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Hypnosis and healing

Julia Mueller, hypnotherapist and behavior change specialist joins us this week to talk about the healing benefits of hypnosis and how learning to use hypnosis can support health and recovery. Julia specialized in weight management and discusses how hypnosis can help with achieving a healthy weight and why it is essential for long term success.


Hormone health in recovery

There are few things that are as challenging as hormone balance and health. This becomes particularly challenging when recovering from the effects of breast cancer and treatment. Too often when we do discuss hormones we limit the conversation to estrogen. In today's episode we talk about hormone balancing and talk about the interconnectedness of the many hormones that effect our energy and health.


Mental health and breast cancer

Today's guest Maegan Mohlner was just 26 when she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer 3 weeks before her wedding. Her experience led her into blogging and writing about her experiences with cancer and recovery at such a young age. Her professional experience as a social worker has led her to become an advocate for mental health issues when facing cancer. Maegan has become a blogger, educator and activist who is passionate about educating people about the increasing risk and...


Acupuncture and alternative treatments in breast cancer & recovery

Farrar Duro is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who specializes in fertility, hormone imbalance and specializes in treating women with PCOS. Farrar joins us today to talk about alternative practices and the use of acupuncture in the treatment of symptoms related to a breast cancer diagnosis and breast cancer treatment. We talk about acupuncture and mind body practices.


Drug Interactions with CBD/cannabis

Kristin Wohlschlagel is an RN Nurse Navigator who has a particular interest in studying and educating her clients about the therapeutic use of CBD/cannabis in cancer symptom management and treatment. She joins us today to talk about many important therapeutic considerations when using cannabinoids particularly in the area of drug interactions that may effect other drugs/meds that are used with particular emphasis on the interaction with the commonly used breast cancer treatment drug...


KB Pure Essentials - personal care products with hemp

KB Pure Essentials is a lifestyle and personal product company that incorporates CBD into it's line of creams, salves and CBD Hemp Oil that can be beneficial in addressing a number of health issues. In today's episode Brooke and Katie join us to talk about CBD and the many health benefits their clients have reported, they discuss how to find and know you have a good quality product in the 100's of products that are increasingly available and they discuss many of the unique products they...


CBD education

Medicinal use of CBD, cannabis, and cannabinoids is a growing interest in the area of cancer and breast cancer treatment. With the hundreds of CBD and cannabis products and increasing number of people coming into the sbusiness there is more of a need now than ever for practitioners who are educated in the medicinal use of cannabinoids and how to integrate their use into a personalized, holistic plan of care. Our guest, Donna Shields, is the co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Academy...


Post Traumatic Stress and Breast Cancer Recovery

There are many emotions that we experience as we move through the fear, difficulty and ongoing emotional challenges of a breast cancer diagnosis and the treatment choices we need to make. Often times it is after the treatments of chemo, surgery and radiation are finished that some difficult emotional issues come up. Post traumatic stress (PTSD) is an issue that comes up for some women. Characterized by intense anxiety, high states of arousal, feelings of disconnect as well as other...


Toxins and breast cancer - interview with Lara Adler

Toxin expert and educator Lara Adler joins us today to discuss environmental toxins, exposure and the effect that unprecedented exposure to toxins has on our health and particularly on the growing incidence of breast cancer. Lara talks about her own evolution as a researcher and educator in the area of toxins and discusses common exposures and ways to reduce our overall risk. She takes what can seem technical and overwhelming at times and breaks it down to easy to understand, actionable...


Keto for Cancer - Miriam Kalamian

Nutritionist, and leading expert in the therapeutic use of ketogenic diet therapy in cancer treatment, Miriam Kalamian, joins us to talk about therapeutic ketogenic therapy. As the author of the book Keto for Cancer she addresses many distinctions of its therapeutic use vs the more popular ketogenic diet.. She talks about some of the clinical trials supporting the use of therapeutic keto diet and gives important resources for learning and implementing this type of therapy.


What do the statistics mean anyway?

