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Wedding photography podcast helping wedding photographers go full-time and become successful wedding photographers.

Wedding photography podcast helping wedding photographers go full-time and become successful wedding photographers.
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Wedding photography podcast helping wedding photographers go full-time and become successful wedding photographers.




Are you as good of a wedding photographer as you think you are?

While some wedding photographers know that they need to improve (not just when it comes to photography skills but also managing their business and developing their people skills), others think they’ve got it all figured out. They’re confident about their photographic skills and they’ve got a website up, so the bookings should just start rolling in, right? In this wedding photography podcast episode, I want to give those photographers a bit of a wake-up call and bring them back to...


How To Determine And Get Your Ideal Wedding Photography Clientele

There’s a saying “you get what you show” and this rings true when trying to appeal to your ideal wedding photography clientele. The images you share on your social media pages and website should reflect the clientele you want to appeal to and reflect how you would capture their special day. But what if you’re not even sure what your ideal wedding photography clientele is? In this podcast episode, we’ll chat about determining what this means to you and how you can go about attracting those...


Signs Your Wedding Photography Business Won’t Succeed

“Success” as a wedding photographer means different things to different people. It might be that you’re earning a certain amount of money or shooting X number of weddings each year or it might be that you finally have the time to do other things you enjoy in life that you couldn’t previously. But whatever your measure of “success” is, there are some signs we can all pick up on that your wedding photography business won’t succeed. In this podcast episode, I’ll share with you 10 different...


Addressing Wedding Photography Questions From A Podcast Listener

One of the most amazing emails I’ve ever received from a listener (and watcher of my YouTube channel) turned up in my inbox in the middle of June (2018), sharing with me a lot of the professional and personal struggles that he’s going through. Many were things I had gone through early on in my career as a wedding photographer, so I thought rather than answer Thinh directly, I would (with his permission) create a podcast episode that might also benefit others. First and foremost, I want...


10 Things I’ll Never Be As A Wedding Photographer

It’s easy to always be comparing yourself to other people and measure your success by theirs. So in this podcast episode, I wanted to get personal and share some of the things I’ll never be as a wedding photographer and why I’m okay with that. After 11 years in the industry, I’ve come to the realization that there are some things I will never achieve or be, whether it be due to my personal situation or lifestyle choices. I’ve come to a point where I don’t associate those things with...


Wedding Photography Progress Update Through June 2018

As the first half of 2018 comes to a close, I thought it would be a great time to reflect on the past six months and how it has been as a wedding photographer, educator, and father of a newborn. So in this podcast episode, I want to share with you my wedding photography progress and how well I’ve done in achieving the goals I set myself at the end of last year. I’ll share with you exactly what those goals were and how they related to my wedding photography business and the commitment I...


Importance Of Having A Profitable Wedding Photography Business

When you’re first starting out in wedding photography, it’s easy to just see the fun side of it and the opportunity to transform your passion into a money-earning activity. Being your own boss, capturing beautiful details and moments are all part of the allure, but there will probably come a time when it suddenly hits home that you have to make this work! In this podcast episode, I want to share with you two times that the importance of having a profitable wedding photography business...


Importance Of Having A Plan For Your Wedding Photography Business

It’s easy to talk about the dreams and aspirations you have for your wedding photography business. But without a solid plan in place, these goals are often just wishes that are never achieved. In this podcast episode, I’ll chat about the importance of creating realistic goals and a plan for your wedding photography business if you want to succeed in today’s highly competitive market. Whether it’s booking more weddings, seeing more visitors to your website or making more money, we’ll...


Is it too competitive to become a wedding photographer in 2018?

All too often I hear that wedding photographers are struggling to get their business up and running because there are so many wedding photographers out there. The market they’re working in is completely saturated and just too competitive, with lots of talented wedding photographers that have many years of experience at their advantage. But it doesn’t mean you can’t become a wedding photographer (and a successful one). So in this podcast episode, I wanted to offer some hope to...


The Times I Wanted To Quit Wedding Photography...But Didn't

No matter how long you’ve been working as a wedding photographer, there are going to be times when you wonder whether you can keep doing it and might be thinking you want to quit wedding photography. To offer some hope and inspiration to photographers in this situation, I’m going to share with you five times I had doubts and questioned whether I still wanted to be in this industry. We’ll go all the way back to 2007 in the lead up to shooting my first wedding. I was both excited but also...


