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Reverse Engineered Customer Acquisition – FA192

Start At The End To Attract Your Perfect Customer Every sales funnel training out there follows this path: They start at the opening of the funnel and talk about getting a bunch of traffic. But Johan Woods and I have found that started with the end result creates more and better customers. Starting with the end, you can engineer the structure (the steps a prospect has to take to become a customer) of your sales funnel so that it: Attracts the right [...] The post Reverse Engineered...


FA191 -Filling Your Sales Pipeline With Qualified Prospects

Light ‘Em Up! Things have been heating up over at — our brand new community for freelancers, consultants and done-for-you service providers. And the number 1 hot topic is getting clients. Not just getting clients, but getting them fast! Oh, and not just fast, they have to be great clients to work with and pay well too. Since Johan and I are teaching how to do that in Fuse, we decided to sit down and record some of the advice so you can use it too. The biggest...


FA190 - Noah Kagan Loves Tacos And Teaching Entrepreneurs

Tacos Vs Burritos (or Noah and Tim discuss how to succeed as an entrepreneur) Noah shares how he looks forward about 6 months to see what major trends are catching on and then taking action on one of the trends you can capitalize on. He also goes after Anomalies of Success — something that was unusually successful for you. You find each one in your business and then doing as much of it as you can. Noah found that infoproducts were an Anomaly of Success for Appsumo so they pushed harder on...


FA189 - Crush The Barriers That Are Holding You Back

Part Four Of The Six Figure Consulting Series (Sort Of) The Six Figure Consulting Series stirred some things up… I received dozens of emails, some tweets and a couple comments that basically went like this, “That consulting thing sounds nice, but I just can’t get myself going. I feel paralyzed and don’t know what to do.” Too many people wanting to become an entrepreneur of any kind, not just a consultant, think all they need is “how” to do it and they’ll figure out “what” to do. But...


FA188 - Digital Products Vs Physical Products Showdown: Which Is Better?

What Kind Of Business Should You Build? Terry Lin of joins the show from Vietnam as guest co-host to help you decide if you should start a digital products or physical products business, or whether you should add either to your existing business. Terry takes the side of physical products since he is busy building (Tim is a customer). Tim takes the side of digital products as he is building software and currently sells infoproducts. You’ll be...


FA187 - Closing The Deal On Your Six-Figure Consulting Business

Getting Your Customers To Know, Like And Trust You… Over the past two weeks, we’ve looked at why you should get in to consulting in the first place, and how to position yourself to do just that. So, for the final instalment in our six-figure consulting series, Johan Woods is with us again as we get to the good stuff… It’s time to get more customers and make some real money. As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, if you’ve got no clients, you’ve got no business. So this week Tim and Johan...


FA186 - Position Yourself Into A Six-Figure Consulting Career

Building A Strong Message Of Authority… If you tuned in to last week’s show, you would have got a taste of the power of consulting and hopefully gotten to grips with some of the fundamentals needed to add an additional six figures to your income. On this week’s episode, our good friend Johan Woods is joining us once again as we go deeper into the consulting playbook. Building on the foundations from last week, this episode will be completely focused on one of the most crucial aspects of...


FA185 - Add Six Figures To Your Income Through Consulting

Kicking Off Our Three Part Series On Jump-Starting Your Consulting Career… Over the next three episodes we’re going to be diving into all things consulting and how if done correctly, can build or add an extra six figures a year. But it wouldn’t be an episode all about consulting without our good buddy and successful consultant in his own right, Johan Wood. Whether you’re already established in the consulting game, or just a freelancer ready to step it up to the next level, over these next...


FA184 - Develop A Six-Figure Mindset And Kickstart Your Success

Find Your Big Enough Why And Everything Else Will Follow… This week we’re bringing Foolish Adventure back to its humble roots – helping entrepreneurs build a successful online business and working towards an extra six figures in your pocket a year. We all know this is no easy task, so to help us along our path to success is our good buddy and guest co-host, Terry Lin of Build My Online Store. As someone who’s gone from every day stock broker to e-commerce authority, Terry is just the guy...


FA183 - How To Keep Your WordPress Site Snappy, Safe And Secure

Avoid Getting Hacked And Bring Your Business Up To Speed… Chances are that if you’re running a WordPress website, your security probably sucks and your sites performance won’t be much better. While the implications of having a slow website may not be immediately obvious, I’m sure most have heard the horror stories of websites getting hacked and how painful it can be to get everything up and running again. So, to help keep our websites in check we’ve got a Foolish regular and certified...


