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94: How to Wipeout Worry for Good

Worry and anxiety are something that everyone deals with. If not managed in your life, it can cause devastating effects with your health, your faith and more. Worry does not have to run your life, you can wipe it out for good when you understand who God is and how He takes this burden from you, if you allow him. In a speech given by Jeff Jerina, you will learn how to Wipe Out Worry in your life for good. Even in the darkest of times, struggles, trials, or tribulations when you think there is...


93: From a Rebel Who Sins to a Radical Follower of Jesus

As a new creation in Jesus Christ, how do you fight your old way of thinking and sinful patterns of rebelling against God's good and pleasing commands to become a radical follower of Jesus Christ. A disciple that knows without a shadow of a doubt that God loves you unconditionally and infinitely. And because of that run in the path of the Lord's commands with joy and obedience. You'll get the answers to help you do that in today's episode. Resources Mentioned: Men Unplugged...


92: How to Embrace Your Brokenness for a Life of Freedom

When a man embraces his brokenness, he becomes more whole. Because we realize who makes us whole in the first place, Jesus Christ. There is no sin in being broken. It’s what we do with that brokenness as a man of God, as a husband, as a father that matters. Guest Mark Johnson, voice of the Colorado Buffaloes football and basketball games joins Jeff Jerina on the Men Unplugged podcast. If you’re struggling with your brokenness (we all have it) please know that Jesus Christ is there to make...


91: Two Sure-fire Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Learn two ways that you can get maximum results at home, work or play. Make sure you signup for the Men Unplugged email to find out you can get a discounted copy of Jeff's new book being published this Summer 2019, as well as, FREE Bonus content. To take your church, group, organization, or school to the next level send Jeff an email at to find out about his coaching and web based development services. To request Jeff as a speaker at your men's group, church, or...


90: How to Impact the Lives of Others plus more with MLB Player Brett Butler

Learn how to speak the truth in love, what it means to be Christ-like in today’s society, and what life is all about anyway. You’ll discover how to gauge your life so you can determine the impact you’re making in the lives of others. As a MLB player for 17 years, Brett Butler played with Orel Hershiser, Darryl Strawberry, Dave Dravecky, and Matt Williams, as well as, the legendary Dodgers coach Tommy Lasorda. Brett is one of only 26 players in Major League Baseball history to compile at...


89: How to Pray and Fast for Powerful Breakthrough

Dove Award winning singer, recording artist, songwriter, and author of A Look at Life from a Deer Stand Steve Chapman joins the Men Unplugged show to chat with host, Jeff Jerina, to give dads and moms the blueprint for praying for your kids. You’ll hear some compelling stories, gain biblical truths and wisdom to help you as a man or woman with prayer and fasting in your own life and for your loved ones. Plus a bonus audio clip at the end of this podcast episode. Key Points Resources...


88: The Risks, Rewards and Reasons for Integrity with Jason Davis

How do you act with integrity at home, in the marketplace and your community day in and day out? What are the risks (if any at all), rewards and reasons for integrity? Get the definitive guide on how to act with integrity on today's episode of Men Unplugged as Jeff Jerina chats with Jason Davis. Jason Davis spent his entire career in the music industry, working with some of the biggest names in music, including artists like Boyz ll Men, Sugar Ray, Alabama, Lonestar, Dolly Parton, and Austin...


87: The 3 Step Plan for Achieving Your Goals and a Lifetime of Success

Discover how you can live a life of success. The three step plan that Jeff Jerina talks about will help you achieve the goals and milestones you set for yourself, your family or organization. You’ll find out what MAP means and how it helps you in every aspect. This episode is part of speech that Jeff gave at business conference about taking the next step towards success. Resources Mentioned: Men Unplugged Personality Type Assessment ToolMen Unplugged DISC personality profileDISC...


86: Your Ultimate Guide for Responding to Tough Moments in Life

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if everything went your way, if you never a bad day? If you never had a difficult situation or tough moment that you had to go through. As unrealistic as that sounds, still it would be nice though, right. So if we can’t have that, what if you had a straightforward guide for responding and dealing with those tough moments in life. That's what you will get on today's episode as guest Ken Summers a West Nile Virus survivor discusses with Men...


85: Success Tips for Your Life, Home and Career

On today’s episode you’re going to get some quick tips on success and some Scripture verses to encourage and equip you in your daily life. These will help you in you career, relationships, at home, your job or business. See the show notes HERE for an overview of key points and more. Key Points: Resources Mentioned: HEREJeff Jerina's evangelism training book.HEREHow to Share Your Faith course Men Unplugged Facebook PageMen Unplugged Twitter PageSupport


84: How to be Available When Jesus Calls

You don’t always know when God is about to put you in the game. Other times you have this gut feeling that the Lord wants to use you in a specific way or place but for whatever reason you may hesitate. Discover 5 keys to help you stay ready and available when Jesus recruits you to help others. Remember God wants to use everyone, regardless of their experience, education, spiritual gifts, age or status. Mark Witt joins Jeff on today's episode of Men Unplugged. Key Tips: Resources...


