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Episode 142 - America needs Bold Leaders

Take a moment to look at that person in the mirror and declare that "Yes, you are a leader". Then follow us on a journey to connect those leaders and build them up with the tools and confidence needed to mentor the next generation of new entrepreneurs. While doing this, take time to honor those service people who defend your right 24x7 to own your business: military, police, firefighters, EMS, etc.


Episode 141 - Fixing the cultural norm of businesses are doomed to fail

In today's society, businesses are only 20% likely to get to the point where they hire employees. Most, according to various studies are destined to fail by the end of their 10th year. How do we change that trend? Join us as we explore what is required to change a culture of destined to fail into a culture of destined to succeed.


Episode 140 - - Increasing the Power of YOUR Small Business

In a time where 7 of 10 businesses fail in the first 10 years, when the majority of businesses never grow beyond 1 person operations, we explore a powerful tool that will help you grow. We discuss how in addition to helping others through the Vietnam 50 year celebration events, you can end up helping yourself as you have the opportunity to network with other successful business owner.


Episode 139 - Meet Cujo, CEO and President of VMAX Group LLC

Met Rob "Cujo" Teschner, President and CEO of VMAX Group LLC. We explore how the Debrief Focused Approach was founded in the Air Force, taught to both Steve Olds and Cujo in the 27th Fighter Squadron and followed them through their careers. Cujo is now bringing the debrief focused approach to small business, as studies have proven that the methodology can increase productivity by 20%. Learn the key cultural aspects required to make a debrief focused approach to leadership a viable solution...


Episode 138 - The Impact of Small Business In Your Life

How did the Blue Angels become the best at what they do? How can you apply those principles to your business? Join us as we explore through the events at the Vero Beach Air Show and apply the leadership principles to day to day life. Then we go through a thought exercise to help you focus on what really matters most as you make your business as successful as possible.


Episode 137 - A Path Towards Reunification of America

Join us as we remember 9/11 and the unity we shared as a country, complete with Republicans and Democrats singing God Bless America on the steps of the capital to the divisive nature of today. Learn how we as Small Business Owners and Supporters can use our Power of Small Business to help reunify America around a just cause. And most importantly, how you can help unify America!


Episode 136 - Win - Win - Win

Learn more about the win for Vietnam Veterans as a result of the Small Business Honors Programs. Today we hear from Nancy Olds, a nurse in Indian River County who gave a Vietnam Veteran one of the Time To Honor books. We also hear from Veteran Service Officers from Iowa and Washington in how the Time To Honor books are resulting in more Vietnam Veterans coming into their offices and getting the benefits they earned while in service. We also discuss how this helps the community with local...


Episode 135 - Take it slow and get there faster

In this episode we take a look at the process of stepping back, taking a look at the big picture versus what you are doing. In performing this look you find efficiencies, such as helping a worthy cause that gives meaningful appreciation gives you the efficiency of marketing and helping a worthy cause at the same time. The marketing, if meaningful, brings you more customers and therefore a meaningful ROI.


Episode 134 - Cause, Community and the Company

It is time to weave the last 4 episodes together and lay out the cause, how we will educate the community about the cause and in return provide walk in traffic to our sponsors' companies. This episode dives deep into the specific cause of thanking our Vietnam Veterans, how we are going to do that and the scale of the project. We then show you how we will educate the community about the cause and about the sponsor's business. Finally, we explain many of the extra benefits with sponsoring a...


Episode 133 - Dive deeper into Small Business Honors

There are over 30 million small businesses in the United States today. Those 30 million business touch every single American in some way every day. Now, what if the 30 million small businesses rallied around a single, non-political, cause that they were passionate about. That reach and passion for a cause would have tremendous impact on America today. In today's episode, we dive into the impact of that cause, reach and passion to show how a little effort can both have a large impact on...


Episode 132 - Small Business Honors introduces The Journey Home

In this episode we go deeper into Small Business Honors objective to honor our Vietnam Veterans. The episode starts with understanding the Vero Beach Air Show (April 21-22, 2018) and how this is a win-win for sponsors and the air show community. We then take those lessons and apply it to honoring the Vietnam Veteran community through the movie The Journey Home. We explain the research that was conducted after every major war since World War I on how the veterans returning from war impacted...


