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Our Greatest Good, God’s Greatest Glory

Camels in snowstorms, using your insignificant hobbies for significant relationships, and emergency thanksgiving rations. As always we start out off the wall, but somehow always land on topic. Pastor Chris Dodson leads our Psalm 118:21 key verse convo asking, “Isn’t it great that we have a God who answers our prayers?” Absolutely. But what is our reaction if He says, “No?”


Keshers – It’s Not a Brand of Shoe

Mike and Nathaniel are cool, and Heather drools! Punching bears in the nose, millennial Monopoly – ALL the important news stories are discussed, but we’re all really here for the key verse convo. Pastor Nathaniel introduces “keshers” in our discussion of Isaiah 25. Here’s the deal – life can be very difficult, and you don’t need to be thankful for hardships, but you can be thankful IN everything. Listen now to learn why!


Spill-Your-Guts, Vehement Thanksgiving

Somehow, Heather managed to tie in a story about an overzealous sheepdog to our theme of thanksgiving (it was a stretch!) but boy! Once we got there, did we ever get cooking! Things got real with Pastor Rodney Zedicher (a.k.a. “The Long-haired One”) as he ushered us into the mind of King David, the rawness of prayer, the heart of God, and the response of thanksgiving. Added bonus: a special appearance by Pastor Chad Johnson.


The Gospel Perspective on Social Justice

The Buzzword is “Social Justice.” But if you ask people to define what that means, you’ll get a profusion of contradicting definitions. Paul Seger, General Director of Biblical Ministries Worldwide joins Mike and Heather to tackle the issue from a Gospel perspective. Are Christians supposed to care for the needs of the downtrodden, the persecuted, and the abandoned? Yeppers! But roll up your sleeves, friend! There’s so much more!


Our God, Invested

Mike and Heather are like little tea bags, steeping slowly in the richness of God’s word! Jesus’s good friend, Lazarus is sick. Jesus tarries. Lazarus dies. It could be a sad end to the story, but Jesus won’t have any of it. Do you think God is unaffected by your burdens and dashed hopes? Au, contraire mon frere! Dig deeper and listen up! Jesus is much more invested in you than you think!


Working, Growing, Stretching

It’s a goofy start! Heather shares her first impression of a pork rind and Pastor Jeremy Howard checks off a bucket list item, crumpling paper on radio (huh?). And then the good stuff begins - We all get what growing in knowledge means, but what does growing in the grace of Jesus mean? Before you shrug your shoulders in bewilderment, Pastor Jeremy paints a pretty clear picture of the relationship between faith and a life given to God. This broadcast is filled with Good News truth bombs...


Cleansing the Soul

After discussing the life-changing difference between fancy-schmancy coffee beverages, Heather finds an easy Thanksgiving feast strategy, and the crew discusses the dangers of swimming with the crocs! Pastor Nathaniel Wall then corrals the conversation with a soul-cleansing Psalm. Read in its context, it's evident that the peaceful statement came in a battle. What is the cause of the greatest obstacle you face in life? James 4 says, it comes from you! Yikes!


Feelers and Thinkers

Post-election processing didn’t last very long, but their rejoicing in Jesus sure did! Today, Mike introduces our topic of redemption by bringing up deformed garden carrots, and Pastor Chad Johnson takes it from there. What is redemption, why do we need it, Who’s offering it, and what’s the right reaction.


Read it Already!

Thrilled to welcome back Pastor Russ Robinson, Mike and Heather put their best foot forward by sharing the rich history of the beloved “nacho!” But things finally improve when Pastor Russ takes the reigns of the conversation, and steers us to our intended topic. What is scripture, how was it determined, what good is it, and is it really relevant for today’s modern age? Riveting!


Street Pavement Theology

Do you know what we appreciate more than doughnuts? We don’t either! But Pastor Steve Pierson is right up there, and today, after proclaiming the joyous merits of doughnuts and the yucky-ness of snakes, we FINALLY get to what really matters most – Not the religious, philosophical constructs and concepts of God, but the practical, personal, pound-the-pavement presence of God. So grab a doughnut and a cup of coffee, and listen now!


A Little Faith and a Great God

As Mike is scaling up the Uintah Basin mountain range, Heather and Pastor Nathaniel Wall hi-jack the broadcast and fill it will post-Halloween silliness, Pop Tarts, and larvae cheese. But it’s not all mindless madness. Nathaniel then brings us to center, encouraging us to live missionally, finding life in Jesus. Who is Jesus? What if my faith is small? Relax, dear friend. You’re good, because Jesus is who he said he is!


Let’s Talk About EEEEE-VIL

Evil is a very real thing, and it’s important and healthy to talk about evil with a biblical approach.


The Relentless Pursuit of God: Travis Lloyd’s Story

Wow. Simply wow. Mike and Heather welcome their good friend, Travis Lloyd, a man who truly experienced God’s pursuing love first-hand. His story is striking, distressing, and incredibly beautiful, filled with hope and encouragement, and a whole lot of laughter. After listening to this convo, you’ll never be the same again, and that’s a good thing!


Fear Factor

It’s not all trash pandas and stinky plants when Pastor Matt is in the house! Pastor Matt Gould joins Mike and Heather for an in-depth look at fear - what to fear, what not to fear, who to fear, and why you shouldn’t fear. Did you catch all that? Never fear! Listen now. It’ll make more sense when you do!


No Cross, No Salvation

Pastor Chris Dodson drops by to talk about the cross. What does it mean to believers? Why has it become such a symbol? And why is it essential for salvation? All this and more. Also, Mike looks forward to the return of Heather.


The Nature of God

Day four without Heather and no end in sight! Key Radio writer/producer, Grant Burkhalter, joins Mike for a look into the nature of God and what it means when He makes a promise. Honestly though, the main take-away is how essential Heather is to the Morning Show.


Send in the Mediator

1 Timothy 2:5 won’t unpack itself! Fortunately, Pastor Chad Johnson is here to help! Mike and Chad break out the dictionary over some big words and roll up their sleeves to explain some truth.


Dangers of the Ignorant Zealot

It’s amazing just how passionate we can be about things we don’t understand. The world is filled with ignorant zealots! Pastor Jeremy Howard joins Mike in a discussion about Romans 10:2-3 and what it means to have a zeal for a God we don’t know. Oh, and also what we can do about it.


Sloppy Agape or Lofty Legalism?

Heather is away, but Pastor Steve Pierson comes over for a conversation with Mike! The guys delve into Jeremiah 25:6, asking the question: What does it take to provoke an infinitely merciful, loving God?


Discipling Disciples as a Disciple

Bill Allison of Cadre Missionaries and Derrick Smothers of The E3 Connection have reunited once again to tour churches with seminars on discipleship. Stopping in at our Key Radio studio, they explain to us just what it means to make disciples. Great stuff!