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Episode 10: 2 Week Notice! ft. Kim Burroughs

On episode 10 the Beauty and the Beard sit down with celebrity guest and former HR Director Kim Burroughs. She is also a trainer for Goldman Sachs entrepreneur program. We discuss diversity and inclusion in the workplace, having tough conversations with your manager, training and development and social media. Kim tells us about her skating and pop locking days and then what happened when she tried again 6 years ago.


Episode 9: Get With the Winning Team! ft. Khaliah Guillory

On episode 9 the Beauty sits down with celebrity guest Khaliah Guillory of KOG Speaks, the Motivation Mogul. KG as we affectionately call her, tells us how to unleash our dopeness! We discuss women in the workplace, managing a team and transitioning from a corporate executive to full time entrepreneurship. We got waaaayyy to turnt in our segment of “Don’t get me started” which turned into a whole thing…like a serious thing…like a real deep discussion. We talk white male privilege, women...


Episode 8: Is You Woke or Nah? ft. Danielle Fanfair and Tia Norman

On episode 8 the Beauty and the Beard sit down with celebrity guest Danielle Fanfair and Tia Norman. We dig into the Enneagram with Danielle and what new Pastoral-ship at Awakenings Movement and new authorship look like for Tia and tools we can use to elevate our lives. New beginnings are the vibe, new agreements are explored and we talk about how relationships reeeaaallllyyy make a difference in our lives and our best teachers.


Episode 7: Issa Lightworkers Party!!! ft. Denise Ramos and Marshall Norman

Issa Light Workers party y’all. On episode 7 the Beauty and the Beard sit down with two impeccable Light Workers just before an event on forgiveness and vulnerability hosted by Total Woman. Our celebrity guests, Marshall Norman, a Spiritual Guide and Life Coach, and Denise Ramon, an Intuitive Medium, join us with tips on how to live our best life. We talk about psychics, freewill, and the importance of parking spaces…lol. We also dive into being present and connected, being human and not...


Episode 6: Girl Chat! ft. Patience Collins, Tara Botley and Benita Ledet

On episode 6 the Beauty has called in a little reinforcement from her Tribe since the Beard is out on business. Patience Collins and Tara Botley co-host, we go in on “Don’t get me started”, enjoy Saturday Spirits, discuss owning the direction (Authorship) of our lives and being okay, and exploring your personal truth.


Episode 5: Namastay or Nama-GO! ft. Jai Pierre Raven

On episode 5 the Beauty and the Beard sit down with the Queen Muva herself, celebrity guest Jai Pierre Raven, owner of The Woman’s Earth Studio and Spa. We discuss Light Workers, having intentional conversation, safe spaces and so much more. Because the show is balanced, we also talk Taaka Vodka, 27-piece hair extensions, and Being!


Episode 4: The Boom Boom Room or The Upper Room ft. Traniece Peterson

On episode 4 the Beauty and the Beard sit down with author and celebrity guest Traniece Peterson. As we wrap up our series on moms in the work place, in celebration of Mother’s Day, Traniece is the perfect guest to close it out. This is indeed a party!!! Traniece shares her wins for the week, her new book, the joys of sisterhood, ministry, leadership, romantic relationships (expectations and lists) and thriving in the workplace. Whew so much!!!


Episode 3: Bankable or Nah? ft. Kim Easley-Williams

On episode 3 the Beauty and the Beard sit down with bank executive, and celebrity guest Kim Easley Williams. We discuss leading with love, best practices in the workplace, and finding balance as a mom who’s a C-Suite executive, an active church member and mentor to so many.


Episode 2: Pillow Talk ft. Charease Davis and J. Albert Nicklos

On episode 2 the Beauty and the Beard dive into their second episode of celebrating momprnuers and moms in the work place. Not only that, we discuss expansion, the evolution of the Beards last name and honestly, just some good ole pillow talk. Tribes are the meat of the conversation, what they mean, where they originated, the development of the Beauty’s tribe, and answering the question, “Can men have tribes?”


Welcome to The Beauty and the Beard Show!!! ft. Latoshia Norwood

WELCOME TO THE BEAUTY AND THE BEARD SHOW!! On our first show we sit down with our celebrity guest LaTosia Norwood, Managing Partner of L’Renee and Associates, a project management firm in Houston, Texas. LaTosia is a champion for all things woman, and not only that, she puts money where her heart is. On this episode we talk about balance in business, becoming a new Boss mom and women supporting women.