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Ryan and Kate Welsh

Nick and Kim Bogardus sit down with Ryan and Kate Welsh from Redeemer Church in Seattle, Washington. Ryan shares that he initially had no desire to work in ministry until the word of God became alive and real to him while attending a Christian college in his twenties. After some prompting by an admissions counselor, Ryan sought out a few youth pastor positions and was hired on at a church in Newberg, Oregon where he grew to care deeply for the students and people of the church. Ryan’s wife...


Joe and Renee Byler

On this episode of This is Sojourn Network, Ronnie and Melissa Martin sit down with Joe and Renee Byler, from Veritas Church in Short North, Columbus. They talk about their journey into ministry, from growing up Mennonnite to becoming a Baptist, from music ministry to serving as a lead pastor, and they talk about the value of Sojourn Network. They even talk about their shared affinity for hot tubs. Learn more about Sojourn Network at This is Sojourn Network is...


Leaders Summit Preview: Bonus Episode!

Bonus Episode! Next week is our annual Leader’s Summit, so Mike Cosper and Dave Owens sat down to preview what’s to come. Hear about what’s new this year, like short talks and new partnerships, and hear about the opportunities that remain for attending our pre-conferences. They’ve also got some encouragements for how to pray and prepare for the Summit, so tune in and enjoy. Produced by Narrativo


Josh Matteson

On this episode of the show you’ll hear from Josh Matteson, who sat down with Nick Bogardus to share his story. It’s an incredible journey of grace that led Josh away from the church, away from a pastor’s home, and back again… a true prodigal journey. Josh is the pastor of Grace Life Church in Phoenix Arizona, a church he planted after 20 years of ministry in Scottsdale. It was a circuitous route into church. Planting, but one that has evidence of God’s hands all over it. It’s a...


Danny and Charity Wright

On this episode of This is Sojourn Network, Ronnie and Melissa Martin sit down with OG's in the network family, Danny and Charity Wright of Greenville Grace, to chat about how being rooted in a place impacts renewal, some of the joys and pains that coincide with longevity in ministry, how becoming a multiplying church can impact a pastor and his wife on a personal level, and how Greenville Grace has bucked the trend when it comes to church planting. This is a beautifully frank conversation...


Miles and Pam Rohde

On this episode of This is Sojourn Network, Nick Bogardus talks with Miles and Pam Rohde of Redemption Spokane. Miles led a full career in the Air Force before he transitioned to ministry. You’ll hear about his journey into ministry and the way the Lord unified he and his wife Pam along the way. The first church Miles pastored on his own left he and Pam isolated in the small rural community of Marshall, MN. Miles speaks about the three years he and Pam spent there and how they learned the...


Jeremy and Jessie Linneman

On this episode Nick Bogardus talks to Jeremy and Jessie Linneman of Trinity Church in Columbia, MO. Jeremy discusses navigating the call to vocational ministry, the affirmation and clarification in it for he and Jessie and the momentum and energy of being a part of a church exploding at the seams. Jeremy began as an intern for Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY and helped to launch its J-town campus and shortly thereafter became an Executive Pastor for the East Campus location....


Ronnie and Melissa Martin

Ronnie and Melissa Martin talk with Nick Bogardus about their journey into church planting. It wasn’t something they initially considered but where God led them, by surrounding them with a community of church planting pastors and wives who nurtured their faith and calling. They planted Substance Church in Ashland, Ohio seven years ago and have built strong solid relationships along the way. Melissa talks about the blessing of being available for ministry and the work she’s been able to...


Nick and Kim Bogardus

Ronnie and Melissa Martin talk to Nick and Kim Bogardus from Cross of Christ church in Orange County, CA about their ministry journey and their personal experience with Sojourn Network. Nick left Southern California where he had a home and a business to follow the Lord’s calling to Mongolia where Kim was working in the Peace Corps. It was in Mongolia that Nick experienced intensive ministry for the first time while teaching through the Bible and preaching with the help of a translator....


Dave Owens and Mike Cosper

Mike Cosper and Dave Owens explore the history of the Sojourn Network, the vision and values, and the exciting future of the network. The journey of Sojourn Network began with Acts 29, where they were influenced to start something new and exciting. Inspired by the culture of creativity, health, and wholeness, the network started crafting a concrete vision based on sustainable growth. Looking onward, there are a lot of exciting changes and events to look forward to.


Jamaal and Amber Williams

On this episode, our Executive Director Dave Harvey sits with Jamaal and Amber Williams. Jamaal is the pastor of Sojourn Midtown in Louisville, KY. They share their story, talk about their first pastorate, their transition to pastoring at Sojourn, and their passion for racial reconciliation and pastoring a multiethnic church.


Travis Scott

On today's show, Nick Bogardus sits down with Travis Scott. Nick is the pastor of Cross of Christ Church in Orange County, California. Travis Scott is the pastor of Shorebreak Church in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. They'll talk about their friendship, about planting in Hawaii, and about the unique cross-cultural challenges of that context. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening.


Collin Hansen

On today's show, Mike Cosper from Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky is sitting down with Collin Hansen from Redeemer Community Church in Birmingham, Alabama and the editorial director for The Gospel Coalition. They talk about his work on the "young, restless, and reformed," the church's place in a shifting culture, and his own personal journey into ministry and his life's work.


Brandon Shields

On today's show, Ronnie Martin from Substance Church in Ashland, Ohio is sitting down with Brandon Shields from Soma in Indianapolis, Indiana. They talk about how Brandon moved from South Florida to Indy, planted Soma as an outsider, about how he grew Soma into a multi-site church, and about how they became a church-planting church. Oh yeah, and they talk a bit about how you fight ego as a pastor and church planter.


Aaron Gray

On today's show, Ronnie Martin from Substance Church in Ashland, Ohio is sitting down with Aaron Gray from Sound City Bible Church in Seattle, Washington. Aaron's church planting story is pretty unique. They planted in the aftermath of Mars Hill Church closing its doors, and Aaron shares that story and the evidences of grace that came out of that hardship.


Rusty McKie

On this episode, Dave Owens chats with Rusty McKie. Rusty is the lead pastor of Sojourn Community Church in Chattanooga, TN, and Today we talk about the ups and downs of church planting, pastoring through dark seasons, and about God's faithfulness—his ability to show up—when things get confusing.


Dan Hyun

On this episode, Mike Cosper chats with Dan Hyun. Dan is the lead pastor of The Village Church in Baltimore, MD. Today, we're talking to Dan Hyun, pastor of the Village Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Dan planted the Village Church in 2008 with a vision of growing a multicultural community, and he's done that. We talk about the challenges of that calling starting with growing up in Korean churches and growing into the vision that drives him today.


Nick Nye

On this episode, Ronnie Martin chats with Nick Nye. Ronnie is the lead pastor of Substance Church in Ashland, OH, and Nick is the founding pastor of Veritas Church in Columbus, OH, and is currently serving as the lead pastor of Apostles Church Union Square in New York City. Today we talk about Nick's church planting journey, the challenges in the early days of planting, and the challenges that came later as the church grew, and much more.


Matt Herron

A conversation between Dave Owens, Associate Director of Sojourn Network, and Matt Herron, Lead Pastor of Sojourn Traverse in Traverse City, Michigan.


John and Jena Starke

On this episode, we chat with John and Jena Stake. John and Jena live in New York City where John is a pastor at Apostles Uptown. Today we talk about how they met, their journey to New York City, how they navigated depression together, what Sojourn Network means to them, and even some advice for young pastors who desire to plant churches in the city.