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Ep 202 - The Sheriff of Transnistria - Present Day USSR

Roman Maximov is a tour guide in Transnistria, a non-recognized state which is in between the Dniester River and Ukraine. The place is greatly monopolized by a guy whom they call “The Sheriff”. He has taken over almost everything in the area including restaurants, hotels, and gas stations. He is so huge that his birthday is celebrated like no other – and the story behind his rise in power is both intriguing and astounding. On this episode, Roman takes us on a mind tour on what the...


Ep 201 - Part 2 of Episode 200 - Answers to Listener Questions

In celebration of TLAB’s 200th episode, this is to give credits to all the listeners and provide a platform to answer questions directly from the audiences! In the past 200 episodes, Johnny has interviewed several digital nomads who love to explore and travel while working from anywhere in the world. Tons of travel hacks, tips, and strategies have been discussed during the entire duration of this podcast – but we can’t seem to get enough of it. On this episode, listeners from all around...


Ep 200 - Anthony Bourdain Tribute + Listener Q&A

Johnny FD, together with his co-host Aleksandra Bulatskaya, gives tribute to the American celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain who, unfortunately, took his own life at 61. Anthony has been an inspiration to many digital nomads through his travel documentaries where he shows what lies beyond his limits. He is one of the pioneers in the world of exploration and travel. This is a very special episode about Anthony’s amazing life as a tribute to him and the inspiration he has left behind. His...


Ep 199 - Coworking Bansko in Bulgaria - The Chiang Mai of Europe

Matthias Zeitler is a location independent entrepreneur who cofounded Coworking Bansko, a coworking space in Bansko and a home for digital nomads and freelancers. They provide a community for people who love working with others where they can meet new friends and learn new ideas. On the episode, you will learn so much about Bansko, a town in Bulgaria. Matthias helps nomads experience a new perspective of remote work as he opened Coworking Bansko. Here, he will talk about his journey in...


Ep 198 - Traveling with Kristin, Costa Rica, Greece, College, and Creating Your Job

Kristin Wilson is the owner and founder of Poker Refugees which is dedicated to bringing you to your next poker home. After learning the term “digital nomad”, she began to discover that she is exactly how the term defines. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in International Business and took post-graduate studies in business administration. And from there, she embarked on a nomadic journey when she got offered a job in Costa Rica. This is a fun episode...


Ep 197 - Film Producer, Adventure Photographer, Video Production Around the World, from Travel Blogging

Jannis Riebschläger is a passionate traveler and film producer who produced his first travel film, Hyperborea, and brought it to over 40 cinemas in Germany. His passion in film production has brought him to several countries, creating image films and commercials which boost his clients’ sales and achieving goals in their businesses. He also published a book called “Sud - eine Abenteuerreise nach Süden”, Jannis’s own travel stories and adventures. On this episode, nomad stories have taken...


Ep 195 - Nomad Cruise, Using Kindle Publishing in Germany to Retire his Mom

Tom Schmidt is one of the digital nomads from Germany who joined the Nomad Cruise and the Nomad Summit held this year. He is an author who found his publishing career while searching how to make money online. After writing his first book while studying in a University, his parents though he was being unreasonable. Despite the doubt by his family, he decided to continue and write more books. Now, he, together with his team, has written over 50 books and was able to retire his mother. On...


Ep 195 - Travel Guide Jobs, and Gap Years with Maria from Holland

Maria De Wit is a tour guide from Holland who is currently in Nepal to journey the Himalayas. She has hiked the Everest Base Camp and the Three Passes trek and is on her way to climb the Annapurna Circuit. She is a strong-willed adventurer who is on a quest to travel the world. On this episode, Anna shares her experiences as a tour guide, how she got the job, and what benefits she gets from her job. She explains the roles of the tour guide apart from bringing people to places and why...


Ep 194 - Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek in Nepal

Johnny FD is once again on his trekking journey for the 2nd time. He climbed the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, a 4-5 day hike in the Annapurna mountain of Nepal. It has a maximum altitude of 3,210 meters so altitude sickness is not so much of a risk, unlike the earlier hike in the Annapurna Circuit. However, it did not come short of the breathtaking view that the Himalayas has to offer. On this episode, Johnny highlights his amazing experience including the people he met along the way. He...


Ep 193 - Trekking Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

Johnny goes on a journey through the Annapurna Circuit, a trek in the Annapurna mountain of Nepal. Along the way, he met another trekker, Chloe Merrick, who is on a 5-month backpacking trip to explore the world. This is a fun and exciting episode where Johnny accounts his journey through the Annapurna Circuit, both the fun and the struggles. At the end of the trek, Chloe and he share their experiences and takeaways during the hike. They talk about the beautiful views, the freezing...