Need To Practice Photography Before Becoming A Wedding Photographer

It might sound obvious, but the need to practice photography before becoming a wedding photographer is not something that we all do. Many decide that they want to take the plunge and will directly start second shooting or photographing budget weddings for friends, then wonder why they’re not getting follow-up leads and bookings. Rather than getting discouraged (or even giving up), you might want to take a step back and spend some time practicing your skills, both with and away from the...


15 Questions Prospective Clients Want To Ask You But Probably Won’t

Have you ever been in a meeting with prospective clients and felt that they want to ask you something but don’t want to appear rude or offend you? Couples are investing a lot of money and trust in you as a wedding photographer and there are undoubtedly tons of questions they want to ask but may not always feel is appropriate. In this podcast episode, I’m going to chat about some of the questions prospective clients want to ask you but probably won’t and why I like to put these things on...


6 Critical Cs Of Success In Wedding Photography

When it comes to achieving success in wedding photography, there’s a certain mindset you need to have and a way of approaching your business that takes into consideration a number of different elements. I like to refer to these as the “6 Critical Cs” and it’s essential that these things come together if you want to achieve your overall vision. In this podcast episode, I’ll break down what each of these “6 Critical Cs” is and how they relate to achieving success in wedding...


My Biggest Pet Peeves As A Wedding Photographer

After a decade in the industry and shooting more than 400 weddings, I’ve had my fair share of good and bad experiences. So in this podcast episode, I wanted to share with you 11 of my pet peeves as a wedding photographer, many of which I’m sure you’ll identify with if you’re in the industry yourself. Not only will I chat about things that happen on the wedding day itself, such as guests with cameras getting in my way and not being fed, but also my pet peeves in the behind-the-scenes of...


Anyone Can Be A Wedding Photographer But How About a Successful One

Sometimes it can seem like everywhere you turn there’s someone calling themselves a “wedding photographer” and when all it really takes to get started is a decent camera, some shooting experience, and a website…why not!? But there’s a big difference between dabbling in wedding photography and maybe shooting a few weddings a year and being a full-time wedding photographer who makes a living solely off their craft. In this day and age, competition in the wedding photography industry is at...


How To Get Opportunities To Assist And Second Shoot At Weddings

If you’re just starting out as a wedding photographer, the challenge might not be in getting your own inquiries and bookings but having the opportunity to assist and second shoot at weddings at all. Before you can start attracting your own clients, you need to build a solid portfolio and reputation, which can only come from experience in photographing weddings and learning on the job. But it can be tricky to get these opportunities, with many established wedding photographers already...


You're Worth Exactly What You Charge As A Wedding Photographer

As wedding photographers, we often struggle with questions surrounding how much we should be charging. Is our pricing too high for the market we’re in (and therefore preventing prospective clients from booking us) or maybe we could be charging a little more than we are? In this podcast episode, I’ll share with you my idea that you’re worth exactly what you charge as a wedding photographer. Whether a couple decides to hire you doesn’t just come down to pricing, buy your work as a wedding...


Providing Value And Being A High-Demand Wedding Photographer To Others

Following on from last week’s podcast episode about what makes you stand out and different from other wedding photographers, I wanted to chat about how you can use that to be a marketable and high-demand wedding photographer, providing a lot of value, that clients, venues and vendors want to work with. Creating a successful wedding photography business is all about “leverage” and establishing yourself so that you have the upper hand in your negotiations and relationships with clients,...


What Makes You Stand Out From Other Wedding Photographers

It’s a simple question but an important one - what makes you different and better than other wedding photographers? In today’s world, the wedding photography market is completely saturated and we’re up against so much competition. So what is it about you that makes you stand out from other wedding photographers and not only make prospective clients want to hire you but also be willing to pay the prices you charge? Chances are we’re quite biased about our own photography. We see our work...


How My Wife Impacted My Wedding Photography Business

When this podcast episode airs, it’s going to be exactly five years to the day since I married my wife, Charlene. So I wanted to take some time out to share with my listeners just how much she means to me and has impacted my life, both personally and as a small business owner. As wedding photographers, our families’ lives often revolve around our businesses, so it’s important to reflect on the role our significant others play in helping us do what we do and show them some...