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#66 - The Relics of Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral

18 relics will be laid in the main altar and chapel altar of Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral. These sacred relics of those who have gone before us in faith, are a unifying reminder of the universality of our faith and the Communion of Saints. Msgr. David Brockman joins Billy Atwell for a discussion of what relics are, how they are used in he Church, and whose relics will be in Raleigh's new cathedral.


#65 - Whole Person Medical Care with Dr. Patrick O'Connell

Dr. Patrick O’Connell recently left a traditional medical practice to start Sentinel Primary Care, a practice that bucks the current trend of higher cost, less time with your doctor, and zero-to-little guidance on the moral implication of certain medical options. A devout Catholic and North Carolina native, Dr. O’Connell took a leap of faith by starting a medical practice that fits perfectly with his Catholic faith. It hasn’t been without its challenges, but listen/watch to hear his story...


#64 "May Your Will Be Done" with Bishop Emery Kibal, C.P.

Bishop Emery Kibal, C.P. from the Diocese of Kole in the Democratic Republic of Congo stops by the studio to talk with NC Catholics magazine about his call to be one of the youngest bishops in the world. He also speaks about the challenges in his diocese and his hopes for the people there.


Raleigh To Rome - February 17, 2017

in this week’s news, Cardinal Dolan and Archbishop Lori support the Conscience Protection Act of 2017, the diocese works to shed light on the issue of human trafficking and the Pope speaks about migrants. Also up, a Baltimore nun and priest known for his singing voice, two African Americans with causes for sainthood.


#63 The importance of marriage and how the Church can help with Monica Martinez

Today’s culture often questions whether marriage is still a relevant institution. Many doubt that marriage has any positive impact on society. While divorce rates are high and a growing number of children are raised without both parents in the home, the Catholic Church remains steadfast in its support of families and upholding the critical, sacred role of marriage. Monica Martinez, the new senior director of married life for the Diocese of Raleigh, shares her thoughts on why the permanent...


#62 Worship and Evangelization Through Music with Ben Walther

Host Billy Atwell speaks with singer, songwriter, and worship-leader Ben Walther on the way music can embolden and give lift to someone’s faith. He shares his experiences traveling the country leading groups of people in prayer and worship all the while living up to his responsibilities as a husband and father of 6 children. Music has an ability to take a complex or challenging idea and unlock it in the heart of the person who listens to it. For those looking to explore the intersection of...


#61 - Capturing The Faith In Art with Gerry Siver

Host Billy Atwell speaks with local artist, Gerry Siver who has completed two impressive pieces of art inside the Diocese of Raleigh. One is of a replica of a painting of St. Thomas More for St. Thomas More Academy in Raleigh. The other, an original portrait of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati for St. Catherine of Siena Church in Wake Forest. He talks about his Renaissance style of painting and the inspiration for his latest works.


#60 - Mindfully Merry in Advent with Maureen O'Connell

Challenges and problems are part of everyday life. Do you approach them from a stressful standpoint? Maureen O’Connell, a licensed professional counselor, shares how the practice of mindfulness can create peace, especially during Advent.


#59 - Bishop Burbidge: Looking back and his new assignment

Bishop Burbidge takes a look back and talks about his new assignment.


#58 -Do prisoners really deserve forgiveness?

Deaon Mike Vandiver has dedicated much of his life to serving the Catholic Church and finding ways to offer his efforts in service of those who have been abandoned. Bishop Burbidge recently asked Deacon Vandiver to take charge of the diocesan prison ministry with the goal of expanding outreach and the Sacraments to as many prisons as possible. Deacon Vandiver sat down for an interview about some of the common issues faced by prisoners, how the Church calls us to balance forgiveness with...


#57 - God works through good times and bad, with Sonja Corbitt

Author, speaker, and radio host Sonja Corbitt stopped by the Diocese of Raleigh studios for an interview on A Catholic Life podcast. She spoke about her rocky road to Catholicism, her struggle with authority, and the amazing things God can reveal through suffering.She has produced several high-impact, uplifting multimedia Bible studies, including Unleashed, Soul of the World, Fearless, and Ignite. She is also the host of Bible Study Evangelista on Breakbox Media internet radio.


#54 - NC youth headed to World Youth Day in Poland

More than 40 youth, young adults, and chaperones are traveling to Poland, home of St. John Paul II, for the pilgrimage of a lifetime. Led by diocesan senior director of youth and young adults and parish leaders like Georgie Clemens, the young people will pray with Catholics from around the world, learn more about their faith, and return to be catalysts in their communities when they return. Learn more about what the pilgrims can expect in this edition of A Catholic Life.


#53 -Dr. Mary Healy on suffering and miraculous healing in the Bible

Esteemed professor and author Dr. Mary Healy joined host Billy Atwell for an interview on A Catholic Life podcast. She spoke about some of the most radical healing miracles in the Bible, the various reasons why Christ heals, miraculous healings in the Church’s history, Redemptive Suffering, and more. One part you won’t want to miss is when she addresses the balance in recognizing the good that God can bring out of suffering, while always recognizing that suffering is an objective evil.


#52 - Serving God and Humanity

Host Billy Atwell speaks to Sister Catherine Okechuku, foundress of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament of Onitsha about establishing a house and headquarters here in the diocese. She talks about her own vocation and what motivated her to create the order. She also speaks about their dedication to serve the elderly, the sick and the poor as well as religious education and the production of liturgical vesture and sacred vessels.


#51 - Faith, Family and Music with Annie Moses Band

While on a recent tour of the area, 2 members of the family music group, Annie Moses Band dropped by our studio. Billy Atwell spoke with Ben and Alex Wolaver about their music, their family and their deep faith.


#50 - On the Road Back to Faith with Jeff Cavins

Hosts Billy Atwell and Judy Paparozzi (Carolina Catholic) had the unique opportunity to talk to author, speaker, radio and tv host, Jeff Cavins. Jeff talked about his long and sometimes hard faith journey back to the Catholic faith. He talked about the importance of scripture study and “The Great Adventure” bible study series he created. He also shared his great memories of his dear friend, Mother Angelica, founder of EWTN.


#49 - The Life of St. Thomas More

Host Billy Atwell speaks with Luke Farley, Raleigh lawyer and president of the St. Thomas More Society of the Triangle. They discuss the remarkable life of St Thomas More, patron saint of lawyers, politicians and statesmen.


#48 - Bishop Burbidge on new churches, ISIS, Cathedral progress, disaster relief, and more!

Host Billy Atwell sits down with Bishop Burbidge to highlight some recent events in the diocese and answer questions from the faithful. They discuss ISIS, Cathedral progress, disaster response, new churches and more.


#47 -Dr. Kevin Lee - Religious Influence on Law and Culture

Billy Atwell speaks to Dr. Kevin P. Lee, professor at Campbell Law School about the influence of religion on law and culture in the United States as well as around the world.


#46 - Finding Faith In The Stars

Billy Atwell speaks to Fr. Robert Schriber, parochial vicar of Our Lady of Lourdes, who recently participated in a Vatican Observatory astronomy workshop. Fr. Schriber talks about his love of astronomy,, the Vatican Observatory and how looking up to the stars deepens his faith.