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Kimberly La: The Girl Who Changed A School

Kimberly La was a just young teenager when she looked around her school and noticed an issue with mental health and body image. So she decided to do something about it. At just 14, Kim created a mental health program to help her peers, called Cloud 9. Now it's in schools around the state, helping more young people than she ever thought possible. So how did she do it? CREDITS Host: Holly Wainwright With thanks to: Kimberly La Producers: Elissa Ratliff & Rachael Hart GET IN TOUCH: I...


Jade Hameister: The Girl Who Walked The Polar Quest

What were you doing when you were 16? Hanging out with friends? Trying to avoid homework?Wondering what you were going to do with the rest of your life? Well, Jade Hameister was completing the last leg of the Polar Hat Trick. Three separate ski treks to the North Pole, South Pole and the Greenland Ice Cap. All unsupported and unassisted. Now she’s beginning a whole new challenge-fitting back into normal life and the HSC. She’s also an advocate for empowering young girls and wants to raise...


Coming Soon... I Don't Know How She Does It Girls

What were you doing when you were 17? Climbing a mountain? Starting a business? Creating a mental health program? Here at Mamamia, we are bringing back one of our all time favourite shows - I Don’t Know How She Does It. But with a twist. Because this season, we are looking into the lives of young girls who do amazing things. Girls like Jade Hameister who is the youngest person IN THE WORLD to complete the Polar Hat Trick. Girls like Kimberley La who set up a mental health program at her...


Introducing Lady Startup

Have you been missing I Don't Know How She Does It? Then come and check out our brand new podcast, Lady Startup where Rachel Corbett sits down with inspiring and successful female entrepreneurs to find out how they built their businesses from the ground up. JOIN THE LADY STARTUP COMMUNITY: Subscribe to the LadyStartup newsletter at our website. Check out amazing female entrepreneurs or get your business featured on the LadyStartup Instagram page. Meet like minded women in our Facebook...


Mrs Australia Went From Paddocks to Pageants

Have you ever met a beauty queen that was more at home in a pair of gumboots than her stillettos? Leila Sweeney lives in the tiny country town of Tatyoon, where she's a textile teacher and mum to two kids that she totes around her 3000 acre farm. But when she's not being called 'mum' or 'Mrs Sweeney,' Leila has a very different title. She's also Mrs Australia. But this pageant is not at all about sparkly gowns and bikinis. It's one where this salt of the earth farm girl competed pregnant, in...


Penina Petersen Feeds Her Family On $42 a Week

Whats your weekly grocery bill like? A few hundred bucks? Don't even know? Penina Petersen feeds her entire family for $42 a week. That's just $1.50 a meal. It's not just baked beans. It's proper meals! Penina's budgeting meant her family went from $50K in debt to owning her own home. She's a menu planning guru who can tell you how to cook an entire month's worth of meals in one weekend from one shop. She has the tricks to watch out for in the supermarkets, and the pantry audit that will...


Penny McNamee and the Working Mums of Home and Away

Someone pass Penny McNamee a hot water bottle and a coffee. Because Summer Bay may look idyllic, but in winter, 3am wake up calls and shooting in the freezing water is a whole other story. As Home and Away's loveliest doctor, Tori Morgan, the 34-year-old is juggling acting work with wrangling her toddler Jack. But she's in good company: joining a small cohort of working mums on-set, including the show's producers. From madly fake tanning after Jack's gone to bed to learning lines between...


Laura Vanderkam is a Time Management Guru

Do you find yourself saying “I wish I had more time.”. What if you could actually make that happen? What if you could actually make that happen? Laura Vanderkam studies busy women and how they get stuff done. She’s a time management expert and what she tells us will change your life. Her tips are amazing and it's not just about getting up at 3am. This is the episode that will give you back hundreds of hours a year. Show notes Your host is Alissa Warren With thanks to Laura...


Lucy Durack: Musicals, Motherhood, and Making it Work

You might know her as 'Glinda the Good Witch' in Wicked. Lucy Durack is the princess of Australian musical theatre. She played Glinda up until she was five months pregnant and suffered morning sickness throughout which led to her running off stage, sometimes seven times a performance, just to vomit. But she almost didn't get there at all after being told she'd never make it in musical theater. So, she did a semester of a law degree, packed her bags, and moved home to Perth before deciding...


Mother of Quintuplets Kim Tucci on Life With Eight Kids, a Husband and a Dog

Kim Tucci became a global phenomenon when she fell pregnant naturally with quintuplets. That's a one in 50 million chance. After the arrival of her five babies the Perth-based Aussie mum had a grand total of eight kids. So what's life really like when you have a ten year old, six year old, two year old and five16-month olds, a husband, and a puppy? We ask all the questions like how much is the weekly shop? How many nappies do you go through, what happens at meal time, Where does everyone...


