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JB Gill: The JLS popstar turned Songs of Praise presenter opens up about faith and farming

JLS were one of the biggest boybands of their day. The group rose to fame after reaching second place on ITV’s X Factor and went on to sell over 10 million records. In this in depth interview with Premier Christianity’s Sam Hailes, JB Gill recounts the highs and lows of his time in the band and explains how he’s gone from winning BRIT awards to presenting programes about faith and farming on the BBC. The 31 year old also opens up about how, although he’s always believed in God, he’s found...


Emma Heath: From alcoholism to Christ // YFC’s Neil O’Boyle: What the persecuted Church taught me about evangelism

After many years of alcohol abuse, Emma Heath was desperately lost. A decision to go into treatment and rediscover her faith led to healing and a role helping others in recovery. Sam Hailes hears the full story. In part two, we talk to Neil O’Boyle - the national director of British Youth for Christ. He talks about his experiences ministering all over the world and explains why the Church needs to get serious about reaching young people today. The Profile is brought to you in association...


Ken Fish: Miracle healing stories, training under John Wimber & praying for Nabeel Qureshi

Ken Fish, founder of Kingdom Fire Ministries tells Justin Brierley about his life story and training in supernatural healing ministry under John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard Church. Ken now ministers around the world and says he sees supernatural miracles on weekly basis. Nevertheless he saw his friend and evangelist Nabeel Qureshi die of cancer last year, despite Ken’s prayer ministry. He shares his story, experience and theology with Justin. The Profile is brought to you in...


Petr Jasek: The persecuted Christian who shared a cell with Islamic State fighters // Lois Tverberg: Why discovering the Hebraic background to the Bible will enrich your faith

On the first part of today’s show, Alex Williams meets Petr Jasek, a Christian worker who spent 450 days in prison in Sudan for offences including spying and inciting violence against the state. Petr always denied any wrongdoing, insisting he was in Sudan to document persecution against Christians there. Ostracised by other prisoners, he was beaten and found himself sharing a cell with Islamic State fighters. Wrangling by diplomats from numerous countries eventually secured his release...


Sir Colin Humphreys: The Cambridge scientist making sense of Old Testament miracles

Sir Colin Humphreys was knighted in 2010 for his services to science. The Cambridge scientist tells Justin Brierley about his Christian faith, how he reconciles science and faith and his intriguing work looking at the scientific explanations for Old Testament events including the parting of the Red Sea in Exodus and the sun ‘standing still’ in Joshua. The Profile is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity magazine. For a free sample copy of the print issue visit...


Rich Wilkerson Jr: Kanye West’s pastor explains why he’s sugarcoating the Gospel

The pastor who conducted the wedding ceremony of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian dropped into the Premier studios just after speaking at the Alpha leadership conference at the Royal Albert Hall. In this in depth interview Rich Wilkerson Jr, who pastors VOUS church in Miami, Florida shares his testimony and introduces his new book Friend of Sinners: Why Jesus cares more about relationship than perfection. He also opens up about his friendship with Kanye West and comments on the need for...


John Lawson: From violent gangster to passionate evangelist

John Lawson lived a life of crime that resulted in a prison sentence. He still thought of himself as a good person until a passage in Ezekiel changed his life forever. Sam Hailes here’s the full story on this special podcast-only episode of the show. The Profile is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity magazine. For a free sample copy of the print issue visit Follow John on Twitter @ifwicked For more interviews with leading Christians...


Keith Getty: The ‘In Christ Alone’ writer who ‘doesn’t care’ about winning awards

On The Profile this week, Premier Christian Radio’s John Pantry meets the co-writer of ‘In Christ Alone’ Keith Getty, who believes Christians are living in “the most thrilling moment in history”. In this in depth interview the writer talks about life growing up, songwriting and why he ‘doesn’t care’ about winning awards for his music. The Profile is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity magazine. For a free sample copy of the print issue visit...


David Kinnaman: What our culture really thinks about Christianity // Ron Matsen: Remembering Chuck Missler

It’s a double-bill this week as Sam Hailes sits down with David Kinnaman and Ron Matsen. David Kinnaman is a bestselling author and president of Barna - a research company working with churches and Christian organisations. According to David’s research, many people’s perception of Christianity is negative, with believers often being viewed as ‘extremists’ by wider culture. Although he believes the dominant culture, both in the US and UK could be described as ’spiritual Babylon’, David is...


Bishop Graham Tomlin: Making sense of Christianity

Although he grew up in a Christian family, Graham Tomlin hasn’t always believed in God. His teenage rebellion was a little unusual. ”It wasn’t sex, drugs and rock and roll,” he says, “it was reading Nietzsche!” In time and through the help of Christian friends who stuck by him, he came to see the version of Christianity he’d rejected was “a childish” one. Now he’s the President of the UK’s largest ‘vicar factory’ St Mellitus, a host of the popular Christian podcast GodPod and the Bishop of...


