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To God Be the Glory






The Book of Esther

The Book of Esther is a must read. It is another masterpiece of God's unwavering promise to his people. It is also a story of courage by a young Hebrew girl. God wants us to stand up for Him, His people and His Kingdom. Senator Donna Campbell joined us to help talk about this amazing story where a young girl saved her people. Who knows. perhaps God is using you for such a time as this.


Pre Record CCUA

- Advocacy, Social Responsibility and Financial Education are 3 things that Credit Union absolutely do great! The Awards of Excellence are about recognizing the CUs that do them the best. Tell us about this awesome program? - Of course, the CCUA is also thinking about the Future and there are nominations for Young professionals too? Tell us about that? - Some CU pros have dedicated their professional careers to these timeless CU values, you have an award for that as well? - When are...


If You Did not Hear This On Sunday-Coexist? No.

God wants us to coexist as Christians. Nothing less.


ChristCast2020 Year 4 Preview Show

As Kiki and I kick off our 4th year broadcasting together we open up the year from the campus of Howard Payne University New Braunfels. We hear from the new President of HBPU NB Dr. Ben Martin and look ahead to another great year of shows as we make our way through every book of the Bible. Unapologetic truth, 2 Generations with 1 Mission: To Recruit and Army of Digital Disciples for the Glory of God!


Preach the Word

Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. 2 Timothy 4:2. Pastor Garret Kasper will be doing just that. Join us as we talk about his road to ministry, his family and his advice to young people considering a life in service to God and others. This is not a test, its the real thing. To God be the Glory.


The Passion of Jesus Christ 2018 from the Gospel of John

Three Days that changed the world and that can change your life. As our society descends into the chaos of an anti-God secular pursuit of self, we read the story of real suffering, sacrifice and redemtion. Jesus Christ was put to death for a crime he did not commit and on the third day he rose again. To God be the Everlasting Glory.


Costa Rica Mission Trip 2018

When Jesus said "Go and make disciples of all nations." It was not a suggestion. Kiki and her fellow students spent Spring Break 2018 on a mission trip to Costa Rica. We ask her all about it. That and much more. Recorded Live at Chick fil-A Westpointe Village and available in any nation on earth. This is not a test, Its the real thing. To God be the Glory.


The Book of Joshua

God needs warriors. Put down your phone and do something to glorify God. Aron Karnes talks about the challenges and rewards of working with High School students, Kiki, Maddie and many more young people are headed to Costa Rica for a Spring Break 2018 Mission Trip. And we talk about the book of Joshua and why if God is on our side, we can never be defeated. After the death of Moses, God calls on Joshua to lead the Israelites across the Jordan River and take possession of the promised land....


The First Five Books of the Bible and 1 Unbroken Promise

Candidate for Comal County DA Deb Wigington joins us and then we talk about the first five books of the Bible are also known as the books of the law because they contain the laws and instruction given by the Lord through Moses to the people of Israel. These 5 books are relevant for us today. They are important because of the spiritual message God wants to reveal to us. Regardless of the trials and battles going on in your life right now, God can see you through to the Promised Land. This...


The Book of Deuteronomy

The 5th book of the bible is a series of flashbacks, flashforwards and a pause. With Moses as narrator/ author, the book records the Israelites on the verge of entering the Promised Land while Moses stands before them to review all of God's laws. He wants them to have courage as they prepare to fight for the land they've been promised. Listen live or later. This is not a test, its the real thing. Support the Costa Rica Mission Trip at T245


The Book of Numbers

We had great NUMBERS of Christian Athletes, Coaches and Family Members from Cross Lutheran today at Chick fil-A at Westpointe Village. Kiki and I talk about more gender neutral nonsense from within the Christian church and then talk about the book of Numbers and how we can apply it to our daily lives. Follow us on Instagram @christcast2020 and subscribe on I-Tunes podcast at ChristCast2020. Two Generations, One Mission. This is not a test, this is the real thing. To God be the Glory!...


Episode 3 Leviticus

God has Laws. Join us as we talk about the 3rd Book of the Bible. Kiki gets fired up about a cancelled Daddy-Daughter Dance, and she is spot on. Man, Woman. That is it. That is all of it. Have doubts? Just consult the first page of the Bible. And the book of Leviticus, because God has rules. This is not a test, its the real thing.Support the Spring Break mission to Costa Rica at


The Great Commission and The Book of Exodus

Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations. batpizing them in the name of the Father the Son and The Holy Spirit. Paige Van RysWyk and her friends are going to Costa Rica during Spring Break 2018 to live out the Great Commision. Support them here: We also discuss the book of Exodus. We are Digital Disciples and this is not a test, its the real thing. Listen live or later.


A Year of Invitation Genesis

Let this be a year of invitation. Invite a co-worker to church or a friend to youth group. God invites us to live in his world in harmony with him and others. Classic Kiki as we broadcast live from Chick fil-A at Westpointe Village, New Braunfels, Tx -Republic There of. This is not a test, its the real thing.


Keep Christ in Christmas 2017 Live from the Brauntex

Join Kiki and Jason as we broadcast the 5th annual Keep Christ in CHRISTmas concert live from the Brauntex Theater in Downtown New Braunfels, Tx. This amazing event is always a hit and if you can't make it you can listen online or listen to all the great songs again after the show airs! Merry Christmas and To God be the GLORY!


Pastor Adam Cork and Keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas

Pastor Adam Cork of Grace Church talks about the concert this Sunday. Here is the link for the concert this Sunday:


Give Thanks to God

All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God. 2: Corinthians 4:15 Travis Wuest Joins us to talk about Every day in December, the entire park will be filled with the joy of the season. Natural Bridge Caverns will celebrate the 2017 holiday season, by combining the sights and sounds of the holidays with its...


VBS and the Houston Astros

Back in 1977 I went to see my first professional baseball game at the Houston Astrodome. It was a reward for attending all 5 days of VBS at Kirby Baptist Church. Although my parents were both Massachusetts natives and I was and am a Boston Red Sox fan, it was a day I have never forgotten. It was at the old Astrodome and it was the first time I had seen professional baseball live and in person. I will never forsake the Red Sox, but I am happy for the Astros fans and could not help thinking...


Reformation 500

500 years ago this month Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to castle door in Wittenburg, Germany. We help celebrate on the show today. What better way than to broadcast from Cross Lutheran Church and School. We interview Pastor Don Fraker and were joined by Kari Lettow's Mighty Eagle Graduating Class of 2017-2018. To God be the Everlasting Glory!


NBCA Football Game 6

Play by play with Gary Heatherly starts at 7:30.