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Ep. 11 - Life Balance

Rihanna has a classic line that goes "work work work work work", and people really adopted it as a life motto. Unfortunately, there is no possibly way that one can function on working non stop. Michael and Danielle focus everyday on crafting the skills and routines it takes to master a balanced life. From color coordinated digital calendars, time/task management and mental strategies they outline what works for them and how they've discovered each others strengths and weaknesses. For more...


Ep. 10 - Update

It's been a while since our last podcast, and you might notice a few changes. First, we have a new name! The Stay True Podcast reflects who we are and what we believe as a couple, parents and business partners. Second, you get to see what we look artwork! We may change it, but for now here we are. In this episode we update you on what's been happening in our world since our last episode, why we re-branded and what we have coming up in the near future. Be sure to subscribe and...


MWF Podcast Ep. 09 - Culture Is Everything (Living Local)

Whether you're in your home town or traveling and experiencing a new place, embracing local culture can expose you to things you otherwise may miss. In this episode, Danielle and Michael talk about their philosophy of embedding themselves and their family into the local culture at home and anywhere they go. Meet new people, have new conversations, eat new cuisine and enjoy everything 'new'.


MWF Podcast Ep. 08 - Plan. Plan. Plan.

Everyone says what they want to do. Or what they need to do. But it's those who put together a plan that actually accomplish their goals. In this episode, Danielle and Michael outline how they keep their plans together and accomplish tasks everyday. Spoiler alert - lots and lots of lists.


MWF Podcast Ep. 07 - Maintaining A Functioning Household

Everyday is a new day full of its challenges and craziness. And as parents, the days can get REALLY wild. In this episode Danielle and Michael discuss how they keep it together and functioning throughout each and every day. Super real, super fun and always wild. Enjoy!


MWF Podcast Ep. 06 - How We Keep Our Marriage Thriving

Strong relationships don't just happen. You have to work at it. And when you're talking marriage, it's even harder. Especially when kids enter the mix. In this podcast, Danielle and Michael talk about how they met, grew together and brought their family to a new city, and how they keep things thriving every day. Spoiler alert - it isn't all rose pedals and chocolate covered strawberries...this is real.


MWF Podcast Ep. 05 - Embracing Failure

When people scream "All I Do is Win", they're lying. No one wins all the time. With every win there's a long trail of failures. Things that didn't happen as planned. But that's life. That's business, parenting, name it. It's how you react to those failures and adapt moving forward. In this episode, Danielle and Michael talk about some failures they've experienced and how they use those failures in a positive way.


MWF Podcast Ep. 04 - Running A Business As A Couple

Owning your own business isn't a cake walk. And when a partner is involved, it can get even crazier...especially if that partner is your spouse. In this podcast Danielle and Michael talk about how they started their business and manage to keep it evolving as a married couple with two kids under 4. And while this may seem very 'couple' centric, these examples can be applied to any business or profession.


MWF Podcast Ep. 03 - The Renovation

After six weeks buried knee deep in house renovations and lifestyle disarray, Danielle and Michael are finally moved back in their home. And their daily routine is back in tact. In this episode they talk about how they took on this wild project, and how they managed to balance all of their obligations from work, to business and family.


MWF Podcast Ep. 02 - Embracing the Chaos

In this episode Danielle and Michael talk about what it means to "embrace the chaos" as parents, partners and business owners. Whether it be cleaning up after little tornados, managing schedules or developing routines that work for you, they shed life on the processes they've put in place and found successful.


MWF Podcast Ep. 01 - Here We Are

Danielle and Michael of mom wife foodie venture into the world of podcasting with their first episode, "Here We Are". In this episode you'll learn about the couple, how they met, the concept and birth of mom wife foodie and their business Clark + Aldine, and what to expect from them in future episodes.