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#084: How to tell a story, with filmmaker Peter Dickson

Peter Dickson (@petedickson01) is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder of Dickson Films. With over 16 years experience, Peter is constantly sought-after to create long-lasting sports documentaries for organisations like the AFL, Cricket Australia and national broadcasters. Peter has proven over a long period of time to be (in my opinion), one of Australia’s greatest storytellers. His compelling and emotionally gripping documentaries leave an immense impact, which in the words...


#083: How the rise of China affects Australia - Adam Ni

Adam Ni (@adam_ni) is a researcher of geopolitics focusing on China. He is also a Visiting Fellow at the Strategic & Defence Studies Centre, and Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at The Australian National University. His main areas of interest include China’s international relations, strategy and security issues. Adam has extensive experience working on China-related issues, including in academia, government and the private sector. He is a frequent commentator on geopolitical and...


#082: Why sex work is nothing like Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Lola Hunt

Lola Hunt (@misslolahunt) is a sex worker, entrepreneur and co-founder of Assembly Four. Assembly Four makes products and services to empower sex workers throughout the world, committing a portion of profits to help those sex workers in need. Assembly Four rocketed to the forefront of the industry with the launch of Switter as legislation known as FOSTA/SESTA effectively banned sex workers safely engaging clients online. Switter was the beginning of Assembly Four’s modern tech disruption...


#081: The mindful meatsmith of ethicurean farming - Tammi Jonas of Jonai Farms

Tammi Jonas (@tammois) is the co-founder of Jonai Farms, President of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, an ethicurean farmer, and mindful meatsmith. Jonai Farms is a pastured fed farm which was the first in Australia to crowdfund development of its infrastructure and a leader in community-supported agriculture. From a very young age, I idolised the idea of having my own place to produce homegrown food. When an old friend purchased a farm recently in Gippsland, my interest was piqued...


#080: Holly Ransom - Born in perpetual motion

Holly Ransom (@HollyRansom) is the CEO of Emergent, a Keynote speaker, Port Adelaide FC Director, the 2014 G20 Youth Chair, a fan of avocado with Vegemite and the youngest person to be named in Australia’s “100 Most Influential Women”. She has been featured on ABC’s Q&A, Channel 7 News & Channel 10’s The Project for her commentary on intergenerational economic and social issues. Holly specialises in disruptive strategy and building the capacity of leaders for change, which has seen her work...


#079: How a Girl Geek found her North Star - Sarah Moran

Head to neuralle.com/podcast for more... Sarah Moran (@SarahMoran) is the Co-founder and CEO of Girl Geek Academy, while also being NAB’s Girl Geek in Residence. Girl Geek Academy is behind Australia’s first all-female hackathon #SheHacks; the first all-female makerfest #SheMakes; the first hackathon for young girls #MissMakesCode; and the career development event for women in gaming #SheMakesGames. Sarah has a mission to encourage 1 million women to get into tech and launch their own...


#078: How to train your mind with meditation - Manoj Dias

Manoj Dias (@manojdias_) is a meditation teacher, speaker and co-founder of A-Space, Australia’s first multidisciplinary meditation studio. He’s been featured across multiple sources of media including Channel 9, Postcards, Broadsheet, and Vice Media. Manoj has worked with high performing teams and individuals on a range of topics including brands you may know like Lululemon, Melbourne Storm, BHP, and Mercedes Benz. As a spiritual teacher, he’s learnt from many of the greats including Sharon...


#077: Why marketing is the poetry of capitalism - Anthony "Decryption" Agius

Anthony “Decryption” Agius (@decryption) is a tech reporter, entrepreneur, founder of multiple media brands including The Sizzle, MacTalk, One More Thing and Reckoner. He’s contributed to Delimiter, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Macworld Australia, PC and Tech Authority - with Reckoner winning the 2014 Optus IT Journalism award for best independent media. You may remember Anthony as the guy who hacked a big banks corporate flyer program, scored a bunch of frequent flyer points and some...


#076: How Eileen Ormsby unpacked the Darkest Web

Eileen Ormsby (@EileenOrmsby) is a writer, journalist and blogger of All Things Vice, as well as an author of two books - The Silk Road and The Darkest Web. Every time I’ve sat down with professors and practitioners of sociology (Dr Monica Barratt), psychology (Dr Stephen Bright), or criminology (Dr James Martin) to talk about the Dark Web, one name kept recurring - Eileen Ormsby. She is undoubtedly the most sighted journalist in the field today, and we’re very lucky to have her living here...


#075: Hustle, humility and heart - Dan Monheit of Hardhat

Dan Monheit (@DanMonheit) is the Director of Strategy and Co-Owner at creative agency Hardhat, Co-Host of the Bad Decisions Podcast, MC of lecture series Real Big Things and a self-confessed sneakerhead. Dan truly embodies the archetype that is “Chutzpah” - combine that with his need for incessant learning on cognition and you have one impressive media brain. From small beginnings lecturing at Monash University, to jumping straight into his own agency, Dan is full of that entrepreneurial...


