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CoinFi 011: Can USDT Maintain its Dominance Amidst All The Emerging Stablecoins?

With the recent event happenings, the term ‘stablecoin’ doesn’t seem like a very fitting name for the assets they represent. With Tether’s recent event happenings, the USDT strayed away from the US dollar that backs it by a nearly 10% spread. Furthermore, there’s been a lot of interest and talks with the emergence of ERC20 stablecoins. So what are stablecoins? In this episode, we discuss the different types of stablecoins, why stablecoins are important, and how the future landscape of...


CoinFi 010: Crypto-Backed Loans: How You Can Make Money with Nontraditional Lending

Near-guaranteed profit by lending cryptocurrency? The idea sounds great, but is there a catch? Find out in this episode of the CoinFi Podcast where the team explores nontraditional lending: how it works, its risks, and how it can be used to make profit.


CoinFi 009: Opening The Black Box: Algo Trading 101 For Crypto Investors

Algorithmic trading, or algo trading for short, is a term commonly thrown around in traditional finance and usually brought up when talking about institutional money or market makers. In this episode of the CoinFi Podcast, you’ll learn how algo trading applies to today’s crypto markets, how high-frequency traders profit from algos, and why algo trading may actually benefit the average, everyday traders in the long run.


CoinFi 008: Trans-Fee Mining: Ponzi Scheme or A Clever Way to ICO?

Trans-fee mining: a brand-new exchange token model with a great deal of controversy surrounding it. In this episode of the CoinFi Podcast, the panelists explore the benefits of the model, discuss its sustainability, make predictions for future exchanges, and more.


CoinFi 007: How Pundi X is Bringing Crypto Payments to Retail

Today we have a special episode of the CoinFi Podcast… Joining us is Pundi X CEO, Zac Cheah. In this episode, Zac explains how Pundi X works and shares his thoughts on the current state of cryptocurrency adoption and how Pundi X is helping bring cryptocurrency payments to retail markets around the world.


CoinFi 006: What Happens When Institutional Investors Enter the Crypto Market?

Speculation about institutional money entering the crypto market has been thrown around for years, but what needs to change before and what will happen when it actually does? Ex-hedge fund traders Tim Tam and Jonney Liu share their predictions in episode 6 of the CoinFi Podcast.


CoinFi 005: Does Technical Analysis Actually Work?

Technical analysis charts--if you’ve spent any time at all on online crypto forums, you’ve probably seen quite a few. They all claim to show the market’s next move, but does technical analysis actually work? Tune in to Episode 5 of the CoinFi Podcast as CoinFi CEO and ex-hedge fund trader Tim Tam and Head of Crypto Research Jonney Liu share their professional opinions and experiences.


CoinFi 004: Why Exchange Tokens (Like Binance Coin) Are Fascinating

Most of us are familiar with exchange tokens such as Binance’s BNB and Kucoin’s KCS, but what makes each token unique? How do the token models differ from those of other exchanges? How do you value these tokens? What gives them utility? The CoinFi crypto experts deep-dive into this topic in this episode of the CoinFi Podcast.


CoinFi 003: Is Ethereum Overvalued?

It’s a question that everyone has an opinion on, yet has no definitive answer--is Ethereum overvalued? CoinFi’s Chief Data Scientist Alex Svanevik and co-founders Tim Tam and Han Chang dig into and attempt to answer this burning question in this episode of the CoinFi Podcast.


CoinFi 002: Trading Mentality of Institutional Traders vs Average Crypto Traders

Institutional traders are renowned for being good at what they do--they are professionals, after all. So what is it that separates them from your typical, everyday cryptocurrency investor? Is it their strategy? Their mindset? CoinFi’s CEO Tim Tam and Head of Crypto Research Jonney Liu share their professional trading experiences and insight in this episode of the CoinFi Podcast.


CoinFi 001: What Happens to Bitcoin in a Global Recession?

We all know what can happen to the stock market during a global recession, but what happens to the cryptocurrency market, specifically Bitcoin’s? Are people drawn to it as a store of value? Does it mirror traditional markets? CoinFi’s junior product manager Wayne Lam and co-founders Tim Tam and Han Chang explore these questions and more in this episode of the CoinFi Podcast.


CoinFi 000: Welcome to The CoinFi Podcast

If you’re obsessed with the crypto markets, this podcast is for you. Our goal with The CoinFi podcast is to make it feel like you’re listening in on a casual conversation about crypto among friends. It just so happens these friends are experienced finance and tech professionals who spend all their time thinking about the crypto markets. They also work at CoinFi, a fast growing crypto startup. Learn more about CoinFi and what you can expect from The CoinFi Podcast in this episode.