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To build a Christ-centered home, you go first (Episode 106]



Why Our Kids Don't Date and How We Accomplished It - Episode 105

Why our kids do not date This post is not about dating VS courtship... so you can relax. This post is about the wisdom (or lack of wisdom) that is inherent in the cultural practice of dating... and what can be done about it in YOUR family. When my oldest son was very small, my wife and I prayerfully decided that our children would not "date" in the typical sense of the word. Our experiences had not been all that great, and we knew there had to be a better way for a Christ-centered family...


Loving The Personal Weakness of Your Spouse [Ep 104]

Our culture tends to be a really self centered. There is not much grace for the personal weakness of others. And so, in step with our culture, a lot of the things that you hear talked about when it comes to the difficulties of married life have to do with one of the partners being bothered by the actions or attitudes of the other partner. As a result we hear complaining - we hear wishes of the things that the other spouse would do differently - and I think while that’s totally...


How a commitment to personal freedom is gutting Christian parenting [Ep 103]

A while back my wife and I were talking about absolutes... As we sat over coffee at our favorite local hangout (my favorite drink is a "Honey Badger," with a little extra "badger" - you should try one), we were trying to soak in the blessings God has poured out on our lives. We both teared up at times (which happens when you realize how much you don't deserve all the goodness you get from God). ><><><>< Subscribe to the CHAF Podcast On Android | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play...


The KEY to raising godly children (OR: God-fearing children and the parents who raise them ) [Ep 102]

Why would I throw in my thoughts on such a popular and written-to-death sort of subject? Because what I consider to be the KEY to raising godly children has not been said enough, or loudly enough. Subscribe to the CHAF Podcast On Android | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | Podbean | Spreaker | Email The key to raising godly children is to first be a godly parent. Don't hear me saying you have to be perfect. Don't hear me saying you have to make no mistakes. DO hear me...


What Does It Mean to Be a Spiritual Leader? : A Challenge for Husbands [Ep 101]

A spiritual leader is not the person who has all the right, holy-sounding answers. A spiritual leader is a person who humbly goes first in serving others. That’s one of the many lessons I’ve learned about what it means to be a spiritual leader in my family over the past almost-30 years. This episode of the Christian Home and Family podcast is aimed at gaining a greater understanding of two of the key biblical passages that speak to the issue of spiritual leadership in the home. In each of...


Parenting from the Bible, the Death of Fluffy, and Dealing With Reality [Ep 100]

I hope it’s your desire to learn everything you need to know about parenting from the Bible. I say that because, in my experience, the Bible is all we need. Psychology has its place, as do good books from Christian authors. But in the end, the truth expressed in scripture about how we live our lives as Christ-followers applies across the board. That means that how the Bible instructs us to behave as Christians can and should be applied to the way we lead, teach, and discipline our...


The Foundation of a Marriage that Honors Christ - part 4 of 4 [Ep 99]

The foundation of a marriage is an important thing. That’s because foundations are important. You don’t think about them much, but without them everything falls apart. Behind the three vital things I’ve covered in the last few episodes - Commitment, Communication, and Connection - there rests a foundation that holds them all in place. And like the foundation of a house, without this foundation every marriage, Christian or not, will be far less than what it was intended to be. What is...


The 3rd “C” of a Christ-Honoring Marriage: Connection [Ep 98]

The kind of marriage connection you want is possible… But you have to understand that it’s built upon other things - the individual relationships you and your spouse have with God through Christ, AND the healthy, ongoing communication you establish with each other. Only then, can the connection and unity you desire in your marriage come to fruition. This episode is the 3rd talk I gave at a recent marriage retreat on the 3 Cs of a Christ-honoring marriage. Subscribe to the CHAF...


Christian Marriage: Communication is Key - part 2 of 4 [Ep 97]

In a Christian marriage, communication is one of the foundational things that enables man and wife to live together in harmony. But more important is the WHY it’s so vital. It’s because without communication a wife and her husband are unable to understand the state of the other’s ongoing commitment to Christ and be of benefit to them in that journey. This audio is the 2nd in a series of talks I gave recently at a marriage retreat. We had some technical issues with my recording device (cell...


