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Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 64 - 2018 WG Conference Recap

After a brief hiatus for the Wrath and Grace Conference, the guys are finally back! This week they discuss the highlights of the conference and what life was like surrounding the event. An abundance of children, surprise sermon topics, Luke's doppelgänger, with a yummy pickles and mayonnaise snack are all a part of this week's episode! Contact us at: Voicemail: 805-836-BARZ (2279) Email...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 63 – GGCW

Glory. Gospel. Church. World. That's what this week's episode is all about because this week, the guys are discussing omri's forthcoming album, GGCW. Hear how the album concept was birthed, what the album concept is all about, and why you should be anticipating the July 6th release date! TIME STAMPS Gospel: Missions Must Be Christological (26:52) Church: Missions Must Be Ecclesiological (38:35) World: Missions Must Be Global (53:08) Away With Words (1:04:50) Resources: Smedly Yates...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 62 – Q&A with Luke

Current events, questions, queries, and Clark Wallabies keep this show afloat as Franky is left with only Luke to get him through this week’s episode. Resources: Article: “The face of God is in the eye of the beholder, researchers say” More information on 1689 Federalism You can find more information here on the GGCW Prerelease Listening Party. Register for the 2018 Wrath and Grace Conference online today at Wrath and Grace. You can become a Patreon Partner here: Partner...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 61 - HYPERcalvinism

Certainly you've heard of the term "Calvinisim" before. Maybe you even embrace the title. But few people understand the term "Hyper-Calvinism," and even fewer embrace that label. Nevertheless, many of us unwittingly live like Hyper-Calvinists by failing to preach the gospel, pray, and wrongly understand God's grace. In this episode, the guys explore sundry, subtle substitutes that only seem to submit to God's sovereignty. Resources: Sermon: Jon Anderson - "See Sin Rightly to Love Christ...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 60 - Peace in the Middle East? A Conversation with Tony of Hazakim

This week, the guys are joined by Tony of Hazakim. They talk about what's happening in the Middle East and President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and relocate the U.S. Embassy there. They also discuss the similarities between the historical sufferings of the Jews and Black Americans. Tony drops some serious knowledge in this episode! WGR is thankful to have him as its first repeat guest. Resources: NY Times - "Defying Trump, U.N. General Assembly Condemns...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 59 - Gospel Drift Q&A

On this episode, the squad minus Mr. Proverbs, and the Quiet Storm, are manning the phone lines taking calls. Questions surfaced from episode 58, so Curt and Franky answer the inquiring minds, introduce a new segment, and talk membership of the biggest church in redemptive history. Get ready! Resources: Tim Challies - "The Gospel-Centered Everything" Voddie Baucham – “What is the Gospel?” Register for the 2018 Wrath and Grace Conference online today at Wrath and Grace. You can...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 58 - Gospel Drift

Would the real Gospel please stand up? On this episode, the squad revisits an old but seemingly complicated subject, what is the gospel? The guys weigh in on some challenges with the modern usage of the word gospel. Is it biblical or not? Tune in to find out. Resources: Tim Challies - "The Gospel-Centered Everything" Paul Tripp - "My Confession: Toward a More Balanced Gospel" Register for the 2018 Wrath and Grace Conference online today at Wrath and Grace. You can become a Patreon...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 57 – The Unfolding with Timothy Brindle

This week Timothy Brindle brings the RUKUS by joining Franky and Luke to discuss his new album and all that he’s been learning about the unfolding glories of our Lord Jesus Christ in Scripture. Resources: Purchase Timothy Brindle’s new album and book “The Unfolding” at Lampmode.com. Follow Timothy Brindle on Twitter: @timothybrindle Register for the 2018 Wrath and Grace Conference online today at Wrath and Grace. You can become a Patreon Partner here: Partner Now! Contact us...


Wrath and Grace Radio Bonus Content - An Interview with Pastor Clint Darst

Franky sits down with Pastor Clint Darst, one of the speakers of the upcoming 2018 Wrath and Grace Conference. Tune in to get to know him as he gives you a sneak peak of what he’ll be discussing at the conference. Go register today! Resources: King’s Cross Church in Downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. Follow Pastor Clint on Twitter: @ClintDarst Register for the 2018 Wrath and Grace Conference online today at Wrath and Grace. You can become a Patreon Partner here: Partner...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 56 - Death, Death, Everywhere!

