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S2E7 - Jody Raynsford on Copywriting Tips

Jody Raynsford of Hello Genius is an author of The Industry Disruptor Programme and The Engagement Formula, speaker, sales copywriter, marketer, podcaster and serial writer of lists that are far too long. He had an interesting career in journalism interviewing actors and directors and then running long-distance races in the Sahara, and the Alps before he decided that wasn’t painful enough and so moved into marketing where he soon gained a reputation for consistently writing best-sellers in...


S2E6 Susan Payton: The Importance of Storytelling in Business

Founder of The Business of Stories, and co-author of the Amazon No.1 best-seller Fit For Purpose Leadership with her chapter, Why Great Leaders Need To Be Great Storytellers, Susan Payton joins The Vault on how she helps businesses articulate themselves through power of storytelling in business, why it's so important and why it works. Susan is also pleased to offer free access to her online training on the 7 steps to crafting a killer brand story that instantly resonates with your dream...


S2E5 Sara Milne Rowe: The SHED Method

In this episode, I speak to Sara Milne Rowe who works alongside CEOs, senior leaders and their teams, often in high challenge situations to connect with their strengths, deliver exceptional performance, take others with them and get the results they want across a wide range of industries Worldwide. Sara Milne Rowe’s book, 'The SHED Method: Making Better Choices When It Matters' (Published by Penguin Jan 2018), is based on her unique methods and practices. Useful links for Sara Milne...


S2E4 - Exploring Why Core Values Matter In Company Culture

In this episode, we have a group discussion about the importance of company culture, what it actually is, and how to figure out whether it’s working for you or against you. Company culture is “by the people, for the people”. However, the bi-product, of course, is a far more successful enterprise. I have asked a few members of my team to join me and discuss company culture, core values and what really is important to the millennial workforce. So listen in, and lets open The Vault that is...


S2E3 - Andy Gwynn on How to Generate Leads via LinkedIn

In this episode, Andy Gwynn teaches us some of LinkedIn’s best kept secrets and how to generate new leads via LinkedIn. Andy is considered as one of the most sought-after LinkedIn Trainers & Coaches in the UK and has addressed audiences such as the Institute of Directors and international audiences throughout Europe and as far afield as the U.S.A & New Zealand. He has spoken alongside Brad Sugars, Keith Cunningham, Jeffrey Gitomer & Paddi Lund. Don’t miss this episode where we unlock the...


S2E2 - How To Create Juicy Lead Magnets

Today’s episode focuses on Lead Magnets. Lead Generation is a real pain point for many startups and sometimes for established businesses when competing in an oversaturated market. Small businesses need to show their value by giving away really juicy material that prove to their audience that they have substance. Find out some useful and proven lead generation strategies for how to effectively generate brand new organic leads and offer value without breaking the bank! Resources: Book your...


S2E1 - Seb Bates on Understanding your audience, their problems and your value

As a business owner or someone thinking of how to start their own business, are you confused about how to sort out the wheat from the chaff to focus energies on building meaningful relationships when it comes to customers? Today’s guest, Sebastian Bates is the founder of the Warrior Academy, a martial arts training and mentoring company from the city of Bath in the UK giving local schools a run for their money in developing all-important confidence and character in kids on which everything...


S1E12 - The Content Waterfall Process: Repurposing to Get The Most Out of Your Content

Do you ever wonder how some marketers seem to have a never-ending stream of content flowing from their websites and their social media like magic? In this episode, Stacey discusses one of the best ways to up the quantity of your content without spending lots of money or working a 20 hour day. Stacey has a process which is called “The Content Waterfall”. She runs a workshop on this method every quarter. If you want more information, listen in and check the resources. Highlights of this...


S1E11 - Gary Das on Using your Personal Profile to Build a Business

Gary Das has been in financial service since 2002 and set up his own mortgage brokerage in 2006 at the age of 25. The 2008 credit crunch caused him to diversify before getting back to his passion in 2015 when he and his wife (Ayesha, who was a sole trader at the time) wanted to move home. He couldn’t believe how difficult it was for business owners to find an adequate mortgage, remain tax efficient and obtain the best interest rate. Today with Stacey, Gary discussed his mission to ensure...


S1E10 - Marketing AMA

Today Stacey did something different. She was joined by Rachel and Alex, her colleagues from Brandlective. The Internet has opened up a huge opportunity for small businesses. Twenty five years ago to get your business in front of a large audience you needed a huge marketing budget for billboards, TV advertisements, and radio. Today, digital marketing has leveled the playing field. Any business can post an update on their social media. They can use small budget compared to a traditional...


