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In Conversation with Dr. Laura Markham – Episode 014 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

Dr. Laura Markham is (in my eyes) the Queen of Peaceful Parenting. I have been lucky enough to hear her talk in London several years ago, taken her 12 week course and read her two wonderful books. Calm parenting, Happy Kids and Calm Parenting, Happy Siblings. *side note in America these are know as Peaceful Parenting - rather than Calm parenting I have been fortunate enough to speak to Dr. Laura, and we discuss all things peaceful parenting, where her own interested started, and if she...


The Free From Fad Myth – Episode 013 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

Free from products are appearing in waves at supermarkets now and as a mum to two children who suffer from allergies and a vegan myself, I couldn't be happier. However, more now than ever, I am seeing an increase of children with allergies but also trouble with parents actually getting a diagnosis. Not only that but people, tend to not believe you when you list off a host of allergens. I'm pretty lucky that I have some very supportive friends, but that isn't to say I haven't come across...


The Permissive Myth – Episode 012 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

People seem to think if you a Permissive parent (you never say no), if aren't authoritarian by punishing your children to learn, putting them in timeouts and giving them a small "tap" to learn. How will they ever learn without a good dose of fear and adult rule? It is actually the "Authoritative" ( not be confused with authoritarian) style of parenting I choose to follow, rather than a permissive, let them do anything style. It's important that my children feel safe with me and that comes...


The Sleep Myth .. Episode 011 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

The sleep myth everyone has one. Let's clear it up now. Babies are NOT designed to sleep through the night. If fact it's dangerous for your young baby to sleep that deeply. Know that even the experts have children who don't sleep through the night. I promise you because I teach positive, gentle sleep techniques and I've had a terrible few weeks. I've survived though! I've had to take a break from the podcast as my daughter when through a developmental leap, which, as you guessed it had a...


The Role of the Mother Myth – Episode 011 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

So what is the role of the mother? Now being a stay at home mother I am surprised how often I get asked "when am I going back to work?", "don't I miss being at work?", "don't I want to do something more?". Since when did raising two human beings mean so little? Since when was being a mother not a big enough job? Sadly the worst people for this are women themselves. Yes, sadly the most judgement in my experience have been women who see my role as being a mother somehow a danger to their own...


The Village Myth – Episode 010 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

It takes a Village to raise a child! Yet times have changed from when you could rely on Granny and Mum passing down a bit of parenting knowledge, many of them have also lost their Village or were failed by the system. Gone are the days were Nan could look after the children next door. The Village that once raised a child is now rare. As a society, we have moved further and further away from our immediate family. Studies, jobs, and travel now see us scattered to new corners of the World. If...


In Conversation with Birth Photography – Episode 009 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

Is the UK ready for Birth Photography? Should it not be as important if not more important than having our wedding photos taken? We never get the day our children are born back. Do we, however, have to address what birth is first? For too long birth has been seen as something scary and not embraced, rather than documented as an emotional and natural event. When we learn to love birth will the idea of birth photography become more popular and successful? In this episode, I speak to Hannah...


Nature, Nurture Myth – Episode 008 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

A new year brings new goals and exciting new adventures. It's most popular of the year for people to focus on setting goals of self-development and a great time to draw a line under the previous 12 months. With it though comes the return to reality, the change from the excitement of the break over the festival holidays back to the norm. This is not only for children but for parents too. it can be altogether very overwhelming. Is how we deal with this though down to our own upbringing? Many...


The Hippy Myth – Episode 007 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

It wasn't so long ago a close friend said not to turn into a hippy as they were "weird". Looking back now I actually feel sorry for that friend, that she was so wrapped up in consumerism that she saw love, compassion, living a chemical free, meat-free life and looking after my children in an instinctive way, weird. In fact, it was this reaction that led me to create the title "Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks", taking a step to own the insults given to parents who follow natural...


In conversation about Breastfeeding aversions – Episode 006 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

There is a certain stigma around breastfeeding, certainly after a certain age. I've talked before about my own inability to share my breastfeeding photos. In the UK after 6 months, only 1% of women are exclusively breastfeeding their child. Now, imagine someone told you that breastfeeding can be a highly irritating and agitating experience! Is it not really selling it is it? The problem is that breastfeeding support is poor in the UK at the best of times, let alone supporting mothers who...


The Respect Myth – Episode 005 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

How do we teach our children to respect their elders? Our children are the most vulnerable of society and yet somehow they become the most disrespected of the generations. If we want our children to respect us, aren't we responsible for teaching them what respect is? Don't we have to model it to be able to achieve that? Or is really right that we punish them whilst they learn and find enjoyment in watching and sharing their struggles and frustrations. We have to start and stop and think....


In conversation with Three Good Things – Episode 004 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

As part of the in conversation series I find out what is "Three Good Things" How can it benefit not only our lives but our children's too? I talk to Tamara Waugh about her wonderful work with mental health, looking at alternatives to medication and how this simple practice has changed her life. Tamara and I talk in depth about this gratitude program and what the future holds for her. Three Good Thing links - Facebook, Website, Instagram, Email Shawn Anchor Happiness at work - ted talk...


The Reception Years Myth Episode 003 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

Are children in reception years really playing too much? Ofsted seems to think they are. Should we really expect our 5 years to be able to read and write? or is it time we start looking at a more progressive model similar to the Scandinavians. Telegraphy article mentioned Alfie Kohn reading suggestion Ken Robinson YouTube Intro: Bensound.com


The Christmas Myth – Episode 002 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

Should we be present rather than buying presents? Is it right to tell our children Santa is real? Should the lead-up Christmas be all about bribes and threats? and do we need to remember how hard it really is for children at Christmas? Musing's about the upcoming festive period. Kindest Elves Article mentioned by G.Monbiot Intro music :Bensound.com


The Selfish Mother Myth – Episode 001 - Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks

Is there such a thing as the Selfish Mother - Or are we do we actually need our "me time"? A conversation about getting the right balance of "me time: so you can deal with those everyday stresses or parenting. IntroMusic:- bensound.com