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EP 27: A Cheat Code to Life?

Today we chatted about dealing with (outside) negativity you start to get unstuck. We also talked about what we're calling Spontaneous Excellence, and why it's like a cheat code to life. Finally, we give some bonus tips about "money-maker" apps on your smartphone. There's lots of good stuff and we hope you enjoy listening to the episode as much as we enjoyed recording it! Also: GOAL MAGIC was named one of Philadelphia Magazine's 13 Made-in-Philly Podcasts to Listen to Right Now!...


EP 26: Adventures with Cynthia & Brennen

Hey everybody! In this week's episode, Cynthia and I share some adventures going on with our lives right now, including some BIG news. We wanted to show you that we're constantly working on getting unstuck and growing, just like you are. We hope you enjoy our tales of cycling, new friendships, half-marathons and lots more! Onward, Cynthia & Brennen This week's healthy episode is sponsored by Wellness by Cynthia. Wellness by Cynthia is my own site and blog where I educate and dish about...


EP 25: Cheryl Rice on Transforming Pain & Loss into Growth

I am so happy to share this interview with Cheryl Rice, who spent many years in corporate before stepping out and beginning her coaching practice as well as her You Matter Marathon. She talks about her pivotal moment when literally her body was speaking to her to make a life shift - I was shocked at what happened that caused Cheryl to reflect on her life and ultimately make the career switch. About Cheryl Rice: Cheryl Rice works with high potential leaders at every level. She has been...


EP 24: Jennifer Buxton on Getting Unstuck Through Blogging and Travel

I am thrilled to share this lovely interview with Jennifer Buxton, who started her career as an educator, then transitioned into blogging as The Real Posh Mom, which eventually lead her to her work empowering women as well as being a content strategist. Jennifer’s journey took her and her family to Montenegro. She talks about what it was like to overhaul her life - she revealed something to me in that part of the interview that made me think about my own life and how I define it. Strap...


EP 23: Robert Farrington on Turning Your Side Hustle into Your Main Hustle

What’s up everyone and welcome to the GOAL MAGIC podcast, where it’s our mission to help you get unstuck and get going! Today I got to interview Robert Farrington, who is a Millennial money expert and founder of thecollegeinvestor.com. Robert’s path is a fascinating one—starting with his time working as a manager at Target while blogging on the side, to making $45,000 a month (!) on his blog. How’d he do it? Robert gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his journey in this episode! Top...


EP 22: Matt Lambert on Chasing Your Passions

I hope you enjoy this interview that I recorded with Matt Lambert, who is a social innovator and strategy consultant. Matt has had an interesting career and life journey that had him move from the US to Montenegro with his family. In one of his corporate jobs, Matt was urged to find what he loves and then craft a role around that, which had a powerful influence on how he viewed his career path from then on. There are tons of takeaways in this episode as Mike shares his hard-won insights on...


EP 21: Exercise as a Way to Get Unstuck

Cynthia and I sat down for a really nice chat about how we use exercise to keep us unstuck. We shared our favorite workouts, from very easy to very, very hard! In the course of the conversation, I opened up about how I've fought depression for much of my life. Hard cardio workouts have gotten me up and out of the darkness, many many times. Here are some of the highlights: If you haven't worked out in a while, we challenge you to get back in the habit, starting today... and then every...


EP 20: How to Keep Your Promises to Yourself

One of the worst feelings in the world is telling yourself you were going do something and then letting yourself down and not doing it. It could be a vow to exercise or send that important email to a client or apply for that inspiring new job you really want. Breaking your promises to yourself is just the worst kind of letdown right? It leads to negative self-talk and poor self-esteem over time. In this episode, we chat about our ways of keeping promises to ourselves and others. Cynthia...


EP 19: Lisa Lord on Leading a Life of Inspiration

Lisa Lord is a dynamic and inspirational speaker and executive coach who developed her point of view initially as an executive in Human Resources working for Fortune 500 corporations. After decades of experience on the inside of corporations, Lisa chose to launch a unique coaching and consulting service to share her wisdom and help individuals advance their careers. She is frequently engaged to help businesses re-humanize their employment practices, remembering that people are more than...


EP 18: How Alexis Siemons Turned her Love of Tea into a Fulfilling Career

I'm so happy to share this interview with my friend Alexis Siemons. As a tea enthusiast, Alexis writes about her steeped adventures on her website and blog, Teaspoons & Petals. She also teaches a series of culinary tea classes, and develops tea-infused recipes for restaurants. Alexis is currently a tea consultant for La Colombe, which is one of my favorite cafes and also the place where Cynthia and I came up with the idea for GOAL MAGIC. Alexis’ recipes and stories have been published in...


