medical situation, we are taking a break and going on hiatus until further notice. My mother has dementia and is now a victim of the terrible disease of Alzheimers. My 93-year old mother needs care and attention and cannot be left alone for a minute, due to […]


302- When passion becomes a prison – and 3 steps to re-ignite

This episode is a discussion about a blog post from the sites. The author of the blog post is Monica Shah, and the title of the post is: What To Do When Your Passion Has Become Your Prison — Three Steps to Ignite Your Dreams. In addition to the main themes of this blog […]


301- How often for Entrepreneurs to attend Networking Events

Entrepreneurs get all sorts of email, notices and invitations to attend marketing events, sales events and networking events. How often should they attend? In this audio narration of a blog post from Lisa Wells, this question is addressed from a business perspective for Entrepreneurs. This blog post was published at the blog site of Virtual […]


298- Entrepreneur ROI criteria for exhibiting at industry conference

In this repurposed episode from, we deliver a discussion and interview with Tom Schwab of about his participation as an Entrepreneur as both an attendee and an exhibitor with a booth at a business show / industry conference. The case in point is Podcast Movement, an event that has just finished its third […]


297- Seven timewasters vs. seven money-making tasks

In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we deliver a very, very brief episode on time-wasters. This content is repurposed from a blogpost at authored by Michele Scism called: The 7 Time Sucks vs. 7 Moneymakers As you will hear in this audio episode, almost all entrepreneurs have a guilty feeling in their conscience […]


296- Raising your Entrepreneur Services rates – pricing strategies

In this brief audio episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur Podcast Show, we deliver an audio narration of a blog post by Lisa R. Wells from the Virtual Assistant Trainer. We focus on this specific aspect of services from a VA to a principal or client or customer, as a great deal of VAs are solo-preneurs. […]


293- Entrepreneur enters SERVICES business without advertising

In this episode, we deliver an interview with Gary Leland about his new offering of THE PODCAST REPAIRMAN — both from the point of view of the Entrepreneur (i.e., why and how he entered the market of Podcast services), as well as that of the Podcaster. As you will hear in this audio episode, Entrepreneur […]


292 – Entrepreneurs can be killing their business with email

In this episode, we have an audio narration of a blogpost by Michele A. Scism from It is called The 10 Ways You Are Killing Your Business with Email. Understanding the possible pitfalls — and how to avoid them — are critical lessons learned from other entrepreneurs. In this repurposed blog post, Michele Scism […]


291- Opportunity for Entrepreneurs – online video courses

This episode is from a presentation by entrepreneur Lon Naylor of and Also known in the industry as “Mr. LearnCamtasia,” Lon describes how online video training courses and tutorials can be a great opportunity for New Media Professionals — especially for Entrepreneurs who want to get into training videos and tutorials. This content […]


289- Answer to feedback question- Communication with others

In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we respond to questions that we have received as feedback to our podcast show — in particular, the question of: How can you communicate effectively with others and be organized? To answer this, we rely on content from another podcast show of premium content (sold from 2008-2012) from […]


288- Entrepreneur dilemma- choose your customer for project engagement

One dilemma for the Entrepreneur is making the decision to engage — or NOT engage — with a prospect and create a customer or client relationship. In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur podcast show, we discuss some of the thought processes and analysis points that an aspiring or recently-launched entrepreneur should consider when there […]


287- Top 10 MYTHS of Business Plans for Startups

This is an episode of the Struggling Entrepreneur podcast show. It deals with debunking the top 10 Myths of Business Plans held by Solo-preneurs or startups. It is a full audio narration of a blog post by Terri Zwierzynski of In addition, the premium 13-module training course called Finance for Startups has extensive information […]


286- Conventional wisdom advice vs. I-do-it-MY-way

When you have an entrepreneurial idea (however simple), sometimes you have to follow your instincts instead of going along carte-blanche with conventional wisdom or traditional marketing advice. This episode deals with just this theme — and a case study of the realistic environment. But please be advised: my own situation may be the exception and […]


285- Entrepreneurs need to provide GREAT Customer Service- the CARE model

In this episode, we deliver the audio narration of a blog post by Terri Zwierzynski from her business, It is called “The Customer is Always Right (Especially when you think they aren’t” and the content is complete and unabridged. This post discusses the 4 elements in her CARE Model of Email Customer Service. It […]


284- Thanks to our listeners — Podfading or just a hiatus

In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we thank our listeners and possibly deliver our “farewells” — for this may present a situation of either a delay or hiatus or possibly podfading. As you will hear in this audio episode, we are taking a small break and will on hiatus for an unknown length of […]


283- Five things you DO NOT NEED to start a business

This episode is an audio narration of a blog post by Terri Zwierzynskifrom her program called SOLO-E.COM at that web site (the tag line is RESOURCES FOR SOLE ENTREPRENEURS). Terri delivers the list of five things that many solopreneurs purchase or obtain right away, but sometimes it is as if the solopreneur is “putting the […]


282- More Entrepreneurs are moving to Podcasting

“More New Media Content Creators are now becoming Podcasters”. This is the title of an article in the October, 2015, issue of the electronic magazine called Podertainment at This audio episode is an audio narration of the article — complete and unabridged — by Fred Castaneda. Note: you may read the pdf file of […]


281- Attorney assisting Entrepreneurs provides resources and podcasts

This episode is an interview with David Lizerbram of, conducted by Lon Naylor and myself of As you will hear in this audio episode, David Lizerbram has recently entered the podosphere as of 2 November 2015 as a Podcaster with his show called Products of the Mind (available in iTunes(R) and other locations. […]


280- New Entrepreneur Opportunities from Google as they support Podcasts

In this dated episode, we deliver a summary of the announcement by Google to finally support podcasts, and we also have links to key resources that give you the details and what they mean to you, as a Podcaster. As you will hear in this brief bonus episode, you can get a good summary and […]


279A- Clarification on prior episode about Leveraging New Apps

CLARIFICATION and CORRECTION NOTE: This episode delivers a clarification from the preceding episode on Leveraging New Apps like meerkat, periscope and blab. My apologies for the misunderstanding that was caused by my statements about Dave Jackson and his production of Ask the Podcast Coach podcast show. I want to thank Dave for sending me the […]