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Do You Know How To Keep Your Kids Safe On Screens?

This is a special bonus episode of an interview Mia Freedman did with cybersafety expert Kirra Pendergast. Kirra has visited schools all over Australia and given talks to more than 500,000 students, teachers and parents about how to stay safe and be smart online. She’s not about bans, guilt trips or making parents feel ashamed or overwhelmed. Kirra is about helping kids and the adults in their lives to protect themselves and avoid exploitation and bullying. She joins Mia Freedman to...


Introducing: That’s Incredible

We’ve got a brand new show at Mamamia called That’s Incredible and we wanted to share it with you! It’s a podcast for parents and kids to listen to together all about the unexpectedly awesome things in the world around us. Hosted by Andrew Daddo, each week we go on an adventure and explore topics like the human body, sport, music, science, technology and space. Plus, we'll find out what it's like to travel to the moon, sing in front of the Queen and climb to the top of Mount Everest! In...


Introducing Social Squad: How Does Laura Byrne Do It?

We’ve got a great new podcast to share with you all about Australia’s most influential women; the kind of women that really make you wonder how they do it all! Social Squad is a podcast exploring the lives of influencers, pulling back the curtain and de-filtering the highlight reels we see on Instagram. In this episode host Tully Smyth sits down with Laura Bryne. When Laura Byrne won The Bachelor in 2016 she was surprised. She also wasn’t a huge fan of Instagram. She had an account,...


A Point-Hacker On How To Travel The World For (Almost) Free

Have you ever dreamt of traveling the world, staying in fancy hotels, but paying hardly anything? Of course you have. Lisa Perkovic is a travel writer - she’s spent the past eight years traveling the world and working and she currently edits Expedia’s blog. A few years ago, Lisa set off on a holiday to Europe and managed to travel around on nothing but points she had earnt. And she joins Holly now to tell us how we can all do it… CREDITS Host: Holly Wainwright With thanks to:Lisa...


Monique Wise Has Nailed Solo Travelling

Have you ever thought about quitting your job and buying a one-way ticket overseas? That's exactly what Monique Wise did and she's been travelling solo around the world ever since. Monique spends a lot of time by herself in foreign countries and has a lot of advice about how to nail travelling the world without a companion. Like how to find places that are off the tourist track but where you also feel safe. Or how to take the best photos when you're by yourself. If you've ever thought...


Behind The Lens Of A Travel Influencer

You know those people who get paid to travel the world and take incredible photos in incredible locations? On this week's episode of I Don't Know How She Does It Travel, Holly meets one of them. And yes, she's got a lot of questions. Annie Nguyen is employed to promote holiday destinations and hotels by taking incredible pictures on her Instagram and writing about them on her website. She's a travel influencer, and she's got a lot of tips to share. So how do you get a job like this? What...


How To Travel The World With A Wheelchair

Where do you start when you're planning a holiday that needs to be accessible for a wheelchair? What questions do you need to ask hotels? And how do you make sure you’ll be able to do all the activities you want to? For the past 22 years, Julie Jones and her family have been asking these questions. Julie's son Braeden was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which means he's non-verbal and uses a wheelchair. But that hasn’t stopped them travelling the world. From seeing glaciers in New Zealand...


How To Travel With Nothing But Carry On

If you are always testing the luggage weight limit at the airport, you need to meet Lexi Connors. She is all about minimalist travel, and is trying to reduce her travel footprint by taking as little with her as she can. Later this year, she's heading off around the world for a whole year with only one, small, carry-on bag. So why did she want to become a minimalist traveller? And how do you even begin to cut down your items to just a backpack? CREDITS Host: Holly Wainwright With...


From The Centre To The Sea: Justin & Lauren Trekked Across Australia With A Toddler

In July 2017, Justin and Lauren Jones set off across the desert on a trek that lasted more than a hundred days. The terrain was extreme. The walk was grueling. And they took their toddler Morgan with them. Yes, their toddler. Crazy? Let's find out... They started on the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory and made their way down to Port Augusta in South Australia. Justin pulled a 280kg trolley filled with nappies and water, while Lauren pulled their daughter Morgan -...


Amy Molloy Went Travelling For 4 Months... And Took Her Job With Her

Have you heard of digital nomads? They're the people travelling the world who aren't on holiday. Magazine editor, author and writer Amy Molloy decided to go traveling in South America for four months but never miss a deadline, filing stories from the shores of Lake Titicaca and writing a book at Machu Picchu. It didn't quite work out like that... These days Amy works from her South Coast home and is just the person to tell us whether the newly imagined working holiday - one where you’re...