Elyn Jacobs, cancer strategist, coach and breast cancer survivor joins us today to discuss important integrative health concepts regarding cancer management and treatment. In todays episode we discuss Links in todays episode: Enrolling Now for Group program Beyond Breast Cancer - Navigating the new normal and reclaiming your health and vitality post-treatment. Contact Deborah at Hormone Testing - DUTCH comprehensive hormone testing


Dr Nasha Winter - The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

Today's interview is with Dr. Nasha Winters. Dr. Winters is a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, author and a speaker in integrative oncology care, the metabolic approach to cancer and the use of therapeutic ketogenic diets in cancer treatment and recovery. Today she talks with us about the terrain of cancer and the many ways we can influence the microenvironment of the cancer cell. Today she shares with us: important aspects of her own journey Show notes available at...


Comprehensive Hormone Testing in Breast Cancer

Dr. Carrie Jones is an internationally recognized expert in women's health and hormone balance. She is the medical director at Precision Analytical - a leading functional medicine laboratory offering the DUTCH test (dried urine test for comprehensive hormones). She joins us today to discuss comprehensive hormone testing and the importance of comprehensive hormone testing and it's important role in understanding estrogen and other key hormones in the management of breast cancer . In todays...


Breast Density as a Cancer Risk - The Game Changer

Guest: Dr. Nancy Cappello Breast Density As a Cancer Risk -The Game Changer If you have breasts today’s episode is important for you to hear. Breast density is a health factor every woman should know about her own body and ask her doctor about and is actually a health risk equal to BRCA gene status in assessing the risk for breast cancer. It is such a central health issue that 35 states have passed laws mandating that physicians inform their patients of this commonly known piece of...


No more funkified food

Gone are the days when eating weird colored and textured food "even for your health" is the fad. Real health involves eating real food that is appetizing, easy to prepare and nourishes your body, mind and tastebuds. Todays guest, Leslie Nance, cooks up appetizing, appealing food that you WANT to eat on her live cooking show and shares her knowledge on her weekly radio program. As a breast cancer survivor, coach and someone who has used food as medicine she brings her passion and knowledge...


Become the CEO of Your Health

Leslie Nance is a Holistic Cancer Coach, breast cancer survivor and creator of After her own cancer diagnosis she embraced nutrition and lifestyle changes as an integral approach to her own recovery. She believes healthy, nutritious, appetizing food does not and should not be boring, bland and tasteless. In addition to her coaching she hosts her own live cooking show on periscope and hosts a weekly radio show Fork It Over on 1310 KFKA Leslie brings her knowledge, warmth...


10 Things NEVER to say to a breast cancer survivor

10 things NOT to say to a breast cancer survivor Going through breast cancer and breast cancer treatment can take a toll on our relationships. In addition to coping with the diagnosis it can be difficult to know how, when and how to talk about breast cancer. The truth is breast cancer is an uncomfortable topic for many people and we sometimes have to navigate a variety of reactions from other people ranging from the uninformed and insensitive to downright rude remarks. Today’s...


Interview with cancer coach Elyn Jacobs

Elyn Jacobs is a breast cancer survivor and holistic cancer strategist who helps people make better, healthier, less-toxic choices for their healing in the face of cancer. She emphasizes the critical nature of addressing the root cause of cancer and not just its symptoms. Elyn is a leading voice in the field and as a cancer coach helps people develop and implement individualized treatment plans to help them achieve their best health during and after treatment. Elyn’s speciality is...


Interview with Tracy Harrison - School of Applied Functional Medicine

Tracy Harrison is deeply passionate about transforming healthcare with the powerful combination of functional medicine and effective coaching. As a leader and visionary in functional medicine she is the founder of The School of Applied Functional Medicine™ ( ). SAFM teaches the science and practical application of functional medicine to a rich variety of healthcare practitioners, and Tracy is a beloved educator in the field. With her characteristic warmth, deep knowledge...


Functional Medicine in Treating Breast Cancer (part 2)

In today’s episode we continue to look at functional and integrative medicine and discuss how this approach can support and play a significant role in breast cancer recovery. This approach of multiple prescriptions, while sometimes helpful in triage, sometimes create other secondary problems that can be as debilitating as the original symptoms. Topics covered: How functional medicine takes a different approach to understanding and treating breast cancer. Understanding breast cancer as a...