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71: Three Reasons Why Men Stop Going to Church

Why are more men not attending church or staying connecting with another body of believers? Whether it’s in a big congregation or a smaller Acts based church meeting in someone’s home for Bible study, prayer and fellowship some men are checking out spiritually. Jeff and today’s guest, Steve Bonenberger, discuss 3 reasons why this is happening and what the body of Christ can do about it. You’ll also hear another reason along with some ways you can overcome this as a man. If you’re a pastor...


70: How to Walk on Water Plus 3 Life Lessons with Jeff Jerina

Men Unplugged founder and host, Jeff Jerina shares three valuable life lessons along with a short study from Jeff’s discipleship series on the apostle Peter and how Peter's courage to step out of the boat to walk toward Jesus can be applied in your life to tackle your fears, increase your faith, overcome temptation, learn a new skill, start a new career or anything else your facing in life with confidence and faith that God will see you through. Key Tips: Resources...


69: What Does it Mean to be a "Gospel"ed Man

This episode is a call to arms. A trumpet call for every man to rise up and experience the freedom that God has given you through your faith in Jesus Christ. More often, we as men try to find and live out this freedom on our own, forgetting that Jesus is the only one who can rescue us. Dave Brown, pastor at large and appointee to former President Ronald Reagan, joins Men Unplugged with Jeff Jerina to give you the game plan for living in the power, grace and freedom of the Gospel. By...


68: Dr. Ted Baehr of Movieguide, How the Media Influences You and Your Kids

An exclusive interview with Dr. Ted Baehr of Movieguide. Find out how Movieguide can help you as a man or woman select the best movies to watch from a Christian perspective. Jeff and Ted share important statistics on how the film industry has become more family friendly since 1985. Ted highlights his movie rating system that reviews movies from a biblical worldview. If you’re a dad or mom you’ll gain actionable steps to equip your kids in choosing the best movies to watch now and in the...


67: How to Protect Yourself on the Internet with the Ultimate Shield Against Pornography (Ron DeHaas)

Find out how to protect you and your family on the internet with the ultimate shield against internet porn. Jeff chats with the pioneer of internet accountability software and Co-founder of Covenant Eyes, Ron DeHaas. This episode is a call to arms and practical how-to guide for every man and woman who wants to claim victory from pornography. You’ll also hear about some new technology to be released by Covenant Eyes that adds extra protection on each of your digital devices. Use promo...


66: How to Live out God’s Laws for a More Fruitful Life

Do the commandments that God gave Moses at Mt. Sinai apply to Christians today? If so, how can you more fully understand them as a born-again believer to live a life that is more fruitful. Today's guest, Michael Johnston, has been attending a Messianic Congregation where he's studied the Hebraic roots of our Christian faith over the last ten years and how understanding Jesus in his biblical language, culture, and context will help you experience all the freedom that Jesus Christ has given us...


65: Sean McDowell, Practical Ways to Defend Your Faith

One of the world’s top 100 Christian apologists, Dr. Sean McDowell, joins the Men Unplugged show to chat with host, Jeff Jerina, about some practical ways that Christians can defend their faith in a loving and gracious manner. In this episode, a Masterclass on Apologetics, you’ll gain key tips on how to answer those tough questions you receive from friends or co-workers about the Gospel. As a bonus you’ll also learn how to respond to some of the more common objections to Christianity. Key...


64: How to Lean on the Lord in Tough Times with Actor Tom Ohmer

Actor Tom Ohmer from movies like The Dark Knight Rises, GI Joe, Dolphin Tale 2, Breaking Away and T.V. shows like Monk, CSI, Criminal Minds, the Love Boat and Dynasty joins the Men Unplugged podcast to share his life story on how he has leaned on the Lord in tough times. Gain valuable tips on how to lean on the Lord Jesus in those valleys and difficult times in life. Jeff Jerina and his guest Tom Ohmer also offer encouraging words of hope in any situation as well. Key Tips: Resources...


63: How to Always be On as a Leader in the Marketplace or at Home

What does it mean to always be “on” as a leader. Someone is always watching what you say and do. This is true in whatever leadership position you hold. Whether its at home as a dad or mom or leading a business or team, you’re always on stage. Find out how to be always be on as Jeff chats with David Fuess, CEO of Catapult Systems a global digital IT solutions company. Key Tips: Resources Mentioned: Ten Steps to Power and PurposeHEREFREE BookHERE


62: How You Can Rise Up through Prayer and Action with Rick Warzywak

Are you wondering how to be more effective in your prayers? Or how to back those prayers up with Kingdom driven action. Guest Rick Warzyak of Transformation Michigan provides simple steps to focus your prayers and supporting actions you can take to determine and live out your vision. You’ll also gain some key tips on how you as a Christian man or woman can make a positive impact in your community today. Key Tips: Resources Mentioned: Ten Steps to Power and PurposeHEREFREE BookHERE


61: What Workplace Discipleship Looks Like with Adam Curran

Are you wondering how to implement biblical discipleship in your place of work? Or how to disciple someone else in your job when your co-workers or boss are against the Gospel or your Christian faith. Learn some practical tips on how to disciple others regardless of your career or place of work. Guest Adam Curran, a commercial real estate executive, shares some valuable information on how to live out your faith at work. Key Tips: Resources Mentioned Ten Steps to Power and PurposeThe...


