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Martin Smith: The former Delirious? frontman on why he's making music for those outside the Church

Don't assume a generation can only be touched through walking into a Church building. That's Martin Smith's message in this in-depth interview. The former Delirious? frontman is more convinced than ever that God can work miracles through the music that's played in pubs and clubs (and the Almighty isn't reliant on that music carrying a 'Christian' label in order for him to work supernaturally). The writer of worship classics such as 'Did you feel the mountains tremble?', 'Majesty' and 'Lord...


Rick Warren: The purpose-driven pastor on his son's battle with depression

For more than three decades Rick Warren has been an incredibly influential Christian leader in the USA. Saddleback Church, planted from scratch by a 26-year-old Warren and his wife Kay in 1980, quickly grew in size as the fledgling pastor’s down-to-earth sermons drew increasingly large crowds. Today more than 20,000 people attend weekend services at the multi-site church in Orange County, California. Warren is also the author of the best-selling Christian book. Ever. The Purpose Driven Life...


Francine Rivers: Why I wrote Redeeming Love

The writer of one of the bestselling works of Christian fiction of all time drops by the studio this week for a chat with Claire Musters. Redeeming Love has sold millions of copies and been translated into over 28 languages. Francine Rivers has won countless awards for her writing, but many of them are in a cupboard in her garage! "In the Christian world we shouldn't be raising one above the other", she says. In this in depth interview, Francine also opens up about her writing process and...


Johnnie Moore: The founder of Trump's evangelical advisory board // Andrew Haslam: Church planting and the legacy of Martyn Lloyd-Jones

What would you say if a member of the Trump family asked you to put together an evangelical advisory board for the then presidential candidate? This was position Johnnie Moore found himself in. The long-time religious freedom campaigner decided to fulfil the request, but with certain caveats. In this interview he gives Premier Christianity's Sam Hailes all the details. Moore was visiting the UK partly to address a group of 37,000 Muslims (he believes Christians should care about religious...


Tim Matthews: The highs and lows of church planting in Bournemouth

Meet the man who turned up three hours late to his first date with his now wife, says he "crashed and burned" at university and had to endure 12 failed attempts at church planting. Tim Matthews is remarkably up front about the moments in his life which haven't gone to plan. But behind these tales is a much larger story of God's faithfulness. In 2014, the former accountant moved his family from London to Bournemouth to take on St Swithun's church. What began with a small team of just 11...


David Stroud: Working for the spiritual, social and cultural renewal of London

Christians need to rediscover their heritage of creating, not complaining. That's according to David Stroud, the senior leader of Christ Church London. In this interview with Premier Christianity's Sam Hailes, the pastor, who has been leading churches for over 25 years, explains his vision for the "spiritual, social and cultural renewal" of London and beyond. David is married to Baroness Stroud and believes that while there isn't one single "Christian perspective" on Brexit or welfare,...


Steve Uppal - rousing the church for revival

Steve Uppal is the pastor of All Nations, a growing multicultural church in Wolverhampton, and the author of ‘Rousing The Warriors’. He tells Justin Brierley the story of his parents’ radical conversion from a Sikh background to Christian faith and his passion for seeing revival in the UK and beyond.


Hillsong London's Gary Clarke: How we've grown our church

When Hillsong first started in the UK, they attracted around 100 people to their Sunday services. Now a whopping 14,000 people turn up every week at the church's campuses across the UK. In this in-depth interview with Premier Christianity's editor Sam Hailes, the leader of the church explains how he's dealt with criticism along the way. He also pushes back against the assumption that Hillsong attracts a large amount of celebrities and young people. For Gary, the growth of Hillsong London...


Bishop Joseph D'souza: The Dalit Freedom Network founder who is standing up for India's outcastes

Bishop Joseph D'souza is the leader of the largest growing church movement in India, the Good Shepherd Church. He's also a human rights activist for the poor and marginalised people called Dalits, also referred to as untouchables. Premier Christianity's deputy editor Megan Cornwell met Bishop Joseph on his recent visit to the UK to find out more about his organisation The Dalit Freedom Network. The Bishop also explains why Christians need to be more careful with their use of language when it...


Rev Dr Inderjit Bhogal: From Sikhism to Christianity

Inderjit Singh Bhogal is a leading theologian and a former President of the Methodist Conference. Originally from an Indian Sikh background, he was just 11 years old when his family moved from Nairobi to the West Midlands. There were only two Sikh temples in the UK at the time, and Inderjit's nearest place of worship was a Methodist chapel. "I arrived in this chapel and was made to feel welcome," he remembers, finding the atmosphere to be "a real contrast" with school, where life was more...