FA182 - Get And Keep More Customers With These Linchpin Email Strategies

Email Is A Conversation. Start The Right Conversation… My good buddy and fellow ‘old school’ salesman, Damian Thompson joins me to discuss how to get and keep more customers by having the right conversation with your leads, new, current and former customers. Each stage, from lead to former customer, requires different approaches to get people to buy, buy more and refer others who become customers. A brilliant marketer, Dean Jackson, says there are three stages of a business: Before, During...


FA181 - Start A Business In Just 7 Days With Dan Norris

To Fail Fast You Must Implement Faster… Very good friend of The Foolish Adventure Show, Dan Norris shares how he has built 3 businesses in a handful of months and one of them in just 7 days. Literally. He went from idea to customers in 7 days. Too many people get hung up on finding the perfect idea, a perfected product, and perfect timing and NEVER get anything going. In this episode you’ll see how Dan tried to build the perfect product and nearly a year later was out of money and out of...


FA180 - Building An Effective Sales Team For Your Startup

The Best Salespeople Know Your Product Inside And Out… There is a whole lot of information out there for startups on how to sell to VC’s, but as founders, knowing how to sell to your customers can prove to be so much more valuable. Of course there will come a time when you just can’t do it all yourself, so now it’s time to consider hiring a quality, dedicated salesperson. For many, the thought of a salesperson usually conjures up that common image of some slimy dude selling snake oil....


FA179 - Use These Online Marketing Strategies To Explode Your Product Sales

A Case Study On Pushing The Boundaries Of Marketing Online… Recently on the show we had a guest on who is doing some really exciting stuff in the online apparel world, Jeremy Roberts of Only problem is we completely missed out on getting to the really juicy stuff – how is Jeremy dealing with the sales and marketing aspects of his business? Luckily, Jeremy was keen enough to get back on the show to share with us a second installment of the Tradlands journey. While our first...


FA178 - Finding Work Life Balance While Building An Expat Tax Business Abro

The Traveller’s Guide To Remotely Building Your Future… We all love to hear stories of those people with the guts and ambition to take on new challenges in what many see as challenging environments. So during Tim’s recent trip over in Bali, he met up with a truly inspirational couple doing exactly that, and has invited them on to the show to share the knowledge they’ve gained from starting a family and building a successful business abroad. Originally from New York and now based in Bali,...


FA177 - How One Couple Turned Their Entrepreneurial Dreams Into An Apparel

A Foolish Story Of Optimism, Sacrifice And Getting Results… Here on Foolish Adventure, we’re always looking for stories of the regular guys who have done a complete life 180, jumped right in to a new industry and persevered long enough to reach their goals. So while Tim was doing a bit of his own research in to the apparel industry, he came across one bootstrapping entrepreneur who ticked all the boxes. On the show this week is Jeremy Roberts of, who along with his wife has...


FA176 - Secrets To Steady Growth Of An Online Infoproduct Business

How To Stop Playing The Comparison Game And Get Real About Your Business… In a world full of internet ‘gurus’ hyping up our potential profits to an unrealistic degree, it’s easy to lose sight of the reality of internet based business. Achieving long term growth and success is most often a gradual process, in which we are forever learning new skills and fine tuning the things we already know. Though sometimes, success comes a little quicker than usual… Meet Shayna Oliveira of...


FA175 - The Foolish Story Of Tim Conley

Who Is The Man Behind The Mic? So if you tuned in to last week’s show, you would have heard all about how Tim approaches his T.I.M. concept and how he has applied it to his life. This week we’re going one better. With Lain Ehmann returning as our guest host, we’re getting all the gory details of Tim Conley’s life journey, from his early struggles to the man he is today. Tim’s story is one of persistence, determination and good old-fashioned hard work and is sure to inspire anyone dealing...


FA174 - Foolish Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Time, Income & Mobili

Tim Shares His Approach To Coaching, Consulting & Life Balance… In this week’s show we’ve got a bit of a role-reversal, as regular co-host Lain Ehmann sits down to grill our host Tim Conley on how he does what he does, and what brought him here in the first place. With a little help from Lain, Tim is going to run us through how exactly he structures his work-life balance, as well as his key philosophies as a business consultant and coach. There’s a huge amount to take away from this one and...

FA173 - From Kindergarten Music Teacher To Web Content Authority

You Only Need To Know One More Thing Than The Next Person… This week on Foolish Adventure, we’re getting an inside look in to how a kindergarten music teacher (with a bit of technical know-how) pulled off a complete career 180 and took control of his time, income and mobility. Meet Brian Lewis, long time Foolish listener, forum member and a fellow podcaster. Brian didn’t start off with your typical inspirational entrepreneurial story. After studying music performance in college and...