We're Back With A Fifth Season...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the world with nothing but carry on? Ever dreamt of being a digital nomad? Does the idea of trekking across the Aussie outback with a toddler in tow seem impossible? Over the next seven weeks, Holly Wainwright will be popping into your ears with a very special season of I Don’t Know How She Does It - all about travel. Hear stories from people who are nailing the work-life balance, and get a little inspiration to pack your bags and...


Amna Karra-Hassan: The Girl Who's Kicking Goals

When Amna Karra-Hassan looked at the sporting events in her local community, she noticed there were no women. She decided that needed to change. So she created the Auburn Tigers. Amna is a player, coach, public speaker, an employee of the Australian Federal Police and she sits on the board of the Council for Australian Arab Relations and a not-for-profit women's health initiative called Go Active. So, how does she do it? CREDITS Host: Holly Wainwright With thanks to: Amna...


Maddy Ritchie: The Girl Who Kicked Cancer's Arse

Imagine being a 17 year old girl, friendly, happy and doing well at school and suddenly you’re told you’ve got 3 months to live. That’s what happened to Maddy Ritchie when she was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer that resulted in an 18 cm tumor in her pelvis. After 12 months of grueling chemotherapy, Maddy is now in her early 20s and two years cancer free. To give back she volunteers for charities that help families in the same situation she was in. So, how does she do...


Maddi O'Gradey: The Girl Who Created A Safe Space For Teens

When Maddi O’Gradey was 12 she went on a school trip to Parliament house and noticed something… all the pictures on the walls were of men. From that moment on, she decided she wanted to do something to change that. With a passion for mental health Maddi started a business called ‘High Tide’ to encourage students to talk about mental health issues and feel comfortable asking for help. And this year Maddi was the first Australian to win the Dalai Lama peace fellowship for her work. So,...


Alyssa Azar: The Girl Who Climbed Everest Twice.

Alyssa Azar was an adventurous kid. So adventurous she conquered the Kokoda trail with her Dad when she was just 8 years old. But that was only the start. After Kokoda, Alyssa moved on to mountains, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, the ten highest peaks in Australia, and then the highest peak in the world... Mount Everest. Alyssa made her first successful summit of Everest when she was just 19 years old, becoming the youngest Australian to do so. Then she decided to climb it again. So, how did...


Jade Esler: The Girl Who Flies Planes

Most kids daydream about flying at some point. But not many of them turn that dream into a reality. Jade Esler did... At 16 years old, Jade became the youngest pilot in Australia and she funded her passion by starting her own business, selling cupcakes. Now, Jade is 17, a pilot AND a business owner...and she hasn’t even finished school yet. So how does she do it? CREDITS Host: Holly Wainwright With thanks to: Jade Esler. Support her business here:...


Em Carey: The Girl Who Fell From The Sky

When Emma Carey jumped out of a plane her world changed forever. She was 20, travelling through Europe and decided to go skydiving in Switzerland. Seconds after jumping out of the plane something went wrong. Her parachute wouldn't open and Em and her instructor fell to earth. Em survived the fall but was paralysed from the waist down. She was told she would never walk again. But she proved the doctors wrong. So how did she do it? CREDITS Host: Holly Wainwright With thanks to: Em...


Kimberly La: The Girl Who Changed A School

Kimberly La was a just young teenager when she looked around her school and noticed an issue with mental health and body image. So she decided to do something about it. At just 14, Kim created a mental health program to help her peers, called Cloud 9. Now it's in schools around the state, helping more young people than she ever thought possible. So how did she do it? CREDITS Host: Holly Wainwright With thanks to: Kimberly La Producers: Elissa Ratliff & Rachael Hart GET IN TOUCH: I...


Jade Hameister: The Girl Who Walked The Polar Quest

What were you doing when you were 16? Hanging out with friends? Trying to avoid homework?Wondering what you were going to do with the rest of your life? Well, Jade Hameister was completing the last leg of the Polar Hat Trick. Three separate ski treks to the North Pole, South Pole and the Greenland Ice Cap. All unsupported and unassisted. Now she’s beginning a whole new challenge-fitting back into normal life and the HSC. She’s also an advocate for empowering young girls and wants to raise...


Coming Soon... I Don't Know How She Does It Girls

What were you doing when you were 17? Climbing a mountain? Starting a business? Creating a mental health program? Here at Mamamia, we are bringing back one of our all time favourite shows - I Don’t Know How She Does It. But with a twist. Because this season, we are looking into the lives of young girls who do amazing things. Girls like Jade Hameister who is the youngest person IN THE WORLD to complete the Polar Hat Trick. Girls like Kimberley La who set up a mental health program at her...