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Tim Chaddick: Why I moved from LA to plant a church in London

It’s thanks to an “annoying Christian girl” who kept pestering Tim Chaddick to go to a Christian event that the now pastor is where he is. The teenager drove two hours to San Jose - a city the Los Angeles based Chaddick “hated” to see a Christian band he also “hated”. But everything changed when the gospel was preached. “I was undone. I was weeping…I knew in that moment Christ had paid for all of my sins”. In this in depth interview with Sam Hailes, Tim shares his testimony in full,...


Dr John Andrews: How I coped when my son was facing prison

Christian pastor, teacher and scholar Dr John Andrews was enjoying what he describes as “a blessed life”. The popular speaker and author was ministering across the world and pioneering churches in the UK. “You want to believe in God’s blessing and prosperity and everything is going to be good,” he says, adding “And we had a very blessed life.” But in May 2015 everything “dramatically changed” when John’s son was arrested and charged with a serious crime. In this in depth interview, John...


Dave Griffiths: Making music and deconstructing my faith

Sam Hailes travels to the oldest Pentecostal church building in the world to meet the Christian musician, singer-songwriter and rabble-rouser Dave Griffiths. The former pastor has recently been through a process of deconstructing his faith and questioning previously long-held doctrines. The Bournemouth-based artist has emerged more certain than ever that God’s love is real and with a greater sense of his own calling. In this in-depth and wide-ranging interview Dave also charts his musical...


Joyce Meyer: Passion, preaching and prosperity

Thousands listen to her upbeat talks every week. But TV preacher Joyce Meyer has plenty of critics too. Maria Rodrigues met her to find out who she is off-screen. The Profile is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity magazine. For a free sample copy of the print issue visit Follow Joyce on Twitter @JoyceMeyer For more interviews with leading Christians visit


Nigel Cameron: The robots are coming but the church isn’t ready

Justin Brierley meets the bio-ethics and future technology expert Nigel Cameron. In this in depth interview the President of the Centre for Policy on Emerging Technologies in Washington DC explains how he became a Christian and why he’s written his latest book: The Robots are Coming. Nigel believes robotics and the advances of artificial intelligence provide both opportunities and challenges for modern societies. But he says rather than preferring simple issues, Christians should delve...


Kathy Gilbert: From hitch-hiking hippie to Jesus Freak // Joseph Steinberg: How I came to believe Jesus is the Messiah

On The Profile this week, we meet two Christians with amazing testimonies. Kathy Gilbert was a drifter searching for meaning in the USA’s hippie scene through drugs and new age beliefs. She tells Justin Brierley how she met God. In the second part of today’s show, Sam Hailes meets Joseph Steinberg - chief executive of Christian Witness to Israel. Joseph explains how despite his parents telling him otherwise, he became convinced that Jesus Christ really was the Messiah. The Profile is...


Chip Kendall: Meet the former thebandwithnoname frontman who is revolutionising family worship

The US-born musician who is now part of !Audacious Manchester’s creative team, Chip Kendall speaks to Ruth Jackson about growing up in Israel, young people’s difficult questions and how music can reach people on the fringes of faith. The Profile is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity magazine. For a free sample copy of the print issue visit Follow Chip on Twitter @chipkendall For more interviews with leading Christians visit...


Billy Graham: A life well lived

Billy Graham passed away on 21 Feb 2018 at the age of 99. Justin Brierley traces the life and legacy of the famed evangelist speaking to friends, relatives and ministry colleagues who knew him personally. You can also request a FREE Billy Graham Tribute edition of Premier Christianity magazine at For more tributes to Billy Graham visit


Rt Rev Richard Harries: Finding God in beauty and in horror

In this interview with Premier’s Justin Brierley, the former Bishop of Oxford Rt Rev Richard Harries explains how he became a Christian and was called into ministry. The 81 year old was once described by Rowan Williams as “that rarity, a Christian public intellectual” and is now a life peer in the House of the Lords. Harries talks about how he came into conflict with other Christians over his views on stem cell research and introduces his latest book The Beauty and the Horror which looks...


Stuart & Jill Briscoe: The British couple reflect on a lifetime of ministry in the USA

The Briscoes’ Telling The Truth ministry began in 1971 while Stuart served as senior pastor of Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin, which grew into the largest evangelical church in the state. It started as a simple tape duplication ministry in a home basement, using a reel-to-reel tape recorder linked to a dozen smaller recorders to duplicate the Briscoes’ teaching. In the late 90s it became the first minstry to air on Premier Christian Radio, and continues to do so to this day, as well as being...


