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From Austin, Texas....The Author of "What you need to know to GET A JOB NOW!", Angela Loeb; and Fortune 500 HR professional and Career Consultant, Jay Markunas, talk careers, resume, job search, interviewing, salary negotiation, and many more career related topics with special guests each 1st & 3rd Saturdays.

From Austin, Texas....The Author of "What you need to know to GET A JOB NOW!", Angela Loeb; and Fortune 500 HR professional and Career Consultant, Jay Markunas, talk careers, resume, job search, interviewing, salary negotiation, and many more career related topics with special guests each 1st & 3rd Saturdays.
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Austin, TX




From Austin, Texas....The Author of "What you need to know to GET A JOB NOW!", Angela Loeb; and Fortune 500 HR professional and Career Consultant, Jay Markunas, talk careers, resume, job search, interviewing, salary negotiation, and many more career related topics with special guests each 1st & 3rd Saturdays.






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"Going Solo" - Entrepreneurship as a Career Direction

Our special guest, Mike O'Krent used to interview survivors of the Holocaust for Steven Spielberg's Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. This led him to the idea of creating his business, LifeStories Alive, in which he films interviews with members of families and creates legacy documentaries for them. He is a big believer in bootstrapping your own business and has some great advice on keeping your momentum and perspective while starting up. If the idea has ever crossed your...


Job Search: What’s Your Plan?

So, you’re looking for a job. Do you have a plan, or are you simply tossing your resume around out there hoping something sticks? Or maybe you have plan, but it primarily consists of answering online job postings. In today’s job market a scattered or reactive approach just isn’t enough. You need a proactive, strategic plan that leads to results. Simone Fuselier of 45.5 Consulting will join us to share an effective (and fun!) job search planning method that puts you in control and keeps you...



Career consultants Angela Loëb & Jay Markunas pack a lot of practical information and insider tips into this episode. Hear how to ready your resume. Learn about the search strategy that is 86% effective in getting you a job. Get expert advice on how to ace the interview so you get hired. This is the highly condensed version of Angela's & Jay's pajama learning series, the Job Search Boot Camp. So, grab a pen & paper, you are about to get a lot of information in a very short time!


Some Assembly Required

Are you a woman who’s returning to the workforce after a long absence? Or maybe you’re just starting your career after graduation? Whatever your reason for looking for a job now, it’s imperative that you develop and use your network to land the job of your dreams. Marny Lifshen, co-author of “Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Women,” joins us to discuss some of the most common myths about networking. She’ll also tell us about the top mistakes women tend to make. And, yes, there...


Making A Career Change & Sticking It Out

Our special guest, Dr. David Litton, is an expert on using assessment tools for career change. In addition to enlightening us on the most effective assessment tools being used today, he will discuss the things that can hinder a career change and how to cope with that. He'll also talk about the ways you can deal with a drawn-out job search, especially when you're trying your darndest to make a career change into the work you love.


The Science of Finding the Work You Love

What does your Script, a Sausage Machine and the Weighting Game have to do with your job search? Turns out, these have plenty to do with your success! On this episode we are joined by Tom Cassidy, physicist, career expert and co-author of "How to Win at Russian Roulette: And Other Fiendish Logic Problems" and "The Electric Toilet Virgin Death Lottery: And Other Outrageous Logic Problems." Tom's London-based company,, offers career transition tools that people can deliberately...


Stepping Into The Perfect Career

Brandon Newsom is started 2011 in pursuit of a new career which is more fulfilling than any he'd ever imagined. After spending years in the IT and insurance industries while suffering through burn-out and health problems caused by job-related stress, the 35-year-old said he finally starts and ends each day with a positive outlook. Today, he is a clinical assistant at the Seton Medical Center emergency room and is pursuing his bachelor of science in nursing. Always looking for a way to help...


Starting From Where You Are

Linda Wilson lost everything when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in late 2005, and starting from scratch, she has rebuilt her life and her career. In recent years, she launched a business, found a job in her profession (she's a Human Resources Director) and was recently spotlighted in Arianna Huffington's latest book, Third World America. As you might imagine, Linda is superb at setting and achieving goals. She will share her secrets for getting what you want and for thriving, not just...


Chill out, Jack, you're a civilian now!