#074: How to feed your mind - Anthony Ross

Anthony Ross (@feedmymind) is the founder of Tribal Wellness, host of the podcast Feed My Mind and a unique individual with knowledge in evolutionary biology, health and wellness. The advertising guru David Ogilvy popularised the term that you should always surround yourself with individuals far smarter than you are. Anthony has this constant, insatiable drive to learn and regurgitate for the rest of us - like an industrious mamma bird spitting out knowledge. It’s people like this you...


#073: Mining for ideas - Bernard Wheelahan AM

Bernard Wheelahan AM is a retired business executive whose career spans multiple continents across mining, resources and renewables. His work in building Latin-American and Australian relations has been recognised with scholarships named in his honour at ANU, and a membership to the Order of Australia. He’s served in an incredible array of positions, that makes my life look like child's play. Bernard has served as Chairman of Pacific Hydro and the Council of Australia Latin America...


BONUS: Introducing Neuralle Media

We've been working on this for quite a few months and very excited to share with you all - take a listen to find out more. Special thanks to our first two clients (Development Ready & Infinity Wellness) who essentially spurred us on the create the service and monetise the podcast, without slamming you all with ads. About Neuralle Media Neuralle Media is affordable and effortless content production. Select your package, brief us your needs, upload the media and we'll take care of the rest...


#072: Crypto and Cray: How an institution invests in cryptocurrency - Henrik Andersson

Henrik Andersson CFA (@phenrikand) is the CIO of Apollo Capital Management - an active fund manager of crypto assets across currencies, ICOs, arbitrage and event-driven trades. Henrik has over 17 years experience in global financial markets, with almost a decade on Wall Street. Henrik holds a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University. The financial services...


#071: Why all diseases begin in the gut - Dr Iggy Soosay

Dr Iggy Soosay (@IggySoosay) is a GP, former Chairman of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Lecturer and Member of the RACGP-AIMA working party on Complementary Medicine. Iggy is an Integrative/Functional Medical Doctor with over 35 years, who has led the way in Australia for treating chronic gut related issues. While the treatment of the gut has become the nouveau riche trend in our Instagram feeds over the last few years with Kombucha & Sauerkraut as your...


#070: When science is funny - Wade & Byrne from Sci-gasm Podcast

Wade and Byrne (@scigasmpodcast) are the founders of the brand and podcast known as Sci-gasm, and two of Australia’s brightest young science communicators. If you like that skeptical combination of science and comedy, that brings an understanding of science to a scientific pleb like me, then I’m absolutely sure you’ll love the work of these two gentlemen. I became enthralled with science as I went through an interesting stage of self improvement, driving to and from university listening to...


#069: Direct democracy made digital - Dion McCurdy

Dion McCurdy (@DionMcCurdy) is a lawyer and co-founder of NewVote, an independent nonpartisan nonprofit. NewVote is a foundation whose aim is enhance democracy through their digital participation app; allowing you to gain access to a dedicated public record of every political issue, goal and solution facing Australia, a source of balanced information, a tool to co-create policy and be part of the decision making process, and a channel to communicate with representatives. Politics is a...


#068: The Power of Blockchain - Jamie Skella

Jamie Skella (@JamieSkella) is the Co-founder of Horizon State, co-owner of eSports gaming bar GG EZ, and former board member of MiVote. I’ve had the pleasure now of hosting a few Australian cryptocurrency chiefs, so us mere mortals can further understand the exceptional capacity of the blockchain technology. Many of you have asked me, “what else can blockchain do?”. So I thought it was prudent to reach out to Jamie, a rare innovator actually building a tool with immediate utility. Horizon...


#067: Josh Wade - Stop caring what people think

Josh Wade (@joshwadecomedy) is a comedian, entertainer, podcast host, and co-founder of Verve Network. Josh has built an incredible comedy career at a very young age, forged in the pits of YouTube with his character “Cunny”. If I was a comedian, I feel that my style would be very much in line with Josh. He’s just as skeptical as I am, always questioning what’s real and what’s a mirage - all the while looking to improve both himself and others. He’s almost like a young Aussie George...


#066: Young, fast and remote with Adam Stone

Adam Stone (@AdamStone) is an entrepreneur, Founder of Speedlancer and serial globetrotter. The son of our former guest, Adrian Stone, Adam has been running businesses in the eCommerce and Telecomm space since the early age of twelve. His award as Australia's Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 by the Entrepreneurs' Organisation and the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 List, speaks to his constant desire to build both businesses and a lifestyle he enjoys. Speedlancer is currently the world’s...