Episode 130 - Three challenges that Small Business Owners face

Every small business owner has to deal with three challenges in their business: where do I get support, when do I reflect and plan forward, and how do I pay it back. In this episode we discuss those challenges in detail and then provide a plan to work all three of the challenges. In this process, we introduce the Patriot Mission program, Small Business Appreciates which goes into thanking those unsung heroes who have made our business possible. But we are not talking about your family,...


Episode 129 - Stitching it all together

The last several episodes have laid the groundwork for the future of Patriot Mission, but they appear to be "One of" presentations as we talked to the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Miami Heat, the Founder and President of Remember My Service, the owner of 1631 Digital while also looking at 2017 in review and planning ahead for 2018. But how do they relate? In this episode, we start to stitch these topics together into a plan to assist two major groups of unsung heroes in America...


Episode 128 - Meet Bill Foran

Bill Foran, Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Miami Heat for the last 29 years talks with Steve Olds about how to start a workout program. He covers how to figure out your target workout zone, the balance of exercises and periodicity of when you should do the exercises. Bill also talks about the importance of nutrition when trying to get fit. He covers the importance of hydration, what foods to avoid and most importantly why. As we start to reach the point of the year where many New...


Episode 127 - Meet John Lund and Remember My Service

Meet entrepreneur John Lund, CEO of Remember My Service and Founder, President and CEO of Storyrock. John Lund, working with Charlene Hawkes at Remember My Service have a history of developing Anniversary Gifts for service people in many of our wars. They have completed tributes for the Korean War and Desert Storm already. Now John and his team are working on placing thank-you gifts in the hands of each of the 7.2 living Vietnam War Veterans before the end of 2019 as part of the 50th...


Episode 126 - Meet Joe Corbe and 1631 Digital

NOTE: The recording skips stating at 1:25 for 40 seconds. Meet Joe Corbe, Founder and CEO of 1631 Digital. 1631 Digital is the new world order in Issue advocacy, branding and retail messaging. They use unstructured data to find the best possible audiences online for your campaign. This data incorporates social media, search, transactional, topic, keyword, contextual histories and we blend it with 3rd party data to pinpoint specific readers online that your message will resonate. Learn more...


Episode 125 - Looking forward into 2018

It's the beginning of the year. Do you know where you want to be this time next year? Join us as we explore the hurdles to making to those goals, and ways of ensuring you meet your goals. In today's society fear drives many of our actions. This fear, particularly of the unknown, paralyzes us and prevents us from stepping up and planning an amazing year. Instead we create new year's resolutions that we have a lifelong habit of not following. In this episode we will walk through the...


Episode 124 - Looking back on 2017 - Forward into 2018

Note - At about 20:00 for about 45 seconds there is a period of static. How did 2017 turn out for you? Was is a good, fair, fabulous, marginal or horrible? Why? In some cases, there are circumstances beyond our control that impact our lives, but in most cases the results you've experienced in 2017 are a direct result of the person in the mirror. Stephen Covey spoke about our ability to choose our response in any circumstance, even when they are not of our making. 'RESPONSE-ABILITY' is the...


Episode 123 - 5000 Veteran Entrepreneurs in 2018

If you were going to reverse the failure rate of small business, how would you do it? Over recent decades, according to the US Small Business Administration, only 30% of new ventures survive past their tenth birthday. That is a travesty. There are tremendous resources available that could help most companies survive and thrive. Why don't they? In many cases, it's simply a matter of a new entrepreneur's emotion and not having any idea what they don't know. In other words, the new small...


Episode 121 - Investors and Transitioning Veterans in Small Business

You've probably heard the expression; "I can't see the forest for the trees." That is the case for most small business start-ups, especially when it comes to raising investment capital for a new venture. How can a new entrepreneur learn to look at their 'baby' objectively? Why is it crucial to be cold and calculating when it comes to your investors? Understanding your business financials is essential to success. Also making sure you do right things in the right order sets you up for...


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