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Joy To The World | Magnifying Joy | Kip Nanninga

During the holidays, we go to a lot of effort to make sure the outside looks great, but inside can be another story. Do we truly feel joy, lasting joy? Today we continue our look at Mary's story in Luke 1, where Mary shares with us the secret of sustainable joy despite overwhelming circumstances.


Joy To The World | Miracle Management

As we continue through Luke 1, we see another encounter with an angel revealing miraculous things to come. We see that God often starts miracles in unexpected places. And we have a part to play in the miracles God performs. Join us for week 2 of our Christmas series.


Joy to the World | The Secret Life of Forgotten Prayers

Today is the start of our December series, Joy to the World. Joy is at the very heart of the Christmas story…which means that it’s at the very heart of what it means to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus. We’re supposed to be people of joy. But joy is not always easy. Join us for a powerful message on living with joy, even in hard circumstances.


I Choose Gratitude | Kip Nanninga

We all fall into the trap of ungratefulness at times, feeding our sense of entitlement instead of a heart of gratitude. But when we choose gratitude, our hearts are repositioned again on what is most important, and repositioned to God's direction for our lives. Join us as we look at choosing gratitude.


Life On Mission | What’s Next

Outreach isn’t one of the things the church does, it's the central purpose of the church. The church exists to hold the light of the Gospel up for the world to see. When the people of God come together to accomplish the purpose of God, incredible things happen. As we wrap up our Life On Mission series, we're asking the question, what's next?


Life On Mission | Special Guest: Scott Ridout

So what does it mean to be the church? It makes sense that in order to figure out what it means to be the church, we would look at Jesus. Why? We are Christians. Christ followers. We are taking on his character and his priorities. If we look at what Jesus was doing, it will give us great insight into what he would like us to do. So let’s take a look!


Life On Mission | The Faithfulness Paradox

As we kick off our new series Life On Mission, we're looking at what it means to join Jesus on mission and shine the light of his gospel to the world. This week, we'll examine a parable in Luke 12 to see what kind of faithfulness Jesus expects with the resources he entrusts.


Mission Killers | Reputation Management

As we wrap up our Mission Killers series, we have one more letter from the book of Revelation to take a look at. One more letter that Jesus wrote to one of his churches in the first century. One more letter that opens our eyes to a potential mission killer, to something that, if we’re not careful, can take us off mission with Jesus.


Mission Killers | The Discouragement Dragon

Today we’re going to look at the mission killer we'll call the Discouragement Dragon. The Discouragement Dragon works by sapping our courage. See, following Jesus – and especially following him on mission – always requires courage. And courage is exactly what the Discouragement Dragon goes after.


Mission Killers | Zombie Faith

We're in week 5 of our Mission Killers series where we’re taking a look at how we identify and overcome the things that are trying to take us off mission with Jesus. Today we’re going to talk about maybe the most dangerous one….not because it’s more powerful than any of the others but simply because it’s harder to recognize. Join us as we look at the dangers of "Zombie Faith."


Mission Killers | The Deeper Deception

Today we’re going to talk about a mission killer we'll call the Deeper Deception. The Deeper Deception is a strategy for taking us off mission with Jesus by convincing us that the Gospel isn’t enough. You need something else, something more, something that you’re missing out on, something that will really take your spiritual life up a notch. Join us as we look at what Jesus has to say about the Deeper Deception.


Mission Killers | Counterfeit Authority

Join us as we continue our series on "Mission Killers" - things that threaten to take us off mission with Jesus. Today we look at Jesus' letter to the church in Pergamum, a city where Christians faced a lot of social pressure to compromise their beliefs. We'll unpack Jesus' message to this group of believers about the dangers of compromise and counterfeit authority.


Mission Killers | The Intimidation Monster

We're in week 2 of our Mission Killers series, looking at common obstacles that take us off mission with Jesus. Today we’re looking at a mission killer we'll call the Intimidation Monster. Ever been in a situation where there was an opportunity to speak the truth about Jesus or the Gospel…but found yourself hesitant to speak up? Join us as we look at Jesus' message to the church in Smyrna on how to overcome intimidation as we join Him on mission.


Mission Killers | Forgotten First Loves

Now, I know a lot of people think of Revelation as this big, scary, confusing book of the Bible, but the part we’re going to be looking at is pretty straightforward. Yes, there’s some symbolism and some figurative imagery, but God explains most of it pretty clearly, so there’s not a lot that’s confusing here….but there is a lot that’s challenging, because this section of Revelation is all about mission killers, all about things that have the potential to suck the purpose out of our lives and...


Reckless | The Pursuer

In our final week of this Reckless series, we look at the father - the Pursuer. Several times in this series we’ve found ourselves asking questions about things the father has done, or hasn’t done…and each time we’ve set those questions aside and said we’ll come back to them. Today we’re going back to see what Jesus is teaching us about the God who loves us so deeply that he is willing to go to incredible lengths to pursue a relationship with us.


Reckless | The Performer

In week 2 of our Reckless series, we see that not everyone who is far from God knows that they’re far from God. In spite of the fact that we often call this the story of the Prodigal son, the fact is, there’s another brother in this story…and he is an equally important part of what Jesus is saying in this parable. Join us for a powerful look at the older brother - the "performer."


Reckless | The Prodigal

To be reckless is to do something without caring about the cost or the consequences. Now, sometimes, being reckless – doing something without caring about the cost of the consequences – sometimes, being reckless is foolish…it’s genuinely stupid to act that way. But sometimes being reckless isn’t foolish…it just looks that way to others who don’t share your priorities.


Praying with Fire | Can I Have Your Attention

As we examine the Lord's prayer today, what we’re searching for is the heart of the prayer. The Lord’s prayer is meant to teach us an attitude, not a strategy. As we’ll see in just a second, when Jesus taught the Lord’s Prayer, he said “this is how you should pray.” But “how” you should pray isn’t so much “follow this pattern” as it is “come to God with this attitude.” Join us we unpack the attitude behind this prayer today!


Praying with Fire | Audience of One

Join us as we start our summer mini-series on prayer and look at the most famous prayer in the Bible - the Lord's prayer. This prayer is so popular, in part, because it’s so simple. And the reality is that even though prayer seems like it should be simple, a lot of times we find it to be confusing. In this two-week series, we'll dig into what we learn from the Lord's prayer about how to pray.


Psalms | The Lost Art Of Refreshment | Kip Nanninga

Aren’t there times when you feel like you’re running on empty. Because a lot of times I can be overwhelmed by noise, static, information, anxiety, worry, and just not finding refreshment. I just move on to the next interruption. Psalm 92 is a song for the Sabbath. It deals with living in rhythm, living in Sabbath; living a life in God’s care.