Our special guest, Rhonda Moncibais of Synergy First & Associates, is passionate about helping military leaders transition their leadership skills successfully into the civilian workplace. A former military officer once told Rhonda that the hardest thing he’d ever had to do was to adapt to the corporate world after leaving the military. He suggested Rhonda adopt the phrase he always uses when helping his former military colleagues acclimate: “Chill out, Jack, you’re a civilian now!” Rhonda...


Don’t Stop Now! Job Hunting During the Holidays...

Thinking of putting your job search on hold during the holidays? After all, companies and hiring managers are focused on taking vacation days and attending office parties, right? Wrong. Stop your job search during December, and you could be missing out on one of the best times of the year to get hired. Join us in a lively discussion with Melissa Victor Totah, who leads one of the most popular weekly job clubs in Central Texas – Career Connections. On top of that, she’s a Licensed...


Resumes! Resumes! Resumes!

This week we talk to Certified Award-Winning Resume Writer, Michael Kranes of Michael has won awards for "Best Military Transition Resume", "Best Technical Resume", and nominated for the "Best Creative Resume". His ability and skill is unmatched in the industry. We are honored to have our old friend and partner joining us for this lively discussion. Send your questions for Michael Kranes to, and we'll get your question answered on the air!


Job Search Makes a Quantum Leap into the 21st Century

President and CEO of Career Wizards, Deanne Arnath, joins us to discuss a cutting-edge option her company offers, which combines the next evolution in resumes with networking and interviewing in a way that accelerates your career transition. What once seemed like sci-fi is now reality. Tune in to hear where technology is taking us... correction, has already taken us... into this next decade of the 21st century!


The Window To The Diamond

Betty Rogers has taught hundreds of people how to get unblocked with a unique technique. Betty helps clients unlock both sides of your brain, and how you do a "query process". Tune in to find out about her amazing technique.


We Just Met, And Now You Want Me To Refer You?!?!

How and when to ask for a referral from someone you just met is as sensitive of a subject for the person being asked as it is for the job seeker doing the asking. Most of us have been on both the asking and receiving end of job referrals. When it is a former colleague, friend, or family member, we expect that of course they will help us. But what about someone you just met who works for the organization where you would also like to work? We don’t want to miss the opportunity to ask for a...


Technology Tools for Today’s Savvy Job Seeker

A decade ago, job boards were all the rage. Now it’s the social media scene. Join us as we talk to Charla Lovelace, General Manager for Her company can be described as job board meets social media with a dash of video learning and a dose of resume hosting... plus more. uses the latest technology tools to bring employers and job seekers together. Tune in for a lively discussion about technology and your job search. See what’s going on now and learn about what’s next on...


Career Alternatives - Is Business Ownership Right For You?

NOTE: OUR APOLOGIES FOR THE FIRST 5 MINUTES. CLEAR VERSION AT: If you're like many in career transition, the thought has crossed your mind about whether you should pursue entrepreneurship rather than going back to work for a single company for a single paycheck. On this show, we'll encourage you to open yourself to options. You may be surprised at what you will find, especially in regards to business ownership. Join us to hear what award-winning...


Finding the Courage to Find Your Dream Job

Carving out your dream career is only as difficult as you think it is. Through the exploration of different types of vocations, people, and opportunities, anyone can find their dream job. The key is to look past one’s fears and get out there and do it. Join us as we talk with Benjy Portnoy, founder and CEO of Courage Incorporated. He'll tell us about his personal own battle with anxiety, his struggle through multiple career changes and his fascinating new business centered around helping...


Webbing - The New Art of Networking

Social Networking has created a mass stampede; it's no longer what you know OR who you know but who knows YOU. Join us for a lively conversation about networking in this new context as we talk to Doug Whatley, an expert in the field of human capital services such as Talent Management, HR, Recruiting/Staffing, Professional and Career Coaching, Outplacement, Training and Organizational Development. Doug will challenge you to think about how you’re networking: Are you making connections or...


Leverage LinkedIn for Your Career Transition

Lissa Duty of LissaDuty.Com is a Social Media Marketing Strategist and that specializes in leveraging Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Through her virtual assisting services, Lissa helps individuals and businesses take advantage of the Social Media revolution to establish credibility, branding and increase opportunity. Did you know that there are open groups on LinkedIn you can join to increase your network numbers exponentially in a short time? Did you know that if you connect your Twitter...