Commitment: The 1st C of a Christ-Centered Marriage - Part 1 of 4 [Ep 96]

More I was recently asked to speak at a marriage retreat here in the mountains of Colorado. My topic, for four sessions was this... The 3 Cs of a Christ-Honoring Marriage Those 3 Cs are: Commitment, Communication, and Connection. This episode features the first of those talks - Commitment. And it's not the kind of commitment you might think of when you consider marriage. Take a listen to this episode to find out about the...


Marriage Restoration Is Possible: Take These Steps [Ep. 95]

I am one of those people who believes that marriage restoration is possible for any Christ-following couple who is willing to seek God for the type of healing that only He can bring. I’ve seen it happen. So I can confidently say that there is hope for your marriage if you are willing to humbly submit to God’s plan for restoring it. This episode of the podcast is a recording I made as I was driving to pick up my wife from the airport after a visit to her sister’s home in North Carolina. The...


The Good Stewardship of Your Family Is A BIG Deal [Ep. 94]

This one is my story - of how I learned the importance of good stewardship - not over the money or possessions I have been given - but over something much more important. The PEOPLE in my life. Contact me at


A prayer for my grandsons - from The Parable of The Sower

On becoming "Grand-Pop" As I've been considering the implications of the birth of this second generation that has sprung from me, I've been sobered. Though Wyatt's upbringing falls mainly on my son and his sweet wife, Hannah, I have a deep conviction in my soul that I am responsible in some very important ways as well. Here are some of the things that come to mind: A great pattern for prayer Though I've been a believer in Christ for many years, and have practiced prayer for all that time,...


Letting Go Of Adult Children And Taking Hold Of The Faithfulness Of God [Ep 92]

Many parents, Christian or otherwise, have the hardest time letting go of adult children. There’s no easy way to do it and no magic formula that makes everything turn out perfectly. But there is a realization that I’ve come to as I’ve watched 3 of my children move into adulthood: God is faithful - even now - even after I’ve not done everything I could have done to set them on the best path possible. Now that your kids are adults, are you beating yourself up about the way you raised...


God’s Faithfulness in Seasons of Change [Ep 91]

Seasons of change are part of life. There’s no avoiding it. Sometimes the season can linger for much longer than we like. Other times it’s fairly brief. And as is common for almost everyone, change is hard to handle. The same goes for me. I’ve been away from the Christian Home and Family podcast and website for some time. You may have seen a few blog posts pop up here and there when something was on my heart, but the truth is that I’ve been anything but consistent. This episode of the...


Podcast 90 – How to stop family conflicts - Radical faith for generations | family, faith, parenting, marriage, Christian life, spiritual life

Family conflicts can make life inside the home horrendous. Nobody wants to be around when arguing, fighting, and complaining are the norm. So how do you get past the arguing? You get past it by preventing it in the first place. And you do that through working hard toward every person in the family having a right relationship with God.


Podcast 89 – How to stop sinning - Radical faith for generations | family, faith, parenting, marriage, Christian life, spiritual life

Yes, really. I know we'd all like to know how to stop sinning, and the truth is that the Bible gives us plain, simple instructions for how to do it. But even though it's simple, it's not easy. Every believer in Christ has the opportunity to apply what John says (1 John) and stop sinning. It's a daily, step by step discipline we have to develop. This episode of the podcast is going to highlight the only path to stop sinning, and give some tips on how to move in that direction.


Podcast 88 – God is light, and what it means for your family! - Radical faith for generations | family, faith, parenting, marriage, Christian life, spiritual life

God seems to love illustrations and symbols. The scriptures are full of them: sheep, goats, seeds, plants, vines, brides and bridegrooms, light, darkness - you get the idea. This episode uses the biblical illustration of light to show you a fun and effective way that you can use light to teach your family that God is light, and what that means for their lives.


Podcast 87 – 30 day Bible saturation for spiritual growth - Radical faith for generations | family, faith, parenting, marriage, Christian life, spiritual life

There are a million different ways you could get into the scriptures and get the scriptures into you. But here's one that's honestly new to me, taught to me by my daughter. I call it the 30 day Bible saturation, and it's really a cool way to get yourself immersed in some of the main themes of scripture in a very contextual way.