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Ep. 6 Being an Entrepreneur with Tania Ho

Many of us, at one point or another, dream of one day owning our business and opening up that perfect spa or resort of our own. But few of us actually live those dreams. Tania Ho is an owner and founder of Museflower Retreat & Spa in Chiang Rai, Thailand. She was only 25 years old when her father suddenly passed away. In shock and in grief, she left her managerial position at a luxury spa resort in search for something more meaningful. Few years later, Museflower Retreat was born. I talk...


Ep. 5 Living and Working in Bali with Mariana Palmeiro

For many of us who work in spas, hotels, and resorts, relocation is part of our life. So from time to time, I speak to people who can give me the real account of what it’s really like to live and work in destinations where I can only travel to or merely get a glimpse of through the pages of glossy travel magazines. Mariana Palmeiro is a faculty member at Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland where she heads the Glion Spa and Wellness Academy. Before this role, she spent the...


Ep.4 Touch, Connect and Listen with Bernadette Da Silva Fava

How do you take the time to nurture your team? Bernadette Da Silva Fava is a passionate trainer who’s traveled through various corners of the world, training therapists. She often captivates and inspires so many therapists (and just about anybody she speaks to) through her engaging conversations. We talk about the role of a trainer and the power of touch through connecting and listening. And by touch, we’re not just referring to the physical touch that is experienced in treatments. It’s...


Ep. 3 Managing up and across with Lynsey Woolliscroft

How do you get your peer managers to warm up and work collaboratively with you? Lynsey Woolliscroft is a long time spa executive who’s worked in London, New York, Hong Kong and Macau. She shares her tales of being a new manager and the various tried-and-tested ways of working together with other departments. It hasn’t always been smooth but in hindsight, she has learned a lot and she shares her wisdom from them. This is a must-listen episode, especially for new and young managers.


Ep. 2 Spa, wellness and sustainability with Bonnie Baker

Do you ever go back to the basics and ask the question: What is a spa, and what is its role? Bonnie Baker is a Spa Consultant who integrates her background in anthropology, ethnomedicine and massage therapies to create and develop authentic and holistic spa concepts and experiences. She shares her view on spa, wellness, and sustainability.


Managing work(over)load with Sonee Singh

How do you manage the day-to-day workload? Sonee Singh, Wellness Coach/Registered Aromatherapist, recounts her days as a spa executive working for global hotels and spa companies on traveling the world, managing and overseeing multiple spa openings & operations and how she managed the workload. From the non-stop flow of e-mails to prioritizing which work to do first and handling demanding bosses to dodging meetings, she shares what she has learned over the years.