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Encouraging the Power, Hope, and Purpose of Christ in Everyday Life

Encouraging the Power, Hope, and Purpose of Christ in Everyday Life
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Encouraging the Power, Hope, and Purpose of Christ in Everyday Life




Ep71. The Unexplainable Church with Erica Wiggenhorn

Coffee Talk Topic: The Unexplainable Church based on the book of acts according to author, Erica Wiggenhorn.


Ep70. Breaking Barriers with Gratitude with Brandee Nielsen

Coffee Talk Topic: Breaking Barriers with Gratitude This episode’s coffee talk topic encompasses Breaking Barriers with Gratitude, and celebrates Thanksgiving Holiday in the USA, as well as our two year anniversary as a podcast! Melodie Beattie said that “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Host Brandee Nielsen says "this powerful truth changed my life and helped me overcome a long, deep and dark oppression in codependency....


Ep69. Making Lasting Connections with Your Kids

Coffee Talk Topic: Making Lasting Connections with Your Kids This episode’s coffee talk topic encourages parents to make lasting connections with their kids by being a Read Aloud family! Deuteronomy 6:5-10 (NIV) tells parents to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road,...


Ep68. There Is Hope with Tina Levene

Coffee Talk Topic: There Is Hope This episode's coffee talk topic encourages us that no matter our situation or circumstance, there is hope! The Old Testament teaches us that hope is trust. In the New Testament, Paul says that Jesus Christ is our hope, just as the Prophet Jeremiah proclaimed that God is the hope of Israel. Featured Guest: Tina Levene Tina Levene is an author, speaker, a humorous motivator, and professional staff development trainer. Levene works with businesses,...


Ep67. A Light So Lovely with Hannah Brencher and Sarah Arthur

Coffee Talk Topic: A Light So Lovely This episode's coffee talk topic illuminates a light so lovely it begs us to identify and know it’s source, as well as encourages us to amplify it through our God-given gifts. Even in the face of life’s challenges such as breast cancer, or chasing the next best thing that never comes. We're joined by two guests who exemplify this light in the face of life’s pain, who share powerful testimonies sure to encourage us through the source of light for every...


Ep66. Trading Shame for Joy with Denise Pass and Candace Payne

Coffee Talk Topic: Trading Shame for Joy This episode's coffee talk topic encourages us to trade shame for joy, so that those who have lost joy to shame in their lives, will regain the courage to seek and find it again.


Ep65. Joy in Conflict with Joe Battaglia

Coffee Talk Topic: Joy in Conflict Host Brandee Nielsen asked Joe Battaglia, "is it even possible to experience joy in conflict?" This episode explores the possibility that it may be the very conflict between two people that brings them together. “The more we become ideologues on any side of any aisle, the more we’re going to become separated from people. Jesus never wanted to be separated from people. How do you share the gospel with someone you never want to talk to, who you think is...


Ep64. Married Couples In Ministry

Coffee Talk Topic: Married Couples in Ministry This episode's coffee talk topic inspires Married Couples in Ministry on a special episode that features two separate interviews, with two amazing married couples for Christ. Featured Guest No. 1: Scott and Bethany Palmer, The Money Couple Scott and Bethany Palmer are Financial Advisors, collectively known as “The Money Couple.” They're one of God's Married Couples in Ministry, with a specific assignment to help others strengthen their...


Ep63. Overcoming Dysfunctional Coping Skills with Cole Ian

Coffee Talk Topic: Overcoming Dysfunctional Coping Skills Dysfunctional coping skills involve how we react to life’s difficult challenges. We all have them, though they are more severe in some than in others. Host Brandee Nielsen says "Dysfunctional coping skills cause us to react in ways that are disproportionate with reality. These reactions can rob our joy, as well as the joy in those who are closest to us. I maintain that when believers react by bearing the fruit of the spirit during...


Ep62. The Mini Mind and The Mind with Kelly Balarie

Coffee Talk Topic: The Mini-Mind and The Mind The heart tells the mind what to do. In other words, our hearts direct our minds. This episode’s coffee talk topic explores the mini-mind vs the mind in a powerful interview with Kelly Ballarie. Host Brandee Nielsen admits “during the summer of 2018, I took a 10-week break from publishing episodes but continued to conduct interviews. I recorded Kelly’s when I was questioning if what I’m doing by interviewing people who convey God’s messages...