EP 17: Ruben Vergara Meersohn on Turning Entrepreneurial Passion into Massive Success

I am delighted to share an interview I recorded with Ruben Vergara Meersohn. Ruben is a true multi-passionate entrepreneur who started out working multiple odd jobs in a pizzeria, making wine, welding steel, and also serving as a translator. Ruben eventually ventured into corporate work where he worked for a major bank. But after the suicide of his colleague while working at the bank, Ruben realized that he needed to proactively go after his dreams. He quit his banking job and pursued his...


EP 16: Anna Goldfarb on Charting Your Own Course

Author Anna Goldfarb is one of my favorite creative people, and I'm so happy to have her as a guest on GOAL MAGIC! I first learned about Anna back when she was the editor behind the wildly popular (but now retired) dating blog Shmitten Kitten. Since then, we’ve built up a friendship based upon our shared love of writing goofy email newsletters. Just to let you know, Anna writes my favorite newsletter in the whole world and you should totally go subscribe to it at annagoldfarb.com. Now...


EP 15: MBA Consultant Ellin Lolis on Living Abroad and Loving Life

I'm happy to share this chat I recorded with entrepreneur Ellin Lolis. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Ellin found herself in Sao Paolo Brazil. Ellin and I discuss what it was like for her being an ex-pat in Brazil, the highs and lows that she experienced in acclimating personally and professionally to a different country, and how some of the cultural hurdles actually pushed Ellin to start her own successful consulting business. We also touch on how Ellin uses her coaching...


EP 14: Getting Unstuck With Life Coach Jennifer Blaine

I am delighted to share an interview I recorded with a dear friend and life coach Jennifer Blaine. Jennifer and I had talked back in episode 3 of our podcast but in this one, Jennifer and I talk specifically about how you can start to get unstuck. We discuss how to figure out what moves you spiritually and emotionally, and how identifying that can help direct your energy towards getting unstuck. We covered the following topics: always Here's to Getting Unstuck, Cynthia This week's...


EP 13: You Have to Love Yourself

In this episode, Cynthia and I chatted about the idea of loving yourself in order to get unstuck. It sounds like a goofy idea, but if you think about it, self-love is the foundation of positive change. This week, we shared stories of different friends who have been feeling stuck. Cynthia also opened up about how a cancer diagnosis back in her 20's made her slow down and take stock. Our chat was free-flowing and we touched on these main ideas: Blissology We hope you enjoy this episode! If...


EP 12: What to Do When Every Day Feels Like a Monday with Mike Neidert

I am so excited to share an interview I recorded with my friend Mike Neidert. Mike started his career in corporate but slowly felt that sinking feeling that every day felt like a Monday. Maybe you can relate! That’s when Mike came across an article I published on LinkedIn that inspired him to reach out to me. My conversation with Mike changed his path forever so you will definitely want to listen in to hear what he’s up to. About Mike Neidert: Mike is a career coach, sales consultant,...


EP 11: Michael Sussman on Switching Tracks to Make More Impact on the World

I am pumped to share an interview I recorded with Michael Sussman, the owner and president of Strategic Rail Finance, a North American rail industry consulting firm he started in 1994. He is actually the husband of my dear friend and life coach, Jennifer Blaine, whose interview you may have heard on EP 03. Michael has a fascinating story. He was running a successful commercial refrigeration company when he realized that he wasn’t really doing anything to create positive change or making...


EP 09: Brad Yates on the Power of Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to Get Unstuck and Propel Your Life Forward

Brad Yates is known internationally for his creative and often humorous use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Brad is the author of the best-selling children's book The Wizard's Wish, the co-author of the best-seller Freedom at Your Fingertips and a featured expert in the film “The Tapping Solution,” He has also been a presenter at a number of events, including Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success, has done tele-seminars with “The Secret” stars Bob Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale, and has...


EP 08: Living the Rainbow and Unicorn Life with CakeSpy Writer and Artist Jessie Moore

Jessie Moore is the creative talent behind CakeSpy.com, the world's first "Dessert Detective Agency." I call Jessie the human rainbow because she's such a radiantly positive and supportive person. Oh and she's REALLY into unicorns... in the best possible way. Jessie is the author of numerous books, including the recently released Stuff Unicorns Love: The Ultimate Guide to the Life and Culture of Unicorns and Baking with Steel. She has also illustrated a bunch of adorable unicorn-themed...


EP 07: Riding the Long Road to Success and Personal Fulfillment with Andy Williams

My long-time friend Andy Williams is a man of many talents. As a musician, he is the long-time frontman for the band Lefty’s Deceiver, which released numerous studio records and toured the United States off and on from 1999 to 2003. Lefty’s Deceiver gained fame for their energetic live shows which saw Andy transform from a mild-mannered dude into a blazing rock star whenever he took the stage. As an amateur athlete, Andy shares my love of road cycling, and that is how we became friends....