60: The Power of Mentoring with former Chaplain for the San Franciso 49ers and Giants, Jim Stump

If you love football or sports, you’re going to enjoy today’s show as Jim Stump, former chaplain for the San Francisco 49ers, Giants, and Stanford University talks about his time working with legendary NFL coaches, Bill Walsh and Tony Dungy. Jim chats about his time mentoring Tony Dungy during Tony’s early days in the National Football League. Jim and Jeff share practical tips about mentoring others and sharing your faith in Jesus Christ with others. Key Points: Resources...


59: How to Embrace Your True Self Worth with Paul Williams

Do you struggle at times with self esteem? Maybe you or someone else you know needs to hear the truth of where your self worth is found. Today’s featured guest is the gentleman, Paul Williams, a licensed professional counselor who led Jeff to the Lord. Jeff shares his compelling story of going from severe depression battling his self worth through BDD and OCD to understanding his and your self worth is found in Jesus Christ. Paul provides biblical counsel and wisdom on how to overcome a...


58: How to Find Contentment in the Lord with MLB Pro Baseball Scout Matt Anderson

Are you struggling to find contentment in the Lord? If so, you’re not alone. Jeff Jerina and his guest Matt Anderson, professional MLB baseball scout, offer practical tips and biblical solutions that you can apply in your life today to find and maintain your contentment in the Lord Jesus Christ. Key tips to help you find your satisfaction and contentment in Lord on a daily basis. Key Tips: Resources Mentioned: HEREFREE BookPDF version of Strand Study BibleHEREInternet...


57: Five Truths for Sharing Your Faith with Jeff Jerina

Do you need a few pointers on how to open up a conversation about the life saving message of Jesus Christ? Would you like to know how to live with an eternal intent? In this episode of Men Unplugged, evangelist and host Jeff Jerina shares a few lessons he has learned from his own life - learning how to accurately share his faith with others. This speech is taken from a chapter from Jeff Jerina's evangelism training book (set to release in 2018) and course he developed in 2008 and teaches to...


56: Surrender Only to One with Lt. Colonel Special Ops Leader Damon Friedman

United States Lt. Colonel Damon Friedman joins the Men Unplugged show. Jeff Jerina and Colonel Friedman talk about the importance of preparation, the only One we should surrender to, the Colonel's time defeating the War on Terror and his new movie Surrender Only to One. As an elite special tactics officer, Friedman (a war veteran) underwent four combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and received 3 bronze stars (one for valor) and the Combat Action medal. He’s the founder and president of SOF...


55: Key Lessons on Leadership from the Military with General David Warner

Brigadier General David Warner joins the Men Unplugged show to chat with Jeff Jerina about key principles of leadership. General Warner and Jeff provide valuable lessons on leadership from the military and corporate world that can be applied in any leadership or management position, including corporate, school, church or even at home as the spiritual leader of your home. You’ll be given practical tips, biblical wisdom and leadership principles that will help you lead effectively,...


54: How You Can Save Money with the Best Kept Secret in Health Care

Learn how to save money every month on your health care costs. Jeff Jerina brings in one of his good friends and colleagues, Monty Suther, on today’s show. Jeff has teamed up with Monty to offer individuals, families, schools, churches and organizations a better and more cost effective alternative to traditional health insurance. This includes a direct pay concierge wellness program, additional benefits, as well as, advice on health care sharing plans. Key...


53: Marriage MASTERCLASS: Discover the One Word that Can Transform a Marriage with Bestselling Author Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas, bestselling author of Sacred Marriage and 17 other books joins the Men Unplugged show with Jeff Jerina for an audio Masterclass on Marriage. “Most marriages survive by gritting teeth and holding on. But marriages can not only survive but thrive when husbands and wives learn to cherish one another” says Thomas. Find out the secret ingredient for having a marriage that no longer seems like a task or chore but rather one where you are encouraged and excited to show your spouse...


52: Ten Steps to Find and Live Your True Purpose in LIfe with Jeff Jerina

Are you ready to live your true purpose in life? To find out how God has designed you for a specific purpose. What if you had ten simple steps that you could take that would help you find and live your true purpose, your God-given Kindgdom assignment in life. Based on his own 47 year journey of finding how God has designed him, Jeff Jerina, founder and host of Men Unplugged highlights some of these steps in this episode and important information on how to register for the full course, Power...