Ep61. Fighting Fear with Fact with Robin Bertram

Coffee Talk Topic: Fighting Fear with Fact Have you ever thought that someone didn’t like you simply because they didn’t respond when you expected? Maybe they didn’t return a smile toward you while walking by. When this happens, do you internalize the worst possible scenarios and put yourself down or wallow in self-pity? Do you create reasons to believe this person is not a good person? Even worse, do you gossip about this person and sabotage any potential relationship all because you...


Ep60. They're Your Kids with Sam Sorbo

Coffee Talk Topic: They’re Your Kids Your kids are just that, your kids! You get the sole privilege and obligation to decide and direct their course in life, above any institution. Today we're joined by one of the most enthusiastic and outspoken warriors for Christ we’ve had the honor to host, in Mrs. Sam Sorbo! Sam returns to Christian Coffee Talk to share about her book, They're Your Kids. An inspirational journey from Self-Doubter to Home-School Advocate. Host Brandee Nielsen says “Sam...


Ep59. Open Door Living with Jen Schmidt

Coffee Talk Topic: Open Door Living Open Door Living means to live in a posture of Hospitality as an act of service, to glorify God everywhere you are. Host Brandee Nielsen says: “In Romans 12:13 Paul teaches us to “always be eager to practice hospitality. The definition of the word hospitality means the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. I bet the first thing that comes to mind is about hosting guests in your home. This is one way to do...


Ep58. Sex By God's Design with Mary Whitman Ortiz

Coffee Talk Topic: Sex By God’s Design This episode is all about sex. Yikes! Did I just write that? Well yes, in a Godly sense within marriages that is. We’ll dive deep into why women may experience intimacy blocks in their marriage, and how she can break them! Host Brandee Nielsen says, “let’s be real, we are not all having healthy sexual relationships with our husbands as God intended for us to enjoy. On the contrary, there are many women who loathe even the thought of it.” Let’s find...


Ep57. A Trophy of God's Grace with Mona Giordano

Coffee Talk Topic: A Trophy of God’s Grace This episode covers Ephesians 2:1-10 and what it means to be a trophy of God’s grace. Host Brandee Nielsen says “Ephesians 2 teaches us a powerful truth about who we are in Christ. We learn that through Christ’s victory over sin and death, we are beholden as a trophy of God’s grace. We are created with good works prepared in advance for us to do, and to serve as His image bearer.” Featured Guest: Mona Giordano Mona Giordano is one special lady who...


Ep56. Crushing Comparison with Nicki Koziarz

Coffee Talk Topic: Crushing Comparison Today’s coffee talk topic encourages us to stop comparing ourselves to others! Host Brandee Nielsen says “pop-culture continually reminds us that we are not good enough if we don’t look like this or don't have that, etc. Comparison is one of the enemy's most suitable platforms for wielding his campaign against us. Comparing ourselves to others can impact our emotional health and sense of self-confidence in alarming ways. And there is a spiritual impact...


Ep55. Finding Rest with Shaunti Feldhan

Coffee Talk Topic: Finding Rest This show’s coffee talk topic encourages us to find rest for our “souls” in a way that I'm sure is not commonly understood when we think of resting, and what Jesus was really saying when He told us to come to Him to find rest for our souls. Featured Guests: Shaunti Feldhan We’re joined by Shaunti Feldhan, who’s a best-selling author, and a groundbreaking social researcher with a master’s degree from Harvard University, to talk about her new book and first...


Ep54. The Rescuing Power of Jesus Christ with Cori Salchert, Sarah Malanowski, Ivory Granger

Coffee Talk Topic: The Rescuing Power of Jesus Christ This show highlights The Rescuing Power of Jesus Christ in two separate interviews. The dialogue details some of the world’s darkest and most painful circumstances; Hospice Care for babies, and, Freedom for those impacted by sex abuse. You'll want to be prepared with tissue and coffee in hand! Featured Guests: Cori Salchert, Sarah Malanowski, and Ivory Granger. Our first guest is Cori Salchert. Cori calls her home a “house of hope” for...


Ep53. Staying Connected to God in a Distracted Culture with Kathleen Cooke

Coffee Talk Topic: Staying Connected to God in a Distracting Culture Staying connected to God requires practice in our digital age. The Bible is a number one bestseller, yet so few read it. Did you read the Bible today? Did you read anything in the Bible at all this week? What distracts you from reading the Bible four or more times per week? This episode covers many of them! As well as a Study called Scientific Evidence for the Power of 4, which revealed statistics that if you do, it will...