Ep 192 - Trekking and Travel Tips, Pacific Crest Trail, and Kathmandu

Tyler Fox a.k.a. Mac is an explorer and adventurer who loves being on the road and living out of his backpack. He is the man behind Halfway Anywhere, a travel blog which features his amazing journeys, some travel tips, and everything that is awesome in this world. On this episode, Mac shares his trekking experiences including the 4-month long hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. He teaches how to plan out the hike, what a typical day looks like, and what happens in between the trail. And...


Ep 191 - Seasonal Jobs, Free Travel, and Retiring Early as a Millionaire

Thomas Barlow works on offshore oil rigs, ice vending machines, and fishes in his off time. He has set himself up to work just a few months out of the year and travels the rest! During the show, Thomas will share how you can work on offshore oil rigs and fish cleaning jobs in Alaska. He’ll reveal key strategies to running a successful U.S based ice machine business. Listen to the end for his secret to early retirement and how you can fish for the rest of your life. Links: Job Lists:...


Ep 190 - Travel Bloggers Making $12,782 a Month with Adventure in You

Tom Rogers and Anna Faustino are the founders of the travel blog, Adventure in You, which gives useful travel information based on personal recommendations accompanied by articles of their travel journey around the globe. Not only were they able to share their travels but also found several ways to generate income from the blog. On this episode, Tom and Anna talk about the income perspective on travel blogs and blogging. They share their amazing journey from starting the blog to...


Ep 189 - Hiking the Appalachian Trail and Creating a Physical Food Company

Chris Cage is the man behind Greenbelly Meals, a ready-to-eat meal packed with nutrition which accompanies you to your trip, wherever, whenever. He quit his accounting job to pursue a nomadic adventure, hiking the 2,185 miles Appalachian Trail that gave him the inspiration to create the perfect backpacking meal. On this episode, Chris shares his adventures from a bicycle tour in New Zealand to a 6-month hike in Appalachian Trail to the creation of Greenbelly Meals. His successful quest...


Ep 188 - Chiang Mai Burning Season and the Biochar Solution

Dr. Michael Shafer is the founder of Warm Heart Worldwide, an NGO he created together with his wife, Evelind Schecter, fully committed to helping others in need. They sold their possessions, left their prestigious careers in New Jersey and moved to Thailand to start Warm Heart to provide education, home to children, assistance to the elderly, and solutions to environmental issues. On this episode, Dr. Shafer reveals one tangible solution to the Burning Season in Chiang Mai – the Biochar...


Ep 187 - Becoming a Digital Nomad in Chiang Mai, Journey of Steve, and Tribute to Rob Fortney Jr.

Steve Ruggiero is a digital nomad who came all the way to Chiang Mai to discover and begin a career online. He’s not the typical nomad we meet. He served in the army for 10 years, trained in becoming a store manager, and became an actor in Chicago. He’s been on different paths but now found his place in Chiang Mai building a business online. On this episode, Steve recalls his journey on why he came to Chiang Mai and what made him decide to stay. He shares the devastating death of a good...


Ep 186 - Digital Nomad 2.0 - Long Term Nomading

Nick Danforth is a digital nomad who has reached the Nomad 2.0 state, where he decided to settle down in one of the countries he visited while traveling. After years of living a location independent life, he and his wife decided to stay in Thailand – and this time, it’s not going to be a short visit. On this episode, Nick describes their way of living after finally deciding to settle down in Thailand. He also reveals the reasons behind this decision. He shares his experience on how to...


Ep 185 - 2018 New Year Goals, Travel Plans, and Recap

Sam Marks hosts Invest Like A Boss podcast together with Johnny FD. He is a multimillionaire who founded and developed a business which later on became Europe’s largest e-cigarette company and was acquired for $100 million. He is a full-time entrepreneur who lives a location-independent life. This episode is to start off the year 2018 with new goals, new plans, and new to-do-list. Sam gives important tips on how to successfully achieve your goals. Both Sam and Johnny reveal their goals...


Ep 184 - Tony Robbins's - Date With Destiny Recap and Review

Tony Robbins’s Date with Destiny 2017, a six-day exclusive event, was held in Florida last December 5-10, 2017. This event had been anticipated by thousands of people, from all ages, trying to become a better version of their selves. Journey to Date with Destiny has been discussed on episode 182; and now, a recap and review on the recently concluded event are in order to help you decide whether this event is for you or not. On this episode, Johnny and Michael give their takeaways and...


Ep 183 – London to Miami, Networking and Mindset

Kosta and Julia are location independent entrepreneurs from London who came to Miami to attend Tony Robbins’ event. They both lived different lives before but eventually found each other. This fate also led them to find something they both love – and that is to travel the world. This episode is about enjoying life while creating a successful career. A person’s mindset can determine his own path. They each share their journey in London and their travels together. This is a motivating...