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Episode 159 - Hiring Great People Begins By Looking in the Mirror

Why do some companies appear to have more talent knocking down their doors than they can shake a stick at, but others are struggling to attract minimum numbers of marginally qualified applicants? Is it because there are not enough talented people looking for work? Is it because there are not enough specialists who know how to do the work, or is it something else? The reality is some companies build cultures that serve as talent magnets while others have no idea what that even means. If you...


Episode 157 - What does the Power of Small Business mean?

Why does Patriot Mission exist? Why do we run a weekly radio show? Join us as we explore the facts about small business in America. We use this as a backdrop to explore the history of our nation, socialism versus capitalism and how that applies to the upcoming midterm elections. We do all that, to define just what the Power of Small Business REALLY is!


Episode 158 - What does it mean to be a Patriot?

Today is September 12th, the day after September 11th and Benghazi. Yesterday was declared Patriot Day shortly after the catastrophic event in 2001. But what does it mean? Are you a Patriot? Do you love your country's interests with devotion? If you were to disappear today, what evidence is left behind? Today we explore the items that Patriots do on a regular basis to show their love of this grand country.


Episode 156 - Why does Veteran unemployment exceeds civilian?

We've spent the last few weeks talking about hiring the right person for your company. The commonly overlooked person is the US Veteran. Their training, worth hundreds of thousands of your tax payer dollars, is going to waste because employers are only giving them the hard to fill jobs that nobody wants. That is the symptom. Today, we will use history starting in WWII to determine WHY this is happening.


Episode 155 -Crafting a work culture that attracts the right employees

The socialist culture discussed last week meets the hiring process head on. How do you communicate a capitalist working vision to socialist workers? And then how do you show those same workers that you actually care, a requirement for them to stay? Unfortunately, the message broadcast, through actions, that your issues are outside the office. While here, we own you. But when leadership that the leaders TRULY care both in words and actions the workers, even the socialist ones, tend to work...


Episode 154 - Accelerate your business with proper hiring.

Have you ever hired somebody and within the first week realized while they had all the right skills, they were the WRONG person for the company? Today's episode we tie in the Debrief Focused Approach in helping you to hire the right person for your company to do the tasking you need accomplished so you can best focus on what you do best that makes the company thrive.


Episode 153 - Accelerate your business with Contingency Planning

Our US Military is the best in the world. Besides the people and the equipment, our processes help us to be the best of the best. We've explored the Debrief Focused Approach already. Now see how that ties into contingency planning. Or does contingency planning tie into the Debrief Focused Approach? You decide in today's episode.


Episode 152 - Building an award winning team … from the bottom?

Join us as we explore the new paradigm in hiring, no experience necessary. As we dive in to what a company REALLY needs when they hire new people. Is it experience, degrees and skills; or is it loyalty and a sense of my job description is to make the company succeed, we will train the skills we want?


Episode 151 - It all starts with the perfect team … for you.

In this episode we explore both the value and importance of a well functioning, highly oiled machine we know as a team. And then we go into what it takes to hire the right team to lead the company, manage the company and work the company. If the team is right, the magic can happen!


Episode 150 - History of Leadership and Technology

Have you ever taken a look at how technology and leadership has changed since D-Day or Apollo 11? The amount of computing power that took entire rooms in the 1960's but fit on your wrist today? Or the technology to create 1 bomber per hour during WWII to keep the winning the war effort? Now look at the real computing power that made those possible … the human mind! That is POWER behind your SMALL BUSINESS!


Episode 149 - Meet Cujo and the Debrief Focused Approach - Part 2

In this episode, Robert "Cujo" Teschner gives more insights into the debrief focused approach, including more information on the studies supporting it and examples of recent success stories applying the Debrief Focused Approach in business today. To learn more about the Debrief Focused Approach, visit and


Episode 148 - Happy Independence Day 2018

The Backbone of America is used to described the small business and entrepreneurial community that forms the basis of the US economy. Connecting the importance of our Founding and the core tenets of our original Declaration of Independence and Constitution are crucial to understand. In today's episode, you'll get some insight about America's history through the words of several members of PATRIOT MISSION's Board of Advisors. Their military perspective and unique historical vantage point will...


Episode 147 - Getting the next generation fired up

Today about 1/3 of American's aged 19-22 do not think democracy in America is headed in the right direction, and voting trends are towards politicians who promise a lot of free stuff with no indication of how they are going to pay for it. Join us as we describe how the Power of Small Business can reverse that trend teaching the upcoming generations how to earn their desired cash and simultaneously teaching them about what principals lead to the founding of our country and its position in the...


Episode 146 - What made America great originally?

Many citizens do not understand where we came from. That hard work, dedication, and often failure and learning from those failures are what created our nation. Instead, many are falling for the social media that it just happens and they are entitled to it. Join us as we explore events and decisions that framed and grew our country over the years.


Episode 145 - Meet Michael E. Gerber, Rudy Laco & Radical U

Today we meet Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth and the E-Myth Revisited and Rudy Laco, Captain, US Navy Retired. We discuss military members who have had the entrepreneurial seizure and the assistance available to them including Gerber's new Radical U. Learn how you can take the seizure and develop it into a dream, vision, purpose and mission!


Episode 144 - Developing your Leadership Plan

Are you a good leader? Perhaps you can be a better leader. Go with us as we explore items that good leaders should do on a regular basis in order to continue to improve instead of stagnating. Leadership is not easy. Life is not easy. Building a business is not easy. Here are a series of tips that help you identify weaknesses in your style and point you to the right direction to help solve them. Remember, leadership goes to the core of every relationship you have. So spending time working on...


Episode 143 - Exploring Peer Leadership Networks

In today's episode we explore the research of Bruce Hoppe, Ph.D. and Claire Reinelt, Ph.D. in their research paper "Social Network Analysis And the Evaluation of Leadership Networks". We explore the four types of networks and then dive deep into Peer Leadership Networks. The episode goes into why a great leader needs to be plugged into a great Peer Leadership Networks and how both the network and the entrepreneur leader benefits from the time invested. To review the paper mentioned in this...


Episode 142 - America needs Bold Leaders

Take a moment to look at that person in the mirror and declare that "Yes, you are a leader". Then follow us on a journey to connect those leaders and build them up with the tools and confidence needed to mentor the next generation of new entrepreneurs. While doing this, take time to honor those service people who defend your right 24x7 to own your business: military, police, firefighters, EMS, etc.


Episode 141 - Fixing the cultural norm of businesses are doomed to fail

In today's society, businesses are only 20% likely to get to the point where they hire employees. Most, according to various studies are destined to fail by the end of their 10th year. How do we change that trend? Join us as we explore what is required to change a culture of destined to fail into a culture of destined to succeed.


Episode 140 - - Increasing the Power of YOUR Small Business

In a time where 7 of 10 businesses fail in the first 10 years, when the majority of businesses never grow beyond 1 person operations, we explore a powerful tool that will help you grow. We discuss how in addition to helping others through the Vietnam 50 year celebration events, you can end up helping yourself as you have the opportunity to network with other successful business owner.