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Sunday Special 8/12/18

Hello friends and welcome to the podcast! Today we are dissecting the influential pastor Rick Warren. A lot of opinions are thrown around about this megapastor, so we discuss the various opinions of him. Is he a wolf in sheep's clothing? Or is he a pastor with a poor view of growing the church for Christ? We discuss both sides and hear straight from Rick Warren himself! God bless and have a wonderful Sabbath day.


LeBron James School Scam, FDA Mice Research, Ben Shapiro vs Ocasio-Cortez!

Hello friends and welcome to the podcast! -LeBron James and Akron citizens funding his "I Promise" school (Beginning - 13:25) -FDA to acquire "fresh aborted baby parts" to make mice with human immune systems...Is this a new level of evil? Genesis 6 anyone? (13:25 - 24:00) -Ben Shapiro offers 10k to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's campaign for open debate (24:00 - 28:45) -Ending our 1 John study (28:45 - end) God bless!


Alex Jones, Candace Owens, Willow Creek, Age of the Earth!

Hello friends and welcome in to the podcast! -Alex Jones and the coup against him (Beginning - 13:00) -Candace Owens and Twitter suspension (13:00 - 18:28) -Bill Hybels and Willow Creek Church (18:29 - 29:19) -Reading Genesis to prove the young earth theory (29:19 - end) God bless!


Sunday Special 8/5/2018

Hello friends and welcome to the podcast! -Voddie Baucham and homosexuality (0:16 - 11:41) -Pulpit and Pen vs Facebook "Pastor" Greg Locke (11:41 - 23:20) -President Trump and LGBT candidates (23:20 - End) God bless!


Arminian Doctrine

Hello and welcome to the podcast! First, I will go on a mini rant about the age of the earth and the difficulties regarding loving debate. Today we focus mainly on the Arminian Doctrine and the inconsistencies that it provides us. MacArthur does not hold back! Must listen! God bless!


Ryan Ries, Todd Friel, Jason A, OH MY!

Welcome to the podcast! Today is a quick podcast as I talk about my top three most influential Christians in my life today. Jason A is the top YouTube channel. Wretched Radio is my favorite podcast, followed by Live with Ryan Ries. God is working in all aspects of our world and these three men are being led in very different ways. God bless


Facebook Stock Plunge and Beginning 1 John 5!

Hello and welcome to the podcast! Today we begin our study of 1 John 5. This chapter is so important to us as we can have confidence that our faith is victorious over the world. We also read that obedience in faith is not burdensome and this leads me to discuss false salvation worries. We also discuss the recent news in the Facebook world and how we should not be so addicted to our smart phones. God bless!


Can We Find Comfort in the Decree of Election?

Hello again and welcome to the podcast! -I begin the podcast by discussing the recent news I found out about my late grandfather. -How do we take comfort with the thought that our loved ones might not be in heaven? -Can we find comfort in the decree of election? -We continue the text in the Biblical Doctrine book by Dr. John MacArthur pg 494-496. God bless!


Does God's Love Abide in You?

Hello and welcome to the podast! -Does God's Love abide in you? -We can find confidence because God is in us. -Love casts out fear. -Loving your brother is an example of God living within you. God bless!


God Has Chosen you from the Beginning - Election Podcast

Hello and welcome to the podcast! Today we continue our study of the decree of Election through John MacArthur's study. I end the podcast discussing the importance of striving to be a beautiful Bride of Christ. God bless!


Sunday Special 7/15/18

Hello and welcome to the podcast! Today we are discussing the topic of vaccinating our children. We are talking about the ramifications for standing up for what you believe in, even when it disappoints loved ones. I am still trying to figure out why loved ones are willing to distance themselves from others because of this debate. Am I putting my child at risk or am I trusting in the Lord in the way that I think is right for my family? God bless!


Dissecting How to Love Like Christ (1John Study Podcast)

Hello and welcome to the podcast! -How do we witness to loved ones that are following a false gospel? -How do we witness to loved ones that are not Christian? -Continuing to try and remember while I witness how patient God was with me while I was following a false gospel. -My last church is calling Baptism weekend "Water Weekend"? God bless!


Called According to His Purpose Continued

Hello and welcome to the podcast! We are starting a new route today on our quest to better understand the Election and Calvinism in general. Not only are we using the Theology section in the John MacArthur Study Bible, but we are adding his Biblical Doctrine book to better understand what we are researching. Today we are beginning his teachings in the Biblical Doctrine text. I also talk about my experience drinking straight fish oil. God bless!


Sunday Special 7/8/18

Hello and welcome to the podcast! -Feminist is confused when she sees an "affluent" black man with conservative bumper stickers on vehicle. Vents on Twitter! -2/3 of Generation Z identifies as exclusively heterosexual. Does this correlate to declining Christian numbers? -Trump tweeting about NYT and WaPo Twitter accounts being banned for fake news. Too far or just right? -China ordering pastors to reveal congregation information and report children at church. Why are Christians in China...


Beginning 1 John 4 and Discussing False Gospels

Welcome to the podcast! -Today we begin by discussing our recent election podcast and my recap to these studies. -My favorite ANTI Calvinist podcast Soteriology 101. -Diving in to 1 John 4: 1-6. -Discussing false doctrines, teachers, and salvation. -What is our role in rooting these evils out? How should we treat our brothers and sisters that have fallen into this trap and ways to get out of it. God bless!


Called According to His Purpose

Hello and welcome to the podcast! Today we are starting our first podcast diving into the doctrine of Calvinism. This is the first episode of a lengthy series dedicated to teaching Calvinism through the scriptures and notes from our John MacArthur Study Bible. Today we cover Romans 8: 28-30 and Eph 1: 4-11. We are dedicated to honoring Jesus Christ through this podcast series and hope that you find great joy and peace knowing that we have been called for His Glory. God Bless


Episode 27 - Assurance of Our Faith, Concluding our 1John 3 Study

Hello and welcome to the podcast! -Today we are concluding our verse by verse study of 1John chapter 3. Tuesday we will be starting to study chapter 4 of 1John. -What a great feeling it is to be assured salvation by loving in deed and truth as we learn today right at the beginning. -Most of us have lived under a false salvation. We grew up in church and believed all that we were taught but were never really saved. I discuss this yet again as the passage we study brings us assurance of our...


Episode 26 - Christ's Love and 1John 3: 11-18

Hello and welcome to the podcast! -Today we discuss the importance of a repenting faith and living with Christ's love. -Why do I not discuss current topics as much as I used to? -Steps we can take to keep ourselves from stumbling and a quick look at things that I do so I do not stumble into sin. -Christ's love is difficult, but it is the most important commandment! God bless!


Episode 25 - Ex-LGBTs Fight Back, 1John 3: 4-10

-Hello and welcome to the podcast! -Ex-LGBTQ people fight back against California AB2943. What does this mean for the progressive Christianity movement? What does this mean for orthodox Christianity? -This article ties in directly to 1John 3:4-10. This is such an important passage in 1John, I strongly suggest that you take time to study this passage. God bless!


Episode 24 - Crossfit Fiasco and Pennsylvania Catholic Church

Hello and welcome to the podcast! -Crossfit ex-executive Russell Berger and my reaction to his interview on Apologia Radio. -The Roman Catholic Church is in some hot water as court documents on a statewide investigation are set to be released to the public by the end of June, detailing abuse cases involving priests. -We end the podcast by discussing 1John 2:28-33. This ends our study on chapter 2 and we will be heading into chapter 3 on Thursday. God bless!