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Episode 7 - Transforming Transformation

There seems to be a bit of a rush on transformation in recent times ... people who used to talk about change now seem to want to talk about transformation. But these words are NOT interchangable. Transformation is radical and profound. Transformation creates acomplete change in appearance or character. It might be time to transform transformation.


Episode 6 - Do NOT Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

For years, we have been hearing that if we are to be successful in life, we must step out of our comfort zone. Yet, here we have Neil telling us NOT to step out of your comfort zone. Do not adjust your sets ladies and gentlemen - listen to why he doesn't want you to take that step.


Episode 5 - More Than Just Customer Service

For as long as I can remember, the need for great customer service has been paramount in all businesses. In this episode, Neil outlines his thoughts on why great customer engagement is as important, if not more important, than great customer service. Great customer engagement is the basis for developing relationships with your customers, typically resulting in repeat business and/or referrals. Do you deal with or engage with your customers?


Episode 4 - Managing Expectations

In this episode, Neil sets out with a contention that customers only get grumpy when their expectations are not met. When you have been the customer and have been disappointed, has it been because the goods or services are measurably bad or is it simply a case of your expectations not being met? And as a service provider how do you know what it is that your customers expect?


Episode 3 - You Say You Want A Revolution

It was John Lennon - another untypical philosopher - who introduced the observation "You say you want a revolution, well, you know, we all want to change the world" in the 1968 Beatles song, Revolution. In many businesses and other organisations, people are keen to see revolutionary change but don't want to invest the time, energy, effort and finances to make revolutionary change possible. Instead, they the "softly, softly" approach to change and end up with evolutionary change. That's OK...


Episode 2 - Who has The Problem?

When you are talking about the products and services that your business offers to customers, are your customers hearing what you want them to hear? Often our message is great from OUR point of view but have you taken the time to think about the message as though you were listening through your customers' ears? In this episode, Neil challenges you to think about whether it is you or your customer that has the problem.


Episode 1 - Introduction to The Untypical Podcast

The Untypical Podcast started life under a different name a few weeks ago but we thought it would be better to start again and align the branding with our company, Untypical Thinking. In this episode, your host, Neil Butler, presents the thinking behind The Untypical Podcast and then discusses how the theories of two very well known physicists are also great thought-provokers for your business. Maybe it really is rocket science!