Baroness Cox: A voice for the voiceless

Spurred on by her Christian faith, Baroness Caroline Cox has spent most of her political career drawing attention to the plight of persecuted people both at home and around the world. And she hasn’t been afraid to court controversy in the process. Most recently, she has argued the UK is prolonging the war in Syria and failing to acknowledge that Islamic State is far worse than the Assad regime. Previously, while president of Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), she was criticised for her...


John Stevens: The former lawyer is now helping 600 independent evangelical churches flourish

John Stevens is the national director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), a family of 600 local churches who are "united by the gospel and by a common purpose". In this in-depth interview with Premier Christianity's editor Sam Hailes, John explains how he first came to Christ and how early on in his Christian life, thought he might be ordained in the Anglican church. As time went on, John came to the realisation he "wasn't an Anglican". As well as explaining the...


Rachel Gardner: The sassy youth worker talks candidly about sex, adoption and feminism

Some of Rachel Gardner’s first words during this one-hour conversation were a warning. “I’m going to bring plenty of sass to this interview.” She didn’t disappoint. Adjectives such as ‘bubbly’, ‘gregarious’ or ‘extroverted’ somehow feel insufficient when it comes to the president of Girls’ Brigade England & Wales. Sassy is a much better descriptor. Whether preaching, writing or campaigning, Rachel combines her determined, driven nature with dollops of grace and compassion. Follow Rachel on...


Sarah Corbett: Meet the Craftivist campaigning for gentle protests

Sarah Corbett is a professional activist, author and the founder of Craftivist Collective, a social enterprise which combines craft and activism to engage people in social justice issues "in a quiet, non-confrontational manner." The pioneer of "gentle protest" talks to Premier Christianity's Megan Cornwell about how deliberate, thoughtful actions can provoke reflection and respectful conversation instead of the aggression and division which can often dominate the public sphere. For more...


Tim Cheshire: Music, Mission and The Message Scotland // The Filling Station's Richard Fothergill: Creating a new expression of Christianity

We're in Scotland for this week's episiode! Sam Hailes travelled to Refuel! - a new Christian festival in the Highlands run by The Filling Station. In the first part of the show he meets Tim Cheshire, the frontman of Christian band Superhero who is now heading up The Message Trust's work in Scotland. Speaking about his passion for mission, Tim says: "It doesn't matter how bad the state of the church is here or anywhere else. The effectiveness and the power in the message of the Gospel...


Bazil Meade: The founder of the London Community Gospel Choir

Bazil Meade has been working in the music industry for over two decades. He is the founder and principal of the world famous London Community Gospel Choir. Under his direction and tuition some of the industry’s finest gospel and RnB singers have blossomed and found successful careers. Premier Christian Radio's John Pantry sat down with Bazil to hear more of his story. Follow Bazil on Twitter @BazilMeade The Profile is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity magazine. For a...


John Kirkby: From near-bankruptcy to founding debt advice charity Christians Against Poverty

In 1992 John Kirkby lost virtually everything he had. Finding himself with debts of £78,000 and nowhere to turn he had hit rock bottom. But fast forward to today and the Yorkshireman's life has changed dramatically. Not only did he turn his finances around, but he met God in the process and is now the founder of the award winning debt advice charity Christians Against Poverty Premier Christianity's Megan Cornwell hears the remarkable story. Follow John Kirkby @JohnKirkby The Profile is...


JB Gill: The JLS popstar turned Songs of Praise presenter opens up about faith and farming

JLS were one of the biggest boybands of their day. The group rose to fame after reaching second place on ITV's X Factor and went on to sell over 10 million records. In this in depth interview with Premier Christianity's Sam Hailes, JB Gill recounts the highs and lows of his time in the band and explains how he's gone from winning BRIT awards to presenting programes about faith and farming on the BBC. The 31 year old also opens up about how, although he's always believed in God, he's found it...


Emma Heath: From alcoholism to Christ // Youth for Christ's Neil O'Boyle on evangelism

After many years of alcohol abuse, Emma Heath was desperately lost. A decision to go into treatment and rediscover her faith led to healing and a role helping others in recovery. Sam Hailes hears the full story. In part two, we talk to Neil O'Boyle - the national director of British Youth for Christ. He talks about his experiences ministering all over the world and explains why the Church needs to get serious about reaching young people today. The Profile is brought to you in association...


Ken Fish: Miracle healing stories, training under John Wimber & praying for Nabeel Qureshi

Ken Fish, founder of Kingdom Fire Ministries tells Justin Brierley about his life story and training in supernatural healing ministry under John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard Church. Ken now ministers around the world and says he sees supernatural miracles on weekly basis. Nevertheless he saw his friend and evangelist Nabeel Qureshi die of cancer last year, despite Ken’s prayer ministry. He shares his story, experience and theology with Justin. The Profile is brought to you in...