Lucy Peppiatt: What St Paul really said about women

Lucy Peppiatt is Principal of Westminster Theological Centre. She talk to Justin Brierley about how she came to faith, being a charismatic and a theologian and her extensive work uncovering the real meaning of what Paul wrote about women and worship in 1 Corinthians. The Profile is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity magazine. For a free sample copy of the print issue visit Follow Lucy on Twitter @lucepeppiatt For more interviews...


Andy Kind: The comedian turned preacher reflects on past mistakes and future opportunities

Andy Kind is best known for his work in the world of comedy. The award winning comedian has taken his stand-up shows to bars, clubs and churches across the country. But it seems that era might be drawing to a close. Explaining the reasons for his retirement from popular Christian summer festivals such as New Wine, Andy opens up about how he believes God is calling him to preach. This week’s interview was conducted by Premier Christianity’s editor Sam Hailes, who met Andy in an Eastbourne...


Bob Fu: Freedom for Christians in China is the worst it’s ever been

The most prominent religious freedom defender for China, Bob Fu explains how he went from an atheist to being imprisoned for leading an underground church. After severe persecution for his Christian faith, Fu fled China to the United States and founded China Aid. The charity brings attention to China’s religious and human rights violations, while also providing legal help for Christians facing injustice. In this in depth interview, Fu shares harrowing stories of persecution demonstrating...


Jo Saxton: The leadership coach with a passion for mentoring women // Tom Read: Why we need more lament in our worship songs

It’s a double bill on this week’s show! Claire Musters talks to the well known leadership coach and popular speaker Jo Saxton ahead of her appearance at New Wine this summer. Jo has Nigerian roots but grew up in London. She explains how she faced many battles against racist attitudes and negative stereotypes and now seeks to minister to women and “build their confidence so they can be unleashed”. In part two Sam Hailes talks to the musician and singer-songwriter Tom Read. Tom spent many...


Hugh Ross, Ken Samples, Tim Keller & Os Guinness: Reaching sceptics through science, apologetics, philosophy and culture

A bumper edition of the show in which Justin Brierley speaks to four significant Christian leaders across science, theology, church and culture. Hugh Ross and Ken Samples join Justin at Unbelievable? The Conference 2018 on Sat 19 May. More info and tickets at The Profile is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity magazine. For a free sample copy of the print issue visit For more interviews with leading...


Banning Liebscher: How Jesus Culture became a worldwide revivalist movement

If you thought Jesus Culture was just a band then think again. It’s actually a global movement with a mission to “awaken hearts to worship and demonstrate the love and power of God”. In this in depth interview, the group’s founder Banning Liebscher explains how Jesus Culture was birthed out of Bethel Church’s youth group. When the worship band’s cover of ‘How He Loves’ was (illegally!) uploaded to YouTube, their music suddenly went viral. Today, the band continue to release songs which...


Anne Graham Lotz: Meet the woman who Billy Graham called “the best preacher in the family”

As the daughter of Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz grew up in a devoutly Christian family. In this in depth interview, she tells Charmaine Noble-Mclean how her faith has grown and changed since the early days. Her late father once called her “the best preacher in the family”, but Anne says she doesn’t view herself as “exceptional” but aims to simply take life one day at a time. The Profile is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity magazine. For a free sample copy of the...


Tim Chaddick: Why I moved from LA to plant a church in London

It’s thanks to an “annoying Christian girl” who kept pestering Tim Chaddick to go to a Christian event that the now pastor is where he is. The teenager drove two hours to San Jose - a city the Los Angeles based Chaddick “hated” to see a Christian band he also “hated”. But everything changed when the gospel was preached. “I was undone. I was weeping…I knew in that moment Christ had paid for all of my sins”. In this in depth interview with Sam Hailes, Tim shares his testimony in full,...


Dr John Andrews: How I coped when my son was facing prison

Christian pastor, teacher and scholar Dr John Andrews was enjoying what he describes as “a blessed life”. The popular speaker and author was ministering across the world and pioneering churches in the UK. “You want to believe in God’s blessing and prosperity and everything is going to be good,” he says, adding “And we had a very blessed life.” But in May 2015 everything “dramatically changed” when John’s son was arrested and charged with a serious crime. In this in depth interview, John...


Dave Griffiths: Making music and deconstructing my faith

Sam Hailes travels to the oldest Pentecostal church building in the world to meet the Christian musician, singer-songwriter and rabble-rouser Dave Griffiths. The former pastor has recently been through a process of deconstructing his faith and questioning previously long-held doctrines. The Bournemouth-based artist has emerged more certain than ever that God’s love is real and with a greater sense of his own calling. In this in-depth and wide-ranging interview Dave also charts his musical...