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Adrian Warnock: Holding onto hope in the midst of Leukaemia

16 months ago the popular Christian author and blogger Adrian Warnock was diagnosed with a slow growing form of blood cancer. In this candid interview, Adrian opens up about how his faith has been tested since receiving the news, what he thinks about healing and why he believes every Christian must prepare for times of suffering. Plus, the Christian musician and singer-songwriter Paul Bell subjects himself to a barrage of silly questions as part of our new series of ‘Quick Fire!’...


Live Q&A at Refuel Festival with Andy Bannister, Bruxy Cavey & Fred Drummond

Does the Bible teach predestination? How can we best reach out to our Muslim friends? Why does God seem so violent in the Old Testament? These are just a few of the many questions hurled at three Christian speakers in a live Q&A during Refuel Festival in the Highlands of Scotland. Premier Christianity’s Sam Hailes was there and recorded the hour-long conversation. Here it in full on this special edition of the podcast. For more on Andy Bannister visit For Bruxy Cavey...


Rachel Held Evans: I find Jesus’ words incredibly disruptive and disconcerting

On this week’s show Rachel Held Evans introduces her new book on the Bible, responds to the claim she’s “the most polarising woman in evangelicalism” and explains the strengths of writing as a layperson, rather than an academic. Rachel, who grew up in America’s Bible Belt, believes Christians need to stop treating biblical interpretation as a “zero sum game where there are winners and losers”, instead opting to view scripture as “a conversation starter”. In the second part of today’s show,...


Jordan B Peterson // Is the Pope a Catholic? // The world’s first Spotify-funded worship album

Who is Jordan B. Peterson and why is he attracting such a huge audience? Justin Brierley met the man himself and reports back on his first impressions of the Canadian psychologist who is taking the world by storm. Plus our deputy editor Megan Cornwell explains how the Pope’s comments on divorce and communion are causing a stir in the Vatican. Finally, Sam Hailes meets worship leader Tom Eccleshall to discuss KXC’s debut worship album, which was part funded by Spotify! Get a FREE copy of our...


The Rob Bell interview: Losing his audience, finding a new one and why he’s still preaching

Rob Bell has gone from being a megachurch pastor to talking about Ecclesiastes in LA’s comedy clubs. In one sense nothing has changed. In another sense everything has. There’s a “massive world of people who are spiritually hungry”, he says, “but they can’t stomach the Christian packaging they’ve encountered around Jesus”. Enter: the new Rob Bell. Few would consider him part of the Christian mainstream. Yet he’s reaching a new audience with an ancient message. In this interview with...


Mike Pilavachi: Why we’re closing Soul Survivor and what the future holds

The founder of Soul Survivor drops in this week to explain the full story behind Soul Survivor’s shock announcement that their summer festivals will end after 2019. Mike goes into detail on how this decision came about and says he’s confident that other Christian organisations will fill the gap and run their own future events. Commenting on the state of youth work today, he suggests although much hasn’t changed, youth leaders do need to have hard conversations about sexual ethics with their...


A Woman’s Place is in the _______ // Rob Parsons on “divisive Christians”

Societal attitudes to women have changed drastically in recent years. Does the Church need to change too? Editor Sam Hailes and our new deputy editor Megan Cornwell talk to Katie Harrison about her cover story ‘A Woman’s Place’. Plus, Rob Parsons explains why he’s written his latest column on avoiding “divisive Christians”. To request a FREE edition of Premier Christiantiy magazine visit


What does the end of Soul Survivor mean for the future of youth work? // Worship Central introduce their new live album

Sam Hailes is joined by the editor of Youth and Children’s Work magazine Ruth Jackson to discuss Soul Survivor’s shock announcement that their events will finish in 2019. Plus Luke and Anna Hellebronth drop in to discuss Worship Central’s new project Stir A Passion. Follow YCW on Twitter @ycwmag and Worship Central @worshipcentral To request a FREE edition of Premier Christiantiy magazine visit Hear more interviews with leading Christians on The Profile...


Tony Campolo: Why I’ve dropped the ‘evangelical’ label

In this wide-ranging conversation with Premier Christianity’s editor Sam Hailes, the much loved speaker, sociologist and author Tony Campolo argues Christians need to drop the ‘evangelical’ label. He also comments on the new film Leaving My Father’s Faith - a documentary about how his son left Christianity. The former spiritual advisor to Bill Clinton also reveals why he has a problem with much of today’s worship music and claims that contrary to popular belief, the Bible doesn’t teach...


Mental health & the Church // Identity politics - should Christians get involved? // Swearing in Christian music

1 in 4 people in the UK experience a common mental health problem. But is the Church as welcoming toward those struggling with mental ill health as it should be? Speaking ahead of Mental Health Awareness week, Claire Musters gives her view. Plus, Heather Tomlinson introduces us to Identity Politics and assesses whether Christians should get involved in it. Finally, our editor Sam Hailes talks to the popular Christian band Kings Kaleidoscope about why they’ve dropped ‘The F Bomb’ in one of...