83: The Importance of Moving Forward

Don’t get stuck in mediocrity. In life and leadership you are meant to go forward, to take your mission forward, your organization forward, your community forward, and your faith forward. Discover how to break the viscous cycle of apathy and contentment by challenging yourself everyday to be your best so you can move forward in every aspect of life. Find out what a can of mandarin oranges means to today’s guest, CEO of one the best places to work, Ron Kitchens. You’ll unlock the secrets to...


82: The 7 Steps to Freedom in Christ with Dr. Neil Anderson

Discover how you can have complete freedom in Jesus Christ. Find out how you can have peace and joy as a child of God in seven steps to freedom in Christ. Jeff Jerina is joined by world-renowned Christian counselor and author of over 70 books, Dr. Neil Anderson to encourage and equip you in breaking free from those things that are holding you captive, including any sin that is keeping in you in bondage. This episode is jam packed with biblical truths, practical tips and resources to help...


81: Seven Days to a More Spiritually, Physically and Mentally Fit You

Celebrity Trainer, Alec Penix, joins Men Unplugged with Jeff Jerina to give you a fitness plan that will help you stay spiritually, physically and mentally fit. This plan for men and women gives you the training regimen for making those positive changes in your life. Lasting changes that will help you remove those reasons or excuses that drag you down or disempower you in a way that keeps you from growing in your daily Christian walk, physical fitness and mental toughness. You’ll find out...


80: Decoys of Deception and the Strategy to Avoid Them

Decoys of deception not only affect your life in a negative way but in the lives of those you know. Get ready for some serious fire power as Jeff chats with acclaimed outdoorsman, Jimmy Sites, to give you the strategy to recognize and avoid these sin areas in your life. You’ll hear some cool stories from Jimmy Sites hunting with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Plus valuable words of wisdom and practical tips that will strengthen your walk with the Lord and equip you as a real man of...


79: A Better Way to Diagnose and Improve Your Health

Today we are talking about men’s health and some alternative, natural and less invasive treatments that you can take to gauge your own health as well as treat the root cause not just the symptoms of what you may be experiencing. Helping me with that is my doctor, Dr. Michael Einsohn, who founded and runs the Thermography Center of Dallas which was actually the first thermography center in America. Listen to the show for an important link and how to get $125 off your first visit. With over...


78: How to Overcome the Lion In Your Life

What is that main temptation or sin that has a tendency to weigh you down, to really hold you back? Mountain lion attack survivor, Andy Peterson, joins Men Unplugged with Jeff Jerina to discuss how you can do that. You'll also hear his compelling story of that attack and how that led to his faith in Jesus Christ. Jeff and Andy give practical tips to gain victory over those strongholds in your life. Key Tips: Resources Mentioned: HERETen Steps to Live with Power and Purpose courseJeff...


77: How to Reduce Stress, Improve Your Relationships, and Live Your Strengths

Discover how you can communicate better with others, reduce stress, increase your productivity, unlock your leadership potential and uncover those blindspots that have a tendency to hold you back? When you understand what your personality style is - you will understand how God has wired you and how you come across to others. Jeff and international speaker, Dr. Robert Rohm, give you the inside scoop on the Men Unplugged resource that will help you, your spouse, kids or co-workers in these...


76: How to Stand Firm in Your Faith with Tortured for Christ director

Get a behind the scenes look at the movie Tortured for Christ which is a real life story about Richard Wurmbrand, a Christian martyr, who stood firm in the Christian faith in the midst of being brutally persecuted. The movie’s director, John Grooters, joins the Men Unplugged show as Jeff and John look at Richard’s story for practical ways on how you can stand firm in your faith. So whether you’re at home, work, or in the community you will be encouraged and equipped to stand firm and true...


75: Three Steps to Live as a True Man of God with Bishop Larry Jackson

Buckle up and get ready to be supercharged as you learn 3 simple steps that you can take to live as a true warrior for Christ. Evangelist and Men Unplugged host Jeff Jerina chats with guest, Bishop Larry Jackson to encourage and equip you as a man to stand up for what’s right, and to take the lead in every aspect of your life. Whether you're at work, in the community or at home as a husband or father you’re going to be battle tested and battle ready to stand tall on the front lines of God’s...