S1E9 - Tony J. Selimi on Overcoming Adversity & Achieving Success through the 8 Key areas of life

How do you take all the challenges that life has thrown at you? Today’s guest, Tony J. Selimi is an international speaker, a qualified transformational coach, and business success mentor. He is a human behavior specialist who helps people clarify their values, develop the mindset, and work on the emotional intelligence required to breakthrough their perceived fears and limiting beliefs. In today’s episode, Stacey and Tony unlock the different modalities of healing to find clarity. Tony...


S1E8 - Twitter Hacks - Tips & Tricks

Have you used Twitter as a marketing platform for your business? Do you know how to use it? In today’s episode, Stacey Kehoe, covered her Top 10 Twitter Hacks. Twitter is the most misunderstood social network and tool by the vast majority of people. Twitter is a microblogging platform which allows registered users to post and to send to other registered users short messages. These messages are called tweets and limited to 280 characters. You can hear what your customers have to say about...


S1E7 - The Familiarity Principle

Why is brand awareness an important component in marketing? Understanding, if your marketing budget should be focused on awareness or converting sales, is a challenge for many small business owners. In this episode, Stacey touched on this topic. You will hear her insights about The Familiarity Principle, building brand awareness and key things that you could implement in your marketing efforts. This episode is jam-packed with marketing advice, tune in to benefit from Stacey’s first-hand...


S1E6 - Paul Brodie: How Writing a Book can Skyrocket Your Business

As a business owner, have you thought of writing your own book? Today’s guest, Paul Brodie a 13 times bestselling author and host of the Get Published Podcast, owns a publishing company which helps aspiring authors publish their own book. Publishing a book is the start, how to promote it is another thing. In this episode, Stacey and Paul dig deep on how you can use your book as a foundation of your business, understand the book writing process and how to deliver the book to the right...


S1E5 - Fredrik Sandvall on Using Viral Social Media Trends to Improve Visibility of Your Personal Brand & How Helping Others Offers a Great ROI

What is the ROI for helping others? Fredrik Sandvall uses giving and sharing knowledge as part of his marketing strategy. Fredrik Sandvall is the ultimate dealmaker, who helps businesses and property developers find funding solutions. He is not only finding the money - but more importantly helping with strategic and tactical advice to unlock win-win solutions. Tune in as Stacey and Fredrik discussed why exchanging time for money is not a great idea, and listen to why coaching and...


S1E4 - The 6 Steps to Launching a Marketing Pipeline that ACTUALLY WORKS

How do you build and implement a marketing strategy? In this episode, Stacey will walk you through a six step process to building a digital marketing strategy. She developed a methodology called “The Game Changer” which consists of six key steps to develop a pipeline. The 6C Methodology follows a structure that will allow you as a business owner to grow your client base. It is through understanding how to connect to your ideal customers, create a marketing material to engage them and lead...


S1E3 - Fran Boorman on Using Facebook Live, Documenting Your Journey & Giving without Expectation

Are you utilizing videos for your business? If not, listen now as Stacey and Fran drop actionable steps you can do to market your business. In today’s episode, Fran Boorman, author, entrepreneur and a mother discuss the potential growth of your business using forums, facebook lives and live events. Fran also shared how after five years, she was able to scale her business by going against the old school networking rule. Nowadays, Fran’s passion is to help startups take their businesses to...


S1E2 - Why You Need to Build a Customer Avatar Before You Begin Marketing

What is a Customer Avatar? Why do you need one and how can it help you grow your business? If your marketing needs some direction, today’s episode is for you. Stacey Kehoe, host of The Vault Podcast, dives into the topic of creating a customer avatar. She discusses how you can create your own avatar and why it is important? With 72% of brands targeting the wrong audience, she shares valuable tips to help you engage your social media audience so that you can build a community that loves...


S1E1 - Kristin Marquet on Gaining Publicity, Pitching the Media & Becoming a Trusted Authority

Join Stacey Kehoe as she caught up with Kristin Marquet, owner of Creative Development Agency, LLC and, as they discuss why selling to everyone is the number one mistake you can as an entrepreneur. Kristin also shares tips on how you can do PR without breaking the bank and how she reached her goal of growing a profitable business. Be sure to tune in now, you don’t want to miss this episode full of great marketing advice. Three Attention Grabbers Resources Publicity...


Introduction to the Podcast

Welcome to The Vault. Tune in every week to unlock the marketing secrets of some of the fastest growing businesses. You’ll hear practical tips, strategies and case study’s that will help you build incredible marketing campaigns for your business. And now, here’s your host Stacey Kehoe.