Franklin Graham: The critics won’t stop me. I’m coming to the UK to preach the gospel

The son of the legendary evangelist Billy Graham tells Marcus Jones why he’s determined to come to the UK and preach the gospel. Franklin Graham is controversial in some circles for his previous statements about Islam and homosexuality. With a campaign now underway to ban him from preaching in the UK, Franklin answers his critics, explaining he has good news and a message of love to bring. The Profile is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity magazine. For a free sample...


Kay Warren: Speaking frankly on sex, depression and faithfulness

The co-founder of one of America’s largest churches has a passion for honesty and authenticity. In this in depth interview Kay Warren speaks openly about her past struggle with porn, difficulties in her marriage to Rick Warren and how she is continuing to deal with the overwhelming grief of losing her son Matthew to suicide in 2013. Kay also answers questions surrounding her latest book, Sacred Privilege: Your Life and Ministry as a Pastor’s Wife (Revell). Click here to read the written...


Doug Williams: Pastoring a diverse congregation in London’s East End

“As I look back over my shoulder it’s a bit like a train wreck,” Doug Williams says when asked about his upbringing. “My Dad had three wives - in Nigeria, in Sierra Leone and then my Mum in London.” The Pastor is open and upfront about his early years, telling stories of growing up in institutional care and the many challenges that brought. Today he’s pastoring a diverse congregation in the East End of London - Emmanuel Community Church International. He believes Christians need to have...


RT Kendall: Bringing the Word and the Spirit together

RT Kendall doesn’t look like a heretic. He doesn’t sound like one either. But in the mid 80s he almost lost his job leading one of London’s most famous churches when he was accused of antinomianism: the claim that Christians are not obliged to follow God’s moral law. The controversy centred around a book he had written called Once Saved, Always Saved, in which he wore his Calvinist theology on his sleeve: that salvation is by sheer grace and not because of anything we do. Kendall laughs...


Aaron Keyes: The worship music industry has to change

In this brutally honest interview, worship leader Aaron Keyes explains how he’s trying to reform the ‘worship industry’ from the inside. The writer of ‘Sovereign Over Us’ believes the worship world is “too male and too pale”, cares more about production than presence, and lacks honesty in its songs, especially when compared to the Psalms. Admitting that as every year goes by his own songs become “less relevant and more cheesy”, the 39 year old says he’s desperate to invest in the next...


Jeremy Vine: The broadcasting legend on how he lost faith and found it again // Cardinal Vincent Nichols: The leader of Catholics in England & Wales on the true meaning of hope

BBC Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine talks to Justin Brierley about faith, doubt and Strictly Come Dancing. The popular broadcaster opens up about his career, what he’s learned from his listeners and why he’d be “the worst evangelical ever”. In part two, Sam Hailes meets the leader of Catholics in England and Wales, Cardinal Vincent Nichols. Cardinal Nichols shares his life story, comments on Pope Francis’ influence on perceptions of the Catholic Church and argues the evil of human trafficking...


Bruxy Cavey: Creating a church for people who don’t do church // Paul Wilbur: Messianic worship leader on praising the God of Israel

Bruxy Cavey is teaching pastor of The Meeting House in Toronto, one of Canada’s largest churches. He talk to Justin Brierley about his unusual journey to being a pastor, his anabaptist theology, how his wife proposed to him in front of their church congregation and his new book Reunion: The good news of Jesus for seekers, saints and sinners. Paul Wilbur is a leading songwriter and worship leader in the Messianic movement (made up of Jews who recognise Jesus as the Messiah). He tells Sam...


Andy Crouch: Creating culture and tech-wise families

Justin Brierley interviews Andy Crouch, the former editor of Christianity Today magazine in the USA and the author of best-selling books including Culture Making and his most recent title The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday steps to putting technology in its proper place. The Profile is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity magazine. For a free sample copy of the print issue visit Follow Andy on Twitter @ahc For more interviews with leading...


Greg Koukl: How I began my life in apologetics // Katharine Welby-Roberts: The Church needs to be more open about depression

Greg Koukl is a Christian apologist, radio show host, author, speaker, and founder of Stand To Reason. In this interview with Justin Brierley, Greg shares his testimony and passion for apologetics. In part two, Ruth Jackson meets the daughter of the Archbishop of Canterbury Katharine Welby-Roberts to talk about her new book I Thought There Would Be Cake, her battle with depression and why Church culture around honesty and openness needs to change. The Profile is brought to you in...


Victoria Hislop: I became a Christian to annoy my atheist parents /// Terry Storch: The man behind the world’s most popular Bible app

The bestselling author of The Island, Victoria Hislop tells Ruth Jackson how she became a born again Christian aged 15 to annoy her atheist parents. Victoria also explains how her faith has changed over time and become more questioning. In part two, Dave Rose meets Terry Storch - the founder of the YouVersion Bible App, which has been downloaded over 280 million times. Terry also opens up about his own failures as well as successes and shares his remarkable testimony. The Profile is brought...


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