Caroline Overington: The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Bestselling author and Walkley award-winning journalist Caroline Overington has interviewed many important one-named women in her life. Women like Oprah, Hilary and Ellen. She has been a foreign correspondent in New York and in Hollywood; raised twins, and has written twelve books, including some prize winners, all in just four hours a week. How does she do it? She shares with us her tips on study, friends, love, raising teens, and what to do if your little kid stumbles across porn. And her...


Julie Goodwin is a MasterMum

She was a mum of three running a family business when life for Julie Goodwin flipped faster than a fried egg. Since she won the inaugural Masterchef competition, she's left the IT company she was running with her husband and traded it all to star on TV, write books, build a cooking school, write countless recipes for the Australian Women's Weekly, and host a breakfast radio show. AND cooks dinner for the kids at night. It's a life that comes with a 3:40am alarm clock. And she sill cooks...


The Vogue Fashion Editor Who Had Two Sets Of Twins in Two Years

Kate Darvill lives an incredibly fashionable life. It just takes a bloody lot of work to get there. With four children under four, that's a lot of sticky fingers on your designer threads. Kate shares how motherhood made her better at her job, how she gets four kids to bed and the secret to kid-proof dressing (hint: it involves a lot of black and baby wipes.) And yes, she shares a glimpse inside the glamorous world of the Vogue offices. It's voyeurism at its most stylish. Show notes Your...


Deb Knight Did 14 Rounds of IVF And Then Had a Baby Naturally.

Journalist Deb Knight has been to Guantanamo Bay, covered September 11 and hosts a live breakfast TV show every weekend. She also did fourteen rounds of IVF to get her two babies. Then at 42, when she thought she was entering menopause, out of nowhere, she had a biological baby. This is a warm, and down-to-earth interview with one of Australian TV's favourite women. Show notes Your host is Alissa Warren This podcast is brought to you by Genea, World Leading Fertility. This podcast was...


Amity Dry: Mother, Wife and a Complicated Life

Amity Dry was a contestant on the first ever season of The Block along with her husband Phil, and came back as an Allstar in 2013 to win it. In this episode of I Don't Know How She Does It, Amity and shares with us how to make your house look like it's off The Block on a super tight budget. We also speak about her life as a singer/; songwriter and hit musicals Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life and 39 for Ever. Plus, Amity's battle with Botox, do you or don't you? Show notes Your host...


I Don't Poh How She Does It

She is a well-known Australian who is referred to by just one name kind of like Madonna or Kylie. She is Poh! The cheeky and creative cook stole our hearts in the very first MasterChef 8 years ago and has since written cookbooks, a children's book, hosted TV shows, and opened her Adelaide based bakery, Jamface. In this episode of I Don't Know How She Does It Poh talks about not having a routine, her guilt over having a cleaner, how her makeup routine changed after turning forty, the concept...


Libby Trickett's biggest challenge was a baby who never slept.

With 24 gold medals to her name and a bunch of broken world records, Libby Trickett is adored by Australia. But when she hung up the goggles in 2009, it wasn't the last we saw of the swimmer. She hit the pool again, then retired a second time, and instead of slowing down, she sped up. She gave birth to a baby girl, Poppy, but things got tough. Libby shares how she lost her identity as a new mother, struggled with her career ending and how she eventually discovered that the only way to make...


Long Shots and Long Blacks: The Unorthodox Life of Ellyse Perry.

Ellyse Perry is kicking goals. Literally. At 16-years-old, she debuted for the Australian women's national soccer team. And she tore up the field. But it seems an international football career intermingled with high school education wasn't enough on the adrenaline front... because within weeks, Ellyse also debuted for the Australian cricket team. What were you doing at 16? I bet it wasn't representing your country in two sports at an International level. Now married, and at the absolute peak...


Gemma Sisia: Four Kids, 1,800 Students, and 12,000 Kilometres From Home.

When Gemma Sisia got on a plane, leaving the family farm for Africa, she thought she would go on safari, do some volunteering and return home to Australia. Instead, she fell in love. With Africa, with its people and with a man. Inspired to help the people of Tanzania, Gemma founded a private school with just $10 and three students. From there, St Jude's has grown to educate more than 1800 African children and many have gone on to study law, medicine and engineering. Now a mum to four Gemma...


Daisy Pearce: From Midwife to the Midfield.

The Melbourne Dees captain is a woman of contradictions. She’s a tough footy player who loves a tackle, but she also meditates and does Pilates in the off season. She made the switch from catching babies as a midwife to catching balls on the footy field and now Daisy is living out her childhood fantasy. She shares her game day superstitions, the craziest stories from the birthing suite and the sleep hack you’ll be trying tonight. Show notes Your host is Alissa Warren With thanks to Daisy...