January 2018 – Jeremy Vine on his faith, 3 Growing Churches, 5 ways to meet God in 2018

Justin, Sam and Claire open up the pages of the January 2018 edition as they review highlights from the past year, hear how broadcaster Jeremy Vine lost and found his faith again, profile 3 of the UK’s fastest growing churches, and hear about Claire’s experience of spiritual practices that may help others connect with God in 2018. Subscribe at Get a free copy of the magazine at Get the MP3...


December 2017 – Paul Kerensa on Christmas, When God uses dreams, John Mark Comer, taking off the mask & Rob Parsons

It’s a bumper Christmas-y edition as Sam, Claire and Justin debate the best time to put up your tree and hear from funny man Paul Kerensa about why he’s written a book about Christmas traditions. Plus we look at amazing dreams that led people to Christ and hear from pastor to sceptical millennials John Mark Comer. Claire tells her personal story of taking off her mask and Rob Parsons wraps things up with a Christmas story. See the full Dec edition at...


November 2017 – Revival again, Evangelicals taking over, Paradise Lost & Matt Redman

New team member Claire Musters joins Sam and Justin on the podcast as we debate how parents should treat Halloween, ask “Is it time to pray for Revival again?” in light of Terry Virgo’s cover feature, investigate how evangelicals took over the CofE, hear about how C4’s Eden TV show turned into a living hell and hear an exclusive interview between Guvna B and Matt Redman on the worship leader’s new album. See the full Nov edition at...


October 2017 – Reformation 500, Nick Page, Bart Campolo & Christy Wimber

Sam and Justin open the pages of the Reformation anniversary magazine, with tons of features commemorating the idea and key players. Nick Page talks to Sam about the pros and cons of the Reformation, we look at why Bart Campolo (son of Tony) lost his faith and hear form Christy Wimber on what happens when people don’t get healed. See the full August edition at Get a free copy of the magazine at...


September 2017 – Female ministry, Jesus hippies, KGB convert & Stanley Hauerwas on living out of control

It’s a sad goodbye to Katie as she’s off to vicar factory, but she joins the team one last time to discuss our Sep cover feature, marking the 100 anniversary of the first woman to be ordained to ministry in a UK denomination. We also revisit the Jesus People Revolution 50 years on from 1967’s Summer of Love, hear how a KGB spy became a Christian church planter, and some of Katie’s Profile interview with ‘America’s best theologian’ Stanley Hauerwas. See the full September edition at...


August 2017 – Eugene Peterson debacle, Jesus and your brain, Anthony Delaney, Angela Atim & Rose Hudson-Wilkin

Sam, Katie and Justin are back to talk about the latest mag, featuring tips on how Jesus triggered his listeners’ brains, how to be brave when the world is warzone, an amazing story of a child captive in Uganda, Katie’s interview with Parliamentary chaplain Rose Hudson-Wilkin and Sam’s blog on Eugene Peterson’s U-turn on gay marriage (read it here: ) See the full August edition...


July 2017 – Why aren’t Christians reading the Bible?, Eugene Peterson, prostitution, endurance sports and more

Katie and Justin bring highlights from the July mag, including Glenn Paauw’s article on how to get Christians reading their Bibles again, a rare interview with Eugen Peterson, Katie’s piece on church response to prostitution, Justin’s book and also talking about the Grenfell Tower fire. See the July edition at Get a free copy of the magazine at Get the MP3 podcast of Premier...


June 2017: Patriotism, Grime, Revival in Latin America and Messy Christians

In this month’s edition of the podcast, the team discuss the latest cover story which asks ‘Should Christians be patriotic?’ Justin, Sam, Malky and Katie also share their thoughts on this month’s culture column about Grime music and hear from Argentinian evangelist Carlos Annacondia. All that, plus we take a closer look at Emma Scrivner’s article on mental health and the Church. And make sure you listen right to the end to hear what Malky had for breakfast this morning…


May 2017 – The story of worship music, Tim Farron, Mid-faith crisis & Robert Beckford

Sam and Justin bring you a selection from the May magazine and blog, including: Les Moir’s feature on how UK worship music went global; the hounding of Christian political leader Tim Farron; how Christians should be involved in politics; Robert Beckford on doing black theology; and what we can learn from the Very Hungry Caterpillar when we have a mid-faith crisis… See the May edition at Get a free copy of the magazine at...


April 2017 – Fake news, Moby, wake up call & Tim Keller gets snubbed

This month Sam, Katie & Justin are joined by elusive designer Malky and the not-so-elusive Ruth Jackson to talk about fake news, hear about Pete Portal’s amazing Cape Town mission work and discuss RT Kendall’s end times article. We also hear from chart topping dance DJ Moby about his Christian faith and debate Princeton Seminary’s decision to rescind a theology prize for Tim Keller. See the April edition at Get a free copy...