This week, Curt is back and joins Omri to discuss several deaths that took place over the past several days. Alfie Evans, the 23-month-old baby in Liverpool was murdered by the State and Alder Hey hospital officials. James Cone, the father of Black Liberation Theology, died at age 79. Religious liberty continues to die a slow death in California. And in Infinity War, the Avengers...well, never mind. We won't spoil it for you in the description. Resources: Alfie Evans A timeline of...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 55 - Living on Borrowed Time

Few people think of productivity as a matter of personal holiness. Even fewer consider the wealth of opportunities that we have to matter for eternity. This week, the Curt-less crew discusses how to make the most of the little bit of time that God has given us. As Omri knocks the dust off of his proverb memorization with Luke, Franky finally begins having fun at the end of the episode with a new segment that incorporates comical voicemails from our listeners. Resources: Book: ​Tim...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 54 - Image of God with Pastor Cali

This week Franky and Luke interview the one, the only, the Cali to talk about the upcoming Wrath and Grace Image of God conference in San Antonio. Tune in for some “aha” moments and learn what abortion, racism, and sexuality have in common. More Resources for Pastor Cali: Sermon in the Park Church Website You can find videos featuring Pastor Cali at his YouTube Page. Register for the Image of God Conference online today at Wrath and Grace. Contest Information: Video for the...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 53 - #MLK50

April 4, 1968 was the day that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. In commemoration of Dr. King's lifelong fight for justice, the Gospel Coalition and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention teamed up to host the MLK50 Conference which became something of a firestorm in the evangelical world. On this week's episode, we weigh in on what exactly was advocated at the conference and...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 52 - In Praise of Old Guys

Old guys, cold guys. Yes, that’s right folks, old guys are the coolest. This week Franky and Luke breach the subject by interviewing our newest authors with Wrath and Grace Publishing. Pastors Nicolas Alford and Nick Kennicott have written a banger titled In Praise of Old Guys dropping on April 20th. Tune in to learn more about these highly regarded and hilarious brothers. Resources: You can check out Pastor Nicholas Alford and Pastor Nick Kennicott’s blog here: Decablog Register for...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 51 - Social Media, Selfies, and FITSY

Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 51 - Social Media, Selfies, and FITSY Social media pervades our lives from almost the moment we awake to the last minutes before we fall sleep. Under the influence of such a force, we could hardly expect to be unchanged. How then can we navigate and use social media with wisdom and what (besides the infamous male selfie) should we avoid? Tune in for another genuine Wrath and Grace Radio discussion. Segment: Confronting the Culture: Addicted to selfies: I...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 50 - Precious Puritans

This week the fellas put away the newspapers and discuss something much older... the Puritans. Among other things, learn the difference between English and American Puritans and why it matters and find out how many WGR episodes Omri plans on recording. Segment: Confronting the Culture: Toys R Us’s Baby Problem is Everybody’s Baby Problem Resources: Books Recommended by Luke and Omri during the episode: William Gurnall - The Christian in Complete Armour John Owen - The Works of...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 49 – Spanning the Globe with WG Radio

This week Omri is out as the fellas switch things up and run through a series of random news articles. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you will most certainly be edified. Articles Discussed on today’s episode in order by title: Oklahoma City Police Searching for Man Who Stole $400 Worth of Beef Jerky Man-Child President Calls for ‘Space Force’ to Fight Wars Beyond the Skies Would You Eat Human Meat Grown in a Lab? Thousand-year-old German church’s ‘Hitler bell’ will remain in...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 48 - Art: The Objectively Subjective Topic

God, the original Artist, has enabled men to create and enjoy expressions of beauty and creativity. So, this week, while Luke is on vacation, the guys explain how they evaluate art and their personal approach to creating art. Omri spits an unreleased verse and Curt takes a trip down memory lane into a cypher with a few other legendary CHH emcees. Segments on today’s show: Redeeming the National Anthem (Full Video) Resources: Article from Christianity today: J. S. BACH: SOLI DEO GLORIA...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 47 GUNS. DEATH IN SCHOOL. NOT COOL!

In the wake of the Parkland, FL school shooting, everyone is scrambling to prevent the next one. Politicians, local law enforcement, the media, and school boards are attempting to sort out the causes and solutions to this recurring evil. Should firearms be banned country-wide? Should teachers be weaponized? And how come this doesn't happen in lower income areas in America? The guys answer these questions as well as a few specific inquiries from the WGR Patreon supporters on this week's...


Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 46 - Black Panther Review

What do celebrity-pastors, Black pathology, church planting, #BreakBreadMarvel, and another book that defines the gospel have to do with Marvel's newest hit movie, Black Panther? Probably nothing. But the guys discuss all that and more on this week's episode! #WakandaForever #SpoilerAlert Segments on today’s show: #BreakBreadMarvel Resources – You can pick up the Scripture Alone shirt in a new Charcoal Heather at the Wrath and Grace Store. You can become a Patreon Partner here: Partner...