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Ep 4: Maame Adjei talks "An African City" and traveling Africa

Maame Adjei is one of Ghana's golden girls. Since returning home after a childhood stint in London, and school and work in Philadelphia, she gained national and international claim as a star of the hit series, An African City. As a fan of the series (which I've blogged about before), I was excited to connect with her when she visited Kigali. We talked about her work on the hit series, her travel show, and passion project, Girl Going Places, the joys and challenges of repatriation, and her...


How a Jamaican Homeopath is Creating Her Own Line of Medicine in Uganda (ft. Michelle Pickering)

Michelle shares her fascinating journey from Montego Bay, Jamaica (my hometown!) to pursuing a career as a homeopath in Tanzania and Uganda - both in East Africa. She explains the benefits of homeopathy compared to modern medicine, and how she came to start her own line of products under her brand, Zuri Medicine. She talks about the challenges of living an ocean away from her four children, and shares a hilarious anecdote about the stereotypes she encounters as a Jamaican.


How A Lawyer is Building a Thriving Fitness Brand in Rwanda (ft. Jeanetta Craigwell-Graham)

Over the past 6 years Jeanetta Craigwell-Graham has gone from being a corporate attorney in New York, to being a transactional advisor at the Rwanda Development Board, to co-founding a gym, which is now working on making the premiere fitness and lifestyle brand in the region. We talk about how her Barbadian heritage prepared her for this kind of life, how she made her professional transitions, and what it's like living and doing business in Rwanda.


More Than Regular

This is a quick introduction to More Than Regular. More Than Regular is a biweekly show about ordinary people, living extraordinary lives. From creatives in Rwanda, to entrepreneurs in Jamaica, the featured guests and dynamic conversations show us that there are many paths to success, and we all have the power to design, and live, our best lives. The host, Donnalee Donaldson interviews achievers, entrepreneurs, creators, innovators and gamechangers